Friday, February 13, 2015

All alone in the corner of my room
I secretly listen to those old songs
My head's like a circus lately
Suddenly, out comes those lovely memories
All I need is love
Please listen to my voice
I'm a little bit embarrassed but I'm reaching out to you
Tell me directly, "I need you."
'Cause every little word you say to me
My heart will feel and remember it
Surely, forever,
I'll be by your side.

Friday, January 23, 2015

2014 Time Machine - Halloween

I am not a party animal. I am the type of girl who prefers to stay at home, watch movies repeatedly or spend countless hours on a RPG and perverted Japanese vita games.
But there comes to a day, i want to party, i want to drink, i want to dance and go crazy with my girls.
That's Halloween! Me and the girls take this day very seriously. I mean, we arn't young, we cannot go out everyday and get wasted. We have a job, jobs that requires us to look our best. Imagine being hungover going on a catwalk, haha!

This year, i was going to be Poison Ivy!
So... i dyed my hair red. LOL Trust me, it was very shocking to the people around me.

I made my outfit from scratch. Took me a couple days, wasn't as hard as i thought it would be and i had a lot of fun. My housemate will come home with leaves everywhere. The floors, tables, chairs, there was no where to sit or stand haha.

After the costume was finished. Putting it on was quick and easy, no efforts needed.
I think the evening of Halloween i spend the most effort on my make up. Trying not to fuck it up otherwise it would be a bummer.

The final look for my Halloween Poison Ivy. What do you think? hehe.

That day going out of my apartment everyone in the streets stared at me.
It's not a big deal to see someone dressed up on halloween back in London. But in Hong Kong they find it very interesting and shocking or embarrassing.
That's the thing about Hong Kong. People are so afraid of being judged. Who cares! Just have fun!
Me and the girls met up and took a taxi to Lan Kwai Fong. Let the partying begin!!!

Clubbing was packed, met some dudes dressed up as a horse, they started eating the leaves of my outfit, which kinda pissed me off but at the same time quite funny. Looks like my outfit will KO by the end of tonight...

At 5.30am me and the girls went to have McDonalds breakfast and took a taxi home...
Waiting for my Housemate to pay for the taxi. I stood there feeling like crap with my torn Ivy outfit.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2014 TIme Machine - Thailand

Here i come Koh Samui!
I think i just couldn't get enough sun on this trip.
This trip for me was a start of something. Something awesome.
Even though all i did this trip was catch the sun, bath, eat and sleep, it was my idea of a perfect vacation.
It's been a long time since i thought of nothing. Literally, nothing.  I'd wake up, eat and just lay on my back all day until sundown, i'll eat, bath and then sleep. I felt very lazy but i think that was exactly what i needed.
I need to thank someone for this. Thank you.

As you can see, i got very tan haha.
When your happy, time tends to fly by faster. Very soon it was time to go home.
On the plane, it felt like i was leaving paradise and going back to reality.
Back to work Lukian. These vacations are only this memorable because they don't happen everyday.
Work hard and good things will come.

One last thing. Always try new things. If you see Richard Parker, don't be afraid.
Give him some milk hehe.
Sweetest baby tiger ever.

Monday, January 19, 2015

2014 Time Machine

Sorry, it really has been a while. 
Many things have happened in the past year.
Some good some bad…and some really bad, but i’ll try my best to continue where i last left you.

After my trip to Korea, i went on my once a year One Month-Detox and back to working hard to pay off the amount of money i spend in Korea. It wasn’t so much, but still you got to work hard and play hard right? Mostly because i was going to head back London soon so gosh knows how much damage i’d do there so i slaved myself for a couple months.

On the side of my work, i had another project going on - Chasing Eddy. My first self written and Directed short film. This was a tough one, especially doing it in a City where money talks. It was a difficult process but i was able to gather an amazing crew and a bunch of talented models and actors to create and finish this project - all accepted without pay who just wanted to take part in something creative and special, something that hasn’t been done in Hong Kong before. Everyone thought it was an idiotic idea and a waste of time but in the end we did it. We created the trailer and the funny thing is, reality comes. The trailer was top news for weeks and the people who called me crazy, the people who didn’t want to help me with this project ended up calling me up telling me, “don’t hesitate to ask me for help. I can give you this this this” bla bla i feel.

I must use this opportunity to thank all our wonderful sponsors in this project. You made a dream one true that day.

So Chasing Eddy, once that was over i went back to work. Lot’s of Bikini and Lingerie jobs, i guess the scene of me running half naked in the streets really got some attention. Soon i was off to London for the opening of my friend's Spanish restaurant.

I spent a relaxing two weeks back in London where i ate and ate and ate. Got to see most my friends again which was the best part. I miss them everyday. That was my biggest sacrifice about going to Hong Kong. 
Back to Hong Kong, with a bit more push from an old friend, i took one of my unfinished scripts out of the can and decided to finish it. “RUNE” It’s half way done now and one my best, but i will come back to that later. 

A week after returning to Hong Kong. I went on a trip to China to shoot for a new programme called “Undercovered” which is a reality undercover show to reveal how tours are and if they cheated your money or not. I must say, it was hilarious filming this. I felt like a spy with all these hidden cameras on me. 
A bunch of Shanghai Tang fittings after this trip ended. The new fall line looks amazing, i always feel awesome when i do fittings, because the clothes are made to fit my figure. My wide shoulders and hips are good for something haha.

July! The month of my birthday. I spent the month writing RUNE and even took a week off to Macau. Reading at private hotel poolside, chilling with my friends in Macau, had an early Macau birthday celebration and met some new friends. This week really calmed my ass from the shit that was going on at home.

27th July! My Birthday! I planned a “Dinosaurs on ICE” birthday gathering with all my close friends in Hong Kong and of course at night, my yearly ritual of Jurassic Park and KFC. This year was a lot more fun as i had girlfriends joining me hehe.

Soon, i was off to Thailand to host my first ever TV show! “Unbelievable” A TV show that has been on going for the past 10 years! It’s the only TV show from Hong Kong that explores the unexplainable, ghost, demons, etc. This New Series, i spent half a month in Thailand and the Golden Triangle documenting Thai Voodoo, Black Magic, Curses and Sorcery - a sensitive and mysterious subject that has always been banned to be shown on TV in Asia! I was the only female Artist who accepted this job… Asians really are superstitious i feel.

Just one day after my return i took another flight the next day to Vegas and LA where both work and play was involved. 
After i got back to Hong Kong I started doing LIVE every Saturday 11pm-12am on CABLE for “Unbelievable” and continuing with my busy work life along with getting together my new place. I am finally living in the City!

Sorry this is just a quick update of whats been going on since i left blogging and i haven't even caught up with time yet. I will do my best so don't go anywhere! I will catch up to "THE NOW" hehe.
But until then, that's it for now. :)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I’d find myself. 
Just sitting there.
Staring at the wall.
Just thinking.
Thinking what the fuck could i be thinking.
I’m tired.
I’m lonely.
I’m going insane.
Miyavi is singing.
I sing along.
I start to cry.
My heart starts to ache.
The pace of my typing picks up.
I stop.
I stop crying. 
My phone starts to ring.
There’s no point. There’s no point.
Expressing your feelings is the only way for someone to know how you think.
What if your faced with an idiot.
No matter what it is useless. 

Waste my time.