Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hong Kong Public Transport and Bananas.

New Vlog has been uploaded today!
I finally had a day off and i planned to make my new video today.
Unfortunately with Hong Kong being in Rainstorm Warning code yellow this whole week and a half it's been dark and difficult to make a video with natural lighting. Luckily today even though it was still raining down there was a little more sun than expected and todays video was a success!

Aku has a new look in this video sponsored by PINKICON. Although she looks much sweeter with this new look she's still quite a bitch to work with haha!

For more information on Aku's new look go to: http://lukianwang.blogspot.hk/2013/03/give-yourself-new-look-with-pinkicon.html

Today's vlog is about some events that happened during a single trip via public transport in HK.
Haha, my mothers gonna kill me. Oh well, she does the funniest things so i just had to vlog it. haha!

So anyway comment below and let me know your ridiculous public transport stories. Love to read them!


  1. From what I've been told by elders here in Korea, doing your makeup in public is super rude... at least here in Korea it is. Generally I don't understand why people do their makeup in public. o__o

  2. Totally not hygienic to do your makeup in public , I also hear its supposed to be done behind closed doors or some proverb lol. your mum sounds sooo cute haha

  3. Hi Lukian Wang,
    You helped me a lot with my contact lens Thank you (although I gave up cuz I can't do it lol) You are so TALENTED ! I LOVE listening to you and reading you ! What about your banana song..so funny xD I am a new big fan ! :) thanks

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  5. Oh my goodness, that sounds like many of my terrible public transportation stories in the US! I really dislike taking the train sometimes, and it's inconvenient to rely on buses to get to work on time. I have started looking at some great used cars just so I wont have to rely on public transportation anymore!