Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Poker Faces.

Nope, Lukian doesn't mind working on her birthday at all!
I was in Macau for a couple days working at the Asian Poker Tour 2012! I've never seen a Poker Tournament before so it was pretty interesting to see those REAL poker faces haha.
I don't play much of poker myself, but being here made me a little itchy to buy a deck of cards back into my hotel room and get some friends over.
Surprise Surprise! I did have a friend visit me in Macau during my birthday hehe. Thought i was going to spend my Birthday watching Star movies in the bath tub. LOL Ends up i shared the tub with my girlfriend. Hoho~ So romanic.
After the wonderful hours of bathing we got out and laid in bed watching X-Men first class while ordering shit load of room service fries and other junk. Ahh~ now that's how i spend my Birthday every year. Of course, the company is slightly better this year with my girlfriend here with me.

Me and my APT Jacket Souvenir.
Now I'm back in Hong Kong and ready to start my new age.
The thing about getting older is that your thoughts on life change. When your young you want to be able to do everything. You want to become superman and gain everything without doing anything, you wait and wait and blame things around you if nothings going your way, but as you realize that you're getting older you become like Batman. You begin to treasure the little things in life and know that time won't wait for you.
You cannot wait for Luck to turn your way and send you an invite, you have to knock on it's door and say "Open the door. I'm here." or....

...you could just, wing it. :)


  1. A little older, but lot wiser and experienced in the ways of the world. Life is for living, and it seems that you are indeed living life, in whatever way or ways takes your fancy, (within reason, of course) but yes, life can and is sometimes/often a cabaret, especially on B'days, and Luck most definitely plays a huge roll in the level of enjoyment a person can get out of that day, so for sure, this year your B'day is a Lucky one, even more so because it was the day of the British Olympics opening ceremony, so that should make you feel even greater on your B'day this year. Let's hope that feeling lasts for many more to come.

    By the way, awesome dress, looks great on you, deep rich color, goes well with the deep rich dark hair,some matching bracelet on your wrist and/or earrings & necklace would have complemented that even more so, as would a nice pair of deep purple rings, however, it still looks pretty coooool. I like colors like deep rich Burgundy, deep Purples, or as I call them "Royal Colors" like reds & blues. I remember that amazing Emerald green dress that you wore a couple of years ago at the awards ceremony, that was Grrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeat!

    What you might consider getting is a long dress that is an exotic blend of dark Satin Black and deep Rich Gold, or a dress with a lot of black & gold glitter in it, that would look so hot, with matching long (elbow length) gloves, and always with matching Jewelry, rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, earrings, etc.

    Ciao ciao-4-nao.....☺/

  2. Lukian, i LOVE your lipstick color!!!! What is it??

  3. Haha, you are a romantic aren't you. I knew it. Your birthday should be spent eating food that'll kill you but with a friend that'll save your life. Happy Birthday Lukian. <3

    You're beautiful, and your words of wisdom are an inspiring revelation. I think you've gotten good at winging it. :)