Wednesday, May 11, 2011

14 hours...

Economy Class isn't really a problem for me.
I wasn't brought up rich and spoilt so since birth i often only travelled in Economy like a normal person. - Even after i started earning my own money i'd only buy Economy.
The thought i've always had was "It's only going to be a couple hours, live with it!" And since i can never sleep on planes it's just going to movies and food for me lol.
The longest flight i have ever enchanted was from LA to Hong Kong. 16 hours!!!
Okay, so i often try to mark my seat in the front area where all the babies are. I'm not going to be sleeping so the babies don't really bother me if they cry. Mostly is because of the extra foot space.
My body is in 80/20 proportion so even though i'm not EXTRA tall my legs are as long as someone being around 175.
Second thing is i try my best to get the aisle. - Once again since i won't be sleeping i want an easy access to the washroom.

I got none of that this time.

And it was going to be a 14 hour flight! Holy Shit! Full Flight!
I couldn't even get the seat i marked like 2 days before the flight Holaaaa
This was when i was begging for an upgrade lol.
The Air-hostess was like, "I'm sorry, business class and first class is full too..."
That's great….

Ahh well, I'll survive, but i'll just get off this flight having a bigger fright of flight haha!

I got the window seat. At this point i thought nothing could be worse, at least i'm not right in the center of the middle rows lmao. At least i'd still have a view… My television wasn't working! This was when i started to panic. 14 hour flight? No sleep, no foot-space, no toilet and no entertainment? - Faints…
Luckily i went with a friend and she was a snorer and offered me her seat. So BAM i'm smack in the middle between 2 people. Hey! at least i'll have my entertainment and i'll be a seat closer to the loo.
Just as i start to do the happy dance in my seat i notice a very tall and big man is sitting next to me. I don't have any issues with big men, the problem i had was that this man had huuuuuge B-O.
My friend was like, "I feel sorry for you, Entertainment or BO?" I was thinking, Hey! I'll be fine, people can get used to pigs vomit if they hang around it long enough. Oh trust me, i did get passed the smell, after the first 3 hours i noticed that there was No BO, either he just stopped producing it - which i highly doubt, or I've just gotten used to it. I guess so…

Anyway, the Entertainment this trip was very bad. They didn't have enough Comedy or Action movies. Strangely a huge amount of movies in the 70s and old black and white movies. Lord help me.
I decided to rematch a whole season of The Simpsons. I noticed the guy next to me watching The Green Hornet and he was laughing his ass off. Hold on a minute! A movie with Jay Chou who can't act while speaking shitty English in an action movie? Are you serious? but then again i never actually seen it. I only know from the reviews…When he finished the movie i asked him "Is Green Hornet good?" and he replied. "Yeh, its great." POINT! "Great" not even Good but Great!? So i gave it my attempt. Trust me, the only thing i laughed at was Jay Chou's lifeless English. You could understand what he was saying, but you clearly knew, he didn't know what the fuck he was saying. haha!

Okok, i'll stop dissing him.

So i watched a whole season of The Simpsons and Fmaily Guy, Green Hornet, An Education (omg it's a great movie), Emperors New Groove, Dinosaurs (as you can tell the ENT was really running out of good movies), Fantasia (yes, i watched Fantasia on a plane ride lol…) and i attempted All's Well, Ends Well 2011, Ended up shutting it off after 20 minutes, what the hell has happened to Hong Kong movies man… daaayyyumn…

Time needs to move faster!


  1. When I flew from Flensburg to Philly, I plugged in the headphones and listened to Korean and Japanese radio stations. It was AWESOME! They even played SHINee a few times : D

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  3. I often listen to music on the plane when im going to sleep hehe.

  4. I like flying, but the stress of all that, for such long hauls, is damaging to the nerves, still, I guess when you're young you can take more aggro!!!!!


  5. can't agree more. All well, ends well 2011 is the shittest movie i have ever watched.