Thursday, May 26, 2011


Oh my fucking god. FTW! It's been over 2 years since i have seen a flying ant. I've only ever seen them back in London. I used to see them every summer! I never knew they existed in Hong Kong as well.

Though it may not be so clear in this video capture, i am actually running for my life.

The story behind this picture?
Well, i bought a very cheap wig for fun a few days ago and i decided to play around with it once i got home. That was around 5pm and the sun was still shining brightly. Living in the "Eastern Stream" there is no need of aircon yet because there isn't much pollution and the air around here is great, all i have to do is keep the balcony doors open.
Time flew by and it started to get dark, me and my friend where messing about playing with our new wigs till i decided to go out to the kitchen to grab some drinks when…

OMFG! There where a bunch of flying ants clubbing next to the Lamp!
Just looking at them just made me itchy. When will I stop itching?!! amg!
I was screaming and my friend dashed out, she started laughing her ass off and said she wanted to film it. WTF?! No filming! just help me get rid of them!
I used the vacuum. LMAO…

I am aware that many people have never seen flying ants before and some never even knew they existed.
But let me tell you something...

There are flying ants everywhere! Annoying little fucks. The humidity and climatic conditions generally have set off all the black ants in their nuptial flights.
Its certainly Flying Ants Day here in the Eastern Stream of Hong Kong.
Anywhere else?


  1. Holy fuck??? O.O That's an ant??? Doesn't look like an ant to me. LOL if it is, looks like a buffed up, steroid taking ant LOL looks HUGE! The wings on its back, creeps me out :( I've never seen that before :O Guess cos, I live in Canada :P

    & lol the vaccum??? haha

    1. in Portugal what i hate seeing is those large flying cockroaches....Have you seen them???

  2. Yeah, I've experienced them a good few times in my time, I tend to know exactly when they hit the street, if you look on the ground a you walk you'll see the odd one or two just crawling around, but I hope and pray I never experience what I did back in the 1970's.

    I was actually in the street at the back of Waitrose Supermarket, Finchley Road, London, in about 1977, on a nice day off, on my way to and just about to have Coffee in the Havana Café place, when suddenly a huge swarm of them came round the corner (and I mean huge, like Millions of them) and headed in my direction, I ran like f*** into the Launderette, and everybody started screaming as the ants landed on/all over the windows and tried to crawl in!

    I've never felt so scared about insects in my life as I did that day, and since then I've had three major infestations of ants and roaches in one place that I lived in, but that day really gave me the willies...\☺/

  3. Sorry to let you know - that your flying ants are termites - i hope your structure isn't made of wood or they may be infesting your place.

  4. Just caught one of these about 10 minutes ago. This explains how I was able to discover your page...internet research is amazing :) Nice Youtube channel BTW

  5. RE: richard

    amg~ you're scaring me....D:

    RE: Kenny

    Welcome :)

  6. Today in Alameda Ca, Flying ants, found 5 in my bathroom already. how the heck do they get in here!?!!?!

  7. I decided to go on the internet to find out how I can get rid of these flying ants that I have seen around the house. I don't know how they got in the house, but I want them out.
    The only other time I seen any flying ants was about 20 years ago. Every morning when I woke up I would see a bunch of dead and live flying ants in my tub and sink in the bathroom.

  8. "OMFG! There where a bunch of flying ants clubbing next to the Lamp!"
    I actually LOL at that sentence. Cool blog you have here =D