Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Feels like Thumbelina.

So today i am Miss Clam. Though my outfit makes me look more like a Fairy - You'll see why later, i'm not fully geared up in this photo haha.
I realised that every time i want to make a selfie backstage i always catch my friend doing a selfie too.
Girls will be girls....or, My friend is just a cam whore haha.

Todays eye make up is like a starry mask. I decided to wear big eye lenses today because i thought it will make me look more dolly for this costume.
My eyes are super bling bling today!!!

Tadaaa!!!! You likey my Shell? and yes, it was pretty heavy!
Worst part was when kids start pulling on it. I tried not to move around too much in this costume because if there was a child behind me and i turned around, i'd slap them right in the face. haha!
Had to be super careful, especially when there were loads of people!

I felt a little like Thumbelina, except i'm much bigger and i'm growing out of a huge bling bling clam and not a rose. Haha! Anyway! Miss Clam needs to hide back in her shell. So i will end this blog here. hehe