Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Poker Faces.

Nope, Lukian doesn't mind working on her birthday at all!
I was in Macau for a couple days working at the Asian Poker Tour 2012! I've never seen a Poker Tournament before so it was pretty interesting to see those REAL poker faces haha.
I don't play much of poker myself, but being here made me a little itchy to buy a deck of cards back into my hotel room and get some friends over.
Surprise Surprise! I did have a friend visit me in Macau during my birthday hehe. Thought i was going to spend my Birthday watching Star movies in the bath tub. LOL Ends up i shared the tub with my girlfriend. Hoho~ So romanic.
After the wonderful hours of bathing we got out and laid in bed watching X-Men first class while ordering shit load of room service fries and other junk. Ahh~ now that's how i spend my Birthday every year. Of course, the company is slightly better this year with my girlfriend here with me.

Me and my APT Jacket Souvenir.
Now I'm back in Hong Kong and ready to start my new age.
The thing about getting older is that your thoughts on life change. When your young you want to be able to do everything. You want to become superman and gain everything without doing anything, you wait and wait and blame things around you if nothings going your way, but as you realize that you're getting older you become like Batman. You begin to treasure the little things in life and know that time won't wait for you.
You cannot wait for Luck to turn your way and send you an invite, you have to knock on it's door and say "Open the door. I'm here." or....

...you could just, wing it. :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Birthday Party.

Okay so last year i made a "I hate Birthdays" Blog. This year, i beg to differ. LOL
Just kidding, this year i actually planned myself a Birthday Party. Ain't that amazing? I had the party early because i was going to be in Macau working during my actual birthday. It was also a Co-birthday because my birthday was close to another friend of mine - but i'll talk about what actually happened for the party later.
This year, i am very happy to say, I HAVE FRIENDS!!! haha, i had many close friends back in London coming to Hong Kong during my birthday month which really made me feel like a Queen. It's never been such a Full House before so that's why, for me, someone who never celebrates, decided to celebrate. So what was the plan?

Me and my Friend Sing, decided to make a Birthday Party like no other party since it has never been such a full house. We decided to make 2 teams, Red Sing Team and Green Bo Team. Sing's team having to wear red and mine having to wear green. Each team will have roughly 15 players. Each person must contribute a gift worth HK$250. The Gift could be something nice like a Mini Desk Robot to, i don't know, HK$250 dollars worth of condoms or instant noodles - Then these gift will be used a The Prizes won after each game. There will be several drinking games and there will be a score board noting down each players win. At the end of the day the player with the highest score on each team will be taking out for the finale game round, then the Team with the least winning points after that will have to be punished by the winning team. Sounds confusing but it really isn't lol.
So after a rough start my Team ended up beating Sing's Team by 20 points! And what was the punishment? The losing team had to pick 3 players to wear a wonderwoman, supergirl and kinky police woman costume, go down to the streets and buy take out for our team! MUHAHAHHAHAHAAA!!!

Anyway, i was very happy for all those who made it even though they had to work at 9am the next day. Thank you all so much for coming!

It feels good to have friends to support you at the one time you try to make something happen, but at the same time i remembered by i never celebrated it before, it takes so much effort and energy and of course, like mentioned in the blog last year there will be many disappointments because not everyone will understand or feel how much something means to you. It's just a another Birthday to them but for me, it's something a lot more this year.

The photos for this day are actually very hilarious but i am very sorry to say, i won't be posting them up - Until i have the approval from everyone in the photos.

Yeah,,,, they were that extreme... haha XD

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Teeth and the Unknown.

Yes, i am the girl with a goofy smile and too much teeth.
Wait, i take that back, it isn't even goofy, it's just freakishly weird. Oh well, so truth is, most of the time it takes many goofy shots to get to the hot stuff. Not because i'm not ready, just that i may have a laughing disorder. Laughing at what? Myself lol. Sometimes when things get too serious during a shoot, picture may just start looking a little too fake and... stiff? That's why theres a break now and then for the model to relax. Thing is, i'm one of those people who can't keep a straight face for too long - which can be a bum and some times but most of the time, pretty good because it keeps me sane; if that makes any sense to you. LOL

Anyway so obviously this shoot wasn't shot during this summery hot season. It was actually taken a couple months ago and i just got the pictures so here i am posting this up. You can see the photos on my facebook. These ones are just the ones we delete after the final selection. haha! But i like them....

...even though i look a little retarded. xD