Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Plans & ASScots.

I'm a tired kitty!
Finally finished editing my new video and uploaded it.
Now can remove that slap and take a nap, oh wait, no, i got to head to work in a bit! Whhhatt?!

You see why i made this video early now? haha
Hope you guys enjoy my new video.

Please excuse my singing, it's actually the first time i've sung in my videos - i hardly ever sing, you see why? haha I'm terrible. Oh well, i don't mind humiliating myself. haha!

So, I have decided that XoySauce would be for my personal blabber videos while AkunoTensai will continue being for your video requests and Q&As.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NYX - The Caribbean Collection - I Dream of Barbados.

This Palette is from NYX's Caribbean Collection - I Dream of Barbados-palette. A sunset blazing over a tropical beach apparently, or in my case for the coming December, The Frozen Lavender.

I know the original collection's name has the word "Caribbean" in it and naturally we think of a hot colourful summer with lot's of flowers, beaches, fruit punch and naked ladies? LOL. But no, thats the fun part about make up, you can get creative, mix and produce a new meaning from a single colour - besides, we have 5 in this palette hoho. (It could be just be the fact that i'm cheap and lazy so i like to make one palette do it all. haha) Whatever the reason, i'm sure you get my point.

I've used all the colors in the palette using mostly the silvers to blend with the purples to create this cold dreamy grayish purple look for the winter.
The colors are pigmented and soft and like i mentioned, theres so many combos you can come up with this palette. You can do either a basic smokey eye using the gray and black, or a smokey plum using the purples or for a nice winter look using the grays and purples, my Frozen Lavender look. Hehe.

Products Used:

VISEART Base de maquillage
NYX HD Studio Photogenic Foundation
SHISEIDO Maquillage moisture cream Foundation
CHANNEL Mat Lumiere Extreme compact Powder
NYX Caribbean Collection - I Dream of Barbados-palette
KATE Super Sharp Liner
MAYBELLINE Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara
NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil - 717 Irish Coffee
SHU UEMURA Peach 44 Blush
BOURJOIS Paris 08 Eyeshadow (highlighter)
BODY SHOP Eyeshadow palette 01, Boho Beauty - 03 Boho Brown (shading)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Golden Christmas.

Another one of my Fuji surprises, i'm starting to consider searching the internet if someone is selling the same model and get another F100. It's photos never lets me down even though it's so old!

So, a nice golden shoot this time, slightly freezing but it's all good.

Being so golden really reminded me of Christmas and makes me crave for a white Christmas. It doesn't snow in Hong Kong which is a bummer, maybe i should just got to Beijing this year or maybe head back to Japan and enjoy the hot springs.

Sigh, unfortunately my schedule is often full during the celebration seasons so i guess i'll just be working this Christmas and New Year like almost every year...BUT! I defiantly should plan something when it's all over hehe!

Any Suggestions?

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I'VE decided to start a new youtube channel.
I don't feel so Evil nor so Genius anymore,
but more of a nommy Sauce, like soy but... It's Xoy.

For those who didn't get it, here is the REAL new video upload hehe. Enjoy :)

This video is just to say hi and Welcome you to me new channel!
I will make more videos and upload them here.
It's also my 10 year anniversary of blogging. Amazing how fast time flies right?
Keep those mails coming in! And Thank you to all of you for your support!
I know i've said it many times already but i really to appreciate all of you. :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm a Stylish Girl!

Ya, Apparently so...

Yes! They are twins indeed! (and so much younger than me, lord, what are kids feeding on nowadays!?) Easily amused as i am, i find identical twins an amazing creation. I mean, they look the same! Then... you see handsome model twins working together in one show? Wow! Actually there were 2 pairs of model twins during this show, Male and Female identical twins! Except the Female pair never showed up together so i had no idea i was talking to one sister one day and the other the next till they actually decided to stop fooling with me and tell me, the truth. :(
Yes, at the moment, i felt very stupid indeed.

On another note though, i felt extremely tiny next to them and i'm not short. I do wonder what it's like being so tall though, looking down at everyone? LOL well, can't have it all. People who are short want to be tall and people who are tall think they are too tall. My opinion? Just be happy and use what you got to it's fullest! ;)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wario is in the house tonight!

Halloween, the festive day of trick or treating, dressing yourself up, carving pumpkins, playing pranks and watching horror movies at night.
This may shock you but i never celebrated Halloween until a few years back, so when i have friends telling me how they are too old for it or its always the same thing and getting boring, i'd say, that's because most of them started a young age. For me, its only just begun! Why? Well, this is the story...

As i have mentioned many times before i was raised by my traditional chinese mother living in the UK. Most of the older chinese generations are rather superstitious and for the chinese its all about having a good and lucky atmosphere so the fact that people are celebrating and dressing up as evil spirits and monsters was completely disgusted upon. My mother would say, "有人唔做,走去扮鬼!" which means, "You're a human, but you'd rather be a ghost!" Haha, i then told her, "people don't only dress up as devils and ghosts, they also dress up and Angels and some cute animals" of course though, Angels are apparently people who died and animals are pests. Why would i want to be a class lower than human? She didn't see the fun in it at all. The blood and violent weapons symbolized death and unlucky vibes to her so, i was raised without a childhood of finding a cool outfit, dressing up and knocking on on neighbors doors asking for candy. Besides, being a obedient chinese girl i would never disobey my mother.

When i got a little older there was a school halloween party, i would ask for my mothers permission first of course and she'd let me but i never did dress up since my family couldn't afford those fancy outfits.

So what did i do during Halloween? I stayed at home, what a good chinese girl was expected to do. But this is the funny part, i was a chicken shit back when i was a kid. I was scared of almost everything. I remember one Halloween night i was left all alone at home while my mother drove my sister to her friends place, there was a knock on my door. I peaked out of the small gap of the window's curtain next to the door and i saw the most freaky thing ever! It was THE SCREAM! I ran upstairs, heart pounding and just hid into my bed.

During my late teenage years was when i started to really party, dress up and spend lot's of money and time buying and making my outfit. Come on, i was working, made friends and could basically, afford it! And since my mother was under my care and i was the man of the house, i could do anything i want and what i wanted was to get back all the fun i missed during the past Halloweens.

Still, time flies and those were the days, now i'm just an old fart that enjoys being a vegetable in front of my TV watching scary movies all night and if i'm lucky with junk food and a friend. I don't have the energy to party as much i did before, somehow though, this year was an exception. I decided to dress up, head out and dance all night! Okay, well, not all night, i got very exhausted and left Lan Kwai Fong around 2AM. My friend called me old and retired cause apparently the real party started around 3AM. Oops...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Work and Charms.

Very happy to be working with Aaron Basha, I love their charms and their new evil eye collection. Their jewellery are a little bit childish, but at the same time very classy and fun.

I know i haven't updated lately and i am very sorry about this, this month has really been restless for me, in a way it's a good thing haha. Actually i've realized that a large percentage of my vlogs and blogs begin with some variant of "It's been a long time since I've updated," or "Sorry, I've been really busy." I will try my best to lower that percentage for sure!

Bare with me my dear followers.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reduced fat & my bad? habits.

Must remember, LOL just because it says reduced fat doesn't mean it's okay to eat.....Arhh what the heck! xD
Today was a black and white shoot, the make up's focus were exaggerated thick brows. Luckily, my brows are already pretty thick, i guess it's less work for the make up Artist haha.

One thing about me, i tend to eat a lot during work - of course depends on the type of work, but if theres a chance, i'd take it! haha, especially photo shoots, most of them take at least a couple hours so i would always bring along with me my snack bag - A bag full of the most dangerous, most unhealthy..... basically foods that would kill ya.
There is also always a packet of candy or cookie in my handbag. Now that i live in the countryside, it's a much bigger MUST! Traveling into the city takes forever - My PSvita and snacks become my best friend - they keep me sane haha!

Anyway back to the shoot, had a great day, lots of chatting , super relaxed and lot's of munching involved! nom nom lol, then i remembered, i had to be topless... D:

Friday, September 14, 2012

What Class am I?

Sometimes i think to myself, life is like an MMORPG. So if life was an MMORPG, what class would you be? Would you be the Mage? Casting your strong spells and living a magical and fantasy world to realize the lack of life span. Or what about the Cleric? They seem to be helping others but its only because they are Co-independant and rely on leeching experience from others to level.
How about the Rogues or Rangers, they are rather smart and quick learners but can hardly ever properly face their appointment in a sudden face to face. They are better with beforehand careful planning. What about the Warrior? The ones who just go for the fight no matter what, head in first! Lot's of strength but lacks knowledge for careful planning.
I know now, i am some what of a Tank class. The one who can survive through a large amount of damage by more than one opponent at once. I'm slow, but i make it through. I don't believe in the easy way, i believe to get where we want we got to work for it. I dont want to be those of the fast lane, people who get there before they are ready, i want to learn and work my way there; Improve and be appreciated.
I agree with Rocky on this one, "It ain’t about how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. "
I see so many people who speed, overtake and try beat other peoples time records. Life isn't a competition, it would be never ending if you keep comparing yourself to someone else, though it can give you a push to try harder. There will always be someone worse than you and there will always be someone better than you.
Finally, to end this blog i want to let you guys in on something i keep in mind everyday day. "Do my best, expect the worst, hope for the best."
Have a great day everyone.

Monday, September 10, 2012

all of my bones are broken.

I recently watched the movie, Sleeping Beauty. Despite those reviews stepping this movie to it's lowest i still took the chance. After all, reviews are done by man and there's no such thing as a good or bad movie, it's just a matter of what one self enjoys. I must say i liked this movie a lot, one part in particular was a soliloquy that was made.
If you don't mind i would love to share it with you all...

Soliloquy from “Sleeping Beauty”…

A few months ago a strange thing happened. I was idling through my bookshelves when I noticed a book my brother had once given me for my birthday - a collection of short stories. Well, I started to reread one of those stories. It was about a man who one morning wakes up and cannot bring himself to get out of bed. He shuts his eyes in self-defense. He reexamines his life, he’s seized with a restlessness. He packs his bags, cuts all ties, he can no longer live among the people he knows. They paralyze him. He’s monied. He goes to Rome. He wants to burrow under the Earth like a bulb, like a root. But even in Rome he cannot escape people from his former life. So, he decides to return to the city where he was born and educated but which he can’t quite bring himself to call home. Well, the move doesn’t help. He feels he has no more right to return than a dead man. What can he do? He desires an extreme solution to his conundrum. He aches for nothing less than a new world, a new language. Nothing changes. Out of indifference - and because he can’t think of anything better to do - he decides once more to leave his hometown, to do some hitching. A man picks him up, they ride off into the night when BANG, the car smacks into a wall. The driver dies, our man is hospitalized, broken up. Months pass, his wounds heal. Now he wishes for life. He has a confidence in himself, in things he doesn’t have to explain, things like the pores in his skin - all things corporeal. He can’t wait to get out of the hospital, away from the infirm and the moribund. “I say unto thee, rise up and walk. None of your bones are broken.” The end. When I reread those words “Rise up and walk. None of your bones are broken” I felt a tremendous sadness. Do you know what the opening line of the story is? When a man enters his thirtieth year people will not stop calling him young. Thirty. I’d been given the book for my thirtieth birthday. “The Thirtieth Year” by Ingeborg Bachmann. So I had heard, I had been told, I knew all along even if I didn’t really know - the great true things are unsurprising. But what did I do back then? I carried on. I carried on dutifully. We were the happy couple, Elizabeth and I. That’s how people saw us. But in truth, I did not cherish my wife. And I did not cherish my friends or even my children. I just carried on. I was a success. I made my way. But with each step I cringed. I was on the backfoot, the defensive. And now, tonight, for the first time I say “my bones are broken.” Broken. One day I will need your help. All of my bones are broken.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Long nails, Guitars and the BLING.

Finally being all recovered i can resume to my normal busy schedule. Not working for a whole week i think has made me really lazy. I mean, i do enjoy the sleeping late, no make up, the daily cooking and the non-stop video gaming and home movies but too much of it makes these things - the things that you look forward to on the holidays become, boring? It's like when you have a favorite food, you shouldn't eat it too often otherwise you'd get sick of it. That's why a holiday is called a holiday if you understand what i mean.

Today i was doing a photoshoot with super glamorous bling'd up nails. I don't really remember when i last had my nails done up so "exaggeratedly" is that a word? Exaggeratedly? Anyway, i think i must have been around sixteen or younger and when fake & well decorated nails where THE THING for young girls. Okay, let me tell you something which will probably piss a lot of you guys off or would think i'm stupid. When i was very young i played the guitar, i wasn't great but i guess knowing the cords for a couple of songs i liked considered me good. (No, i wasn't, 'cause they were the only things i could play haha!) But anyway, that was back in the day when i wasn't pretty and was a short hair'd tomboy with thick glasses. Hmm, i can tell this is going to drag, BASICALLY, i betrayed my guitar for nails. As you know you can't play the guitar with long nails and, i was trying to get out of that geek look. - Of course, this was before when GEEKS and NERDS weren't cool! Now that i'm older and learnt that we totally rule, i can be myself and not give a shit.

So, i would spend ours when i was younger doing my nails(before i could afford to be lazy and get it done for me), i was really good at it! I must do a post showing some of them one day, i was even featured once in a magazine teaching people how to design their nails! Yays! I had all the equipment and i even did nail piercings. Seriously over the top but it was cool back then. So why did i stop? because it wasn't convenient with my career. Ends up now - they not convenient or practical with anything to me! Before i couldn't do anything without them but now after i got them done for this shoot, i couldn't do jack shit! LOL. People had to help dress me, they had to do everything for me today haha! They look so beautiful! But i guess i'm just not used to them anymore.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Let's make GYUDON!

Today I want to introduce you to a very popular Japanese dish which i like very much and make often. This Japanese dish is called Gyūdon (牛丼) translated as "beef bowl". Gyūdon consists of a bowl of rice topped with beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce.
It is very tasty! Well, let's start.


Thinly Sliced Beef (Sukiyaki beef)
3g Ginger root (opional)
1 Tbs. Sake (opional)
1/2 Onion
Spring Onion
3 Tbs. Soy Sauce
1 Tbs. Sugar
100ml Water
Cooked steam rice
Eggs (opional)


1. Cut the onion into half inch wedges and separate layers with your fingers.
2. Bring water to a boil. Turn off the burner and parboil the beef. When the beef loses its red color remove the beef onto a plate. DO NOT overcook the beef.
3. In a skillet combine the soy sauce, sake, ginger foot and sugar. When it starts to sizzle add the onion stir well.
4. Once the onion softens pour in the beef and stir for a while.
5. Put steam rice in a bowl. Then put our beef with onions on top. Sprinkle with chopped scallions.


Put an egg into a pot and pour boiling water until the egg is completely covered. Cover with a lid and leave for 20 minutes. Remove the egg and let it cool in ice water. Crack the egg into a small bowl and see how it looks. It should be like soft boiled egg. In Japan, eggs cooked in this way are called Onsen tamago (hot spring egg).

To be honest this is a very simple dish to make that doesn't require too many ingredients. The most important is the beef. I normally try get my hands on good sukiyaki beef (beef for shabu shabu) but i didn't have time to head out into the big city supermarkets. I ended up buying this beef in the local super; which was cheap, but wasn't so good in quality.
Do let me know what you think and hopefully i can make more recipe blogs soon!
Sorry about the lighting in the pictures, there's a storm outside and the lights in my home gives my photos a very bad white balance. haha

The Fruit, The Dim Sum and Candy.

It is pouring shit outside! It's thundering and the rain sounds like a thousand darts getting shot at my window.
I really wouldn't wanna be out there at the moment. Actually, i think i do, just not when im still ill haha!
So my recent trip to Macau i got the chance to meet some of the old Angels!! - Okay, two of us are old, and one of the recent Angels haha.
What a better way to spend my day while a thunderstorm hits Hong Kong once again - Get my blog up to date. hehe.

What's pretty cool is there theres 3 of us and 3 different generation of Angels! The Fruit, The Dim Sum and the Candy.
Haha, somehow i seem to be the odd one out being cooked and all. Too bad couldn't spend more time with each other, it was fun hanging out and catching up again.

...And heres me trying to climb expensive equipment in the store room. - Don't ask, no idea. I looked more like a Gorilla trapped in its cage.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The fog in my bed.

I thought i was getting better but really, i was getting worse. Haha, i know, even the people who never frown eventually breakdown.
Yesterday i was hospitalized once again. It really isn't my best year.
Now i'm back home and while just lying there in my bed i start to day dream and think back at that time in Taiwan. It was raining and very foggy, some people say that this weather makes people sick and depressed. I don't know about that actually. To be honest its the humidity and the quality sun that puts me out.

Looking at the 4 walls boxed around me makes me wish it was a floating glass room above those foggy mountain tops, must feel amazing and maybe i wouldn't be so sick anymore.
I've canceled all my jobs for this week. So hopefully i will have enough time to rest and recover well enough to work again soon.
Being the workaholic i am, doing nothing at home and too sick to play video games what can i do? Hmm, maybe i should make a blog on things to do at home when your sick. Hmm, that's a very good idea indeed lol.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Poker Faces.

Nope, Lukian doesn't mind working on her birthday at all!
I was in Macau for a couple days working at the Asian Poker Tour 2012! I've never seen a Poker Tournament before so it was pretty interesting to see those REAL poker faces haha.
I don't play much of poker myself, but being here made me a little itchy to buy a deck of cards back into my hotel room and get some friends over.
Surprise Surprise! I did have a friend visit me in Macau during my birthday hehe. Thought i was going to spend my Birthday watching Star movies in the bath tub. LOL Ends up i shared the tub with my girlfriend. Hoho~ So romanic.
After the wonderful hours of bathing we got out and laid in bed watching X-Men first class while ordering shit load of room service fries and other junk. Ahh~ now that's how i spend my Birthday every year. Of course, the company is slightly better this year with my girlfriend here with me.

Me and my APT Jacket Souvenir.
Now I'm back in Hong Kong and ready to start my new age.
The thing about getting older is that your thoughts on life change. When your young you want to be able to do everything. You want to become superman and gain everything without doing anything, you wait and wait and blame things around you if nothings going your way, but as you realize that you're getting older you become like Batman. You begin to treasure the little things in life and know that time won't wait for you.
You cannot wait for Luck to turn your way and send you an invite, you have to knock on it's door and say "Open the door. I'm here." or.... could just, wing it. :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Birthday Party.

Okay so last year i made a "I hate Birthdays" Blog. This year, i beg to differ. LOL
Just kidding, this year i actually planned myself a Birthday Party. Ain't that amazing? I had the party early because i was going to be in Macau working during my actual birthday. It was also a Co-birthday because my birthday was close to another friend of mine - but i'll talk about what actually happened for the party later.
This year, i am very happy to say, I HAVE FRIENDS!!! haha, i had many close friends back in London coming to Hong Kong during my birthday month which really made me feel like a Queen. It's never been such a Full House before so that's why, for me, someone who never celebrates, decided to celebrate. So what was the plan?

Me and my Friend Sing, decided to make a Birthday Party like no other party since it has never been such a full house. We decided to make 2 teams, Red Sing Team and Green Bo Team. Sing's team having to wear red and mine having to wear green. Each team will have roughly 15 players. Each person must contribute a gift worth HK$250. The Gift could be something nice like a Mini Desk Robot to, i don't know, HK$250 dollars worth of condoms or instant noodles - Then these gift will be used a The Prizes won after each game. There will be several drinking games and there will be a score board noting down each players win. At the end of the day the player with the highest score on each team will be taking out for the finale game round, then the Team with the least winning points after that will have to be punished by the winning team. Sounds confusing but it really isn't lol.
So after a rough start my Team ended up beating Sing's Team by 20 points! And what was the punishment? The losing team had to pick 3 players to wear a wonderwoman, supergirl and kinky police woman costume, go down to the streets and buy take out for our team! MUHAHAHHAHAHAAA!!!

Anyway, i was very happy for all those who made it even though they had to work at 9am the next day. Thank you all so much for coming!

It feels good to have friends to support you at the one time you try to make something happen, but at the same time i remembered by i never celebrated it before, it takes so much effort and energy and of course, like mentioned in the blog last year there will be many disappointments because not everyone will understand or feel how much something means to you. It's just a another Birthday to them but for me, it's something a lot more this year.

The photos for this day are actually very hilarious but i am very sorry to say, i won't be posting them up - Until i have the approval from everyone in the photos.

Yeah,,,, they were that extreme... haha XD

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Teeth and the Unknown.

Yes, i am the girl with a goofy smile and too much teeth.
Wait, i take that back, it isn't even goofy, it's just freakishly weird. Oh well, so truth is, most of the time it takes many goofy shots to get to the hot stuff. Not because i'm not ready, just that i may have a laughing disorder. Laughing at what? Myself lol. Sometimes when things get too serious during a shoot, picture may just start looking a little too fake and... stiff? That's why theres a break now and then for the model to relax. Thing is, i'm one of those people who can't keep a straight face for too long - which can be a bum and some times but most of the time, pretty good because it keeps me sane; if that makes any sense to you. LOL

Anyway so obviously this shoot wasn't shot during this summery hot season. It was actually taken a couple months ago and i just got the pictures so here i am posting this up. You can see the photos on my facebook. These ones are just the ones we delete after the final selection. haha! But i like them....

...even though i look a little retarded. xD

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jumping Bunny.

No wonder many couple from Hong Kong go to Macau to take their wedding photos. There are many beautiful locations.
Woke up very very early for this shooting and it ended up raining for half a day so spent a lot of time indoors avoiding it. Finally of course we got the chance to do what we came here for. hehe

Okay, so it wasn't all work, we had a lot of fun doing silly photos too hehe.
Okay, thats not all too, Macau actually has a lot of yummy foods too. So i took this chance to try them all and i'll do a blog on it sometime hehe.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ice-cream and Bin Laden?

So as you all may have guessed my trip in Taiwan involved a lot of eating. I ate wherever i went, whether in the streets or up a mountain i was still somehow able to find a food stall - No Joke.
Did i gain weight? I'd be lying if i told you i didn't. Of course i did, not like i give a shit though. No wait, i take that back LOL i did plenty of that. - My secrets of how i stay fit. Okay, i'll stop grossing you guys out.

To be very honest, it's been a while since i've had ice cream on a cone. Maybe it's because in Hong Kong i try to be as convenient as possible. Eating Ice-cream on a cone, ISN"T convenient and rather messy - or maybe i'm just not a very skilled Ice-cream on cone person. Then again, it was awfully hot and humid in Taiwan just like Hong Kong. It's ver hard to control melting ice-cream. So even though i was in a brain freeze stage i will had to try finish my ice-cream asap. Worse experience ever, that's why i often enjoy the little paper cup and spoon, BUT plenty of fun; Sort of reminded me of when i was a little girl and i was never able to finish my cone ice-cream in time before it melted. My mother used to get pissed of and needed to clean me up. So yes, she hardly ever bought me ice-cream on cone, plus she feels it's un-lady like. LOL, yes my mother made my childhood kind of shit. But if she didn't raise me like she did, i wouldn't have much to make fun of now. haha.
Okay! Need to stop spamming on my keypad. I have a bad habit of never checking or re-reading my work before posting so got to stop before i bore the world to the death of Bin Laden...actually that's a rather interesting story lol I'll re-phase that when my brain works. Haha!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

DUCATI, Miss Sixty and Juicy Girl.

So i worked at the DUCATI 1199 Panigale S Tricolore launching party. For those who don't know much about motorcycles, Ducati is like the Ferrari of motorcycles. Does that make better sense? Anyway, today Miss Sixty and Juicy Girl were having a fashion show here to celebrate the launching.
Being a Motor Girl doesn't exactly suit me. I personally think i'm too old to be wearing short hot underwear and climbing on top of a motorbike making cute poses. It would just look wrong; So of course, i was here for the Fashion Show. I'll leave the Ducati to the younger models.
I did get to wear the Ducati top though, which was rather comfy.

The show was lively since it was held in a club. I don't often do shows in Clubs, i think the last time i did was for the beautiful cooking show. (Of course, much younger then.)
I know i don't blog much about my work, because when i work i don't have time to take photos. Even if i did they were not of myself. haha. Anyway I'll try to blog more on my work.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Taro Cubes & Sweetpotato Cubes.

They are known as yuyuan (芋圓) which is made with taro or sweet potato. This dessert is served with shaved ice topped with sweetened fruits and other goodies, a signature Taiwan dessert.

I have never tasted the real thing until i taste it in Taiwan according to my friends. So here i am in Taiwan and eating this for "The First" time. For those with a blind experience of this, it tastes a lot like the little chewy black pearl balls you'll find in Bubble Tea except more chewy and 'bouncy'? LOL.

What you're meant to do is mix everything together and the ice will make the dish cooler to eat which is perfect when you want to cool down from the hot and humid weather. Luckily it wasn't too sweet - as you know i dislike eating sweet things. I am not much of a Red Bean or Green Bean fan either, but after mixing everything together is was alright, but for my friends who love desserts, they LOVED IT. I guess that's all that matters. hehe.

It was a great place to stop after a long walk uphill. The scene really made eating this dish worth it for me.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sister-ship and Alize!

I am in Las Vegas!!! One of the main reasons besides the obvious was visiting my older sister who now lives there.  The drive was all good since it wasn't me doing it, though i did get scolded for sleeping haha! Apparently if you sit in the front next to the driver - your job is to entertain and keep the driver
 company. Which i did! ... just in my own way? haha!

While in town, i decided to visit as many of the top rated restaurants as possible. Ends up, this was one of my personal favorites! I decided to take my sister out for a wonderful dinner at a place called Alize, which was an award winning French Cuisine in Palms Hotel. The food and service were very good but the view, was FANTASTIC!

Other then the food there was of course the Wine also and dessert which i didn't take a photo of. We started dinner at 6PM but finished at around 9.30PM which was amazingly long! haha!

My sister and I were very pleased with our dinner and i will definitely return when i'm back in Vegas!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's go to Krustyland!

Lukian went to Universal Studios in Los Angeles!
For those who know or don't know, i am a huge Simpsons Fan. - okay, now those who love Family Guy are unsubscribing lol. Yeh! Well! The Simpsons have their Krustyland in Universal Studios and their own ride! Family Guy doesn't muahahahahaha!!!!
Anyway, I had a day here and did the Front of Line pass thing which was excellent value here as it worked for all rides and shows! I'd love to do a blog on the whole theme park but i'd just talk about Krustyland - since i spent the most time there. The Simpsons simulation of a rollercoaster ride, i thought was fantastic! The introduction and safety video before the actual ride was very funny too! The ride itself wasn't scary but it did make me laugh and very excited. Though i did get off the ride feeling a little dizzy. (I get bad motion sickness...)

One of the other things in Krustyland that The Simpsons fans would go crazy is seeing Apu's Kwik-E-Mart! Where you can get lots of Simpson souvenirs, and they even had Duff beers!!

And of course after i did some shopping in the Kwik-E-Mart i came out and found Bart and Lisa outside! Bart kept on poking my cheek and i used my scissor fingers to "cut" onto him lol
After playing a few stall games i heard many girl screams behind me. I turned around and ended up joining them - That could only mean... IT'S HOMER!!!!!!! LOL He is seriously a womanizer. It was tough getting a photo with Homer there wasn't a line or anything like Disneyland in Hong Kong(people que up nicely lol) You just kinda had to barge in - So i did. I ran up and jump hugged Homer and confessed to him. And yup, this was the moment...

This is LOVE right here boys and girls.. LOVE! Be jealous please. LOL.
Oh! I bought a Homer refill cup after that and had a pizza lunch! heehee My day was already satisfied and this was only my first stop. LOL

Something else i bought back. Hehe, lard Lad Donut! Homers favorite!

I am very happy they have this Krustyland in Universal Studios but i am also very sad they took down the Back to the future ride for it.
The transformer ride hasn't officially opened yet but they were doing "test" runs? of some sort and they allowed people to still ride it as like a try out. Try out or not it was fucking amazing! If that was a try out or practice, fuck i have to come back for the real deal! Our role is basically military soldiers who have to get into an EVAC ride vehicle. The vehicle is capable of moving 360 degrees and we travel around to different scenes under attack of Megetron. You will be pushed around and hit by him and you'd even get wet. Yes, you'll get wet. YAYS!!!

All photos are taken with my Panasonic GF1.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Gold Fairy.

Back to work and a Photoshoot for Christelle's jewelry. Very gold and bright this time and not the usual dark black diamonds. I loved the gold lips and the lashes in this shoot. They were so long and sparkling gold! Defiantly not something you get to wear out a lot. The lashes were pretty heavy and worn out my eyes quite a bit during this shoot. Believe it or not I'm not that used to wearing too much make up. Especially during this hot humid weather. I often like to bling up during winter but not during summer. The heat just makes me not bothered and just want to be comfortable.

Finally all done and they could put the air condition back on. - Didn't want me to freeze to death being half naked and all haha. This advertisement for Christelle will be coming out in Solitaire magazine once again. Can't wait :)
First thing i did after was remove all the beautiful make up. Beautiful but really cant walk out in the heat like this. My skin needs to breathe!!