Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flying out for the Weekend!

Guess where i am heading to?
Another trip out of Hong Kong. Finally!
But it's just going to be a short trip for a weekend to visit some friends and to breathe a different air.
Those who know me well would know that i don't like staying in one place for too long.

So, i'm actually rather afraid of flying. When a person gets older they will realize that they will start to gain fears they never did before. I never used to be afraid of flying.

It's very strange because, I've always been afraid of heights and now i am scared of flying, yet i still really enjoy the birds-eye-view. Hmm , this situation is very confusing. haha.

Anyway, i was able to snap a picture of the take off from Hong Kong.
The clouds are so kawaii! Like bumps of Candy Floss. hehe
The weather is great right now in Hong Kong but where i'm going... it's even better!
Unfortunately, it's going to be a 14 hour flight...

PS. The pictures are slightly low quality because i took those on my phone.


  1. I know exactly how you feel, it's called going stir crazy.

    I might be afraid of heights, but not really. The highest I've landed from is 12 to 15 ft, I like to climb shit lol. I've done drives recently, but I prefer planes, jets, etc. And come on Lukian you're not that old. What are you 20, 22? It's not like you're 36, or let's see here, 37. I kind of read that "gets older" as you trying to say that you're old, I'm not buying it! :]

    You're either going to Los Angeles or Las Vegas, possibly both connecting in LAX to Las Vegas. What do I win? :D

  2. Was thinking the same when you said the age comments. You're young!! Srsly haha but sure, you're older than you were a few years ago if thats what you mean. Or whatever.

    14 hours for a single weekend! Wow...

  3. Hi Lukian,

    the pics are not so bad, but really, the quote of the day is hard to hear, do you think like that? or is it just an automatic quote?

  4. RE: Robert Powell

    I never said i was old. I'm saying we are getting older every minute. :)

    RE: gxcad

    Yes, i know, people would expect somewhere within 5 hours haha.

    RE: anthony

    Its a quote from a movie. Sarcasm darling, but very funny and very true when the girl said it. haha.

  5. I like a good flight, but not the long haul stuff, especially if it has kids on board, that is just waaaaay too much to tolerate!!!!!