Thursday, May 12, 2011

Arrival at Los Angeles.

Finally! I have arrived in Los Angeles California!
After a long flight i had a long sleep.
Location Drop by No.1 - Los Angeles with Sean and Angel.
I stayed at their place last time i came Los Angeles, those who read my blog a year ago on Xanga would know. hehe.
Since the day of my arrival i didn't do much due to my lack of sleep. I will write about The Arrival.

For those living in California, this is what your land looks like from above. *Spoiler for those who never visited. haha
Does it remind you of anything? It looks like floor tiles! I'm serious! Google up "floor tiles" and click images. Do it! Right now!
How the hell can one place be so organized in it's land proportions?! haha!
What's up with all the squares? People never thought about deviding their land up with circles? haha! just kidding. But seriously, very cool!

After this wonderful welcome view of Los Angeles, you would never expect the HELL that was going to be coming to you next.
Checking out of the Airport...many would know what i'm talking about.

I am already considered lucky to be traveling with a British passport. Those holding passports from Countries that don't speak English are probably shitting their Pants off. The truth is, there's nothing to be afraid of! But of course America seems to not trust foreigners very much, you might as well just not welcome any Tourists. "Anyone without an American passport can not enter our Land" Woohoo! Solved. But no, they welcome us but give us a load of shit first.

Every place has their Pros and Cons. I love American Food! I love their Movies! I love the weather! But hell the employees at LAX are just plain RUDE, nasty and condesending. Out of the 10 staff i meet, 8 of them look like the whole world owed them money. I swear! Smile! The "Federal Inspection" was the worst!

They had 3 queues saying Visitors so i wasn't sure if they were all the same. Just to make sure were i should be i decided to ask a lady staff who was walking around not doing much. I was calling out "Excuse me? Hello? Excuse me?" Literally chasing up behind her to being in front of her. She looked at me for a moment after hearing me with this blank face. Not even asking "How may i help you?" or "What is it you need?" or "yes?" she just stood there like she saw a ghost. I asked her "Hello, i'm holding a british passport, which line should i be in?" Guess what she replied me.. NOTHING! She just turned around, pointed, then left... Thank you?

Anyway I just decided to hop into any of the visitor queues. I was waiting for 2 hours in a Short Que. I'm serious! It's not a queue i would think "Shit, i'm going to be here forever" it was a queue that made me think "Ahh, it's not that bad." But WTH!? I was there for 2 hours! They had like 4 Counters for each Line, they only had 1 person working, leaving the 3 other counters empty with a long queue. AMG~

The guy that was Serving my line looked as if he hated his job. I was thinking, "Ah, shit, hes going to give me hell."
So it was my turn. I walked up and the guy didn't even say Hello and took in my passport. Not even a smile, damn. Then the questions came.

"Where you flying alone?" Nope, i have a couple of friends with me.
"Where did you fly from?" Hong Kong.
"What's the Purpose for this visit?" I'm here to visit a couple of friends.
"How'd you meet them?" Friend's friend?
"What do you do for a living?" I'm a Model.
"What Model?" .....A Model.
"What Model?" ......Sorry, maybe i don't know how to say Model in American...MO-DEL?
"........" .....A MODEL, is a person who is employed for displaying and promoting clothing or products or other advertising or promotional purposes or who poses for wor...
(cuts in) "Ok."
"...." ..............
Then he starts to Stamp my passport and hands it back to me.
"Are you wearing a Bathrobe?" No, this is called Fashion.

And i walk off. What the hell? "What Model?" Are there many occupations called Model? He's either mocking me or he's just pure stupid or run out of questions to ask me.

Just as i thought the worst was over, after grabbing my Luggage i see a even longer queue trying to get out with the luggages! Lord help me....

After finally getting out of the airport. I was so happy to breathe fresh air! It's like i've just been released from Jail.


  1. Haha, LAX workers are very very rude, they are trained to be strict, so people dont see them as easy-going. They're like that to all people, foreign or domestic.

    Anyways, Welcome to Los Angeles. I hope you enjoy your stay!

    If you can make it tomorrow, i suggest you head to the LA Art Walk Event. Pretty Cool Deal.

    Anyways, Goodnight!

  2. Here's a list of a few LA Hot Spots for food.

    Umami Burgers ( Japanese Fusion Burgers )
    4655 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

    Wurstkuche (a Must-Have in Art District)
    800 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles, C

    Hondaya Izakaya (tatame style japanese rest.)
    333 S Alameda, Ste 314, Los Angeles, CA


  4. Gosh, that's exactly why I prefer shortish flights, can't stand all that kind of aggro, too much stress, makes one feel like turning round and going back home before you even get to the hotel!!!!!


  5. Exaggeration MUCH???? Staffs at LAX are not like what u described. They are nice or at least compare to places I traveled. I travel a lot internationally. I am always welcomed with smile at LAX. True. they ask a lot of Q's. They're just doing their job. If the guy really asked u "what model???" it is probably because u did not look like a model or at least in LA standard. But if u really had that bad experience. I guess it's just your luck.

  6. Proof that Americans hate the British? Lol