Saturday, October 29, 2011

Movie Pooling BBQ.

I have a lot of movies in my hard-drive, so i spent the day watching movies by the pool.
So far Sanya has been great even though i'm spending it mostly "indoors". Last night me and my friends had a in-villa Barbecue, which i was extremely excited about because i've never does something like this before, and second of all we didn't have to clean up after ourselves. Haha, cleaning is the worst part of anything. Last night was also the time that i realized how LOUD my old macbook pro was. Evening Barbecue in a villa while watching 'RED'? A little strange but yet, still a lot of fun.

Today i decided to eat Hinanese Chicken Rice when i woke up.
I felt a bit disgusting though (remembering last night i had a huge BBQ) Oh well, girls gotta eat. LOL. Oh and i also felt sorry for the house keeping cleaning up the next day. xD

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day out inside.

SO i finally went out today - Not "out" out but, you know? Still inside the Resort but out of my Villa haha!
Since it wasn't so hot today i went for a walk down by the beach. To be honest i think i came here at the best time because i felt like i have booked the whole resort to myself. It was empty!! That was one of the best parts of this trip actually... heee :) Okay wait, i lied, it was extremely hot PLUS windy. How does that work?!

The beach also lead to the main pool which was HUGE! What you see in the photo is just 1/8th!
I went for a swim and chilled with my friends eating pizza and drinking cocktails. ahhhh~ feels good.

The best part was, there was a very handsome pool boy. HOHO! Actually i found it alright but my friend was going a bit hype over him. She was tempted to fake a drowning but i was like, "He isn't a life guard."

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nothing beats this...

Not setting an Alarm before you sleep even though tomorrows a weekday.
Waking up when the sun is at it's brightest.
Waking up to a 270degree garden view.
Getting naked and diving into the pool right from your bed.
Working with a towel wrapped around your body while sitting on a Beach Chair, drinking something chilled.
Peace and Quiet. Nothing but birds and the music of nature.
Calling Room Service and having Brunch by the lake.

Almost better than an Just almost. :P

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Skinny Dip Villa?

What's great about Banyan Tree is that the Villas are so individual that you cant see other Villas around when you're yours. Once we opened the front gate to our villa was a Pool that had stairs leading right up to one of the Villa side doors. Basically, we could just skinny jump into the pool from our bedroom when we wake up. There was also an Outdoor Bedroom - rather romantic actually. This was the view from the Bedroom Garden door. Yes, just drive right in!

There was also an Outdoor Bathtub, which was also very sexy. On the other side of the Villa was another garden door that opened out to our own Lakeside view which was also connected to the pool. It was tempting to swim in our pool and slide down into the lake too. haha! But we didn't of course. (We watched Shark Night a few days before lol)

The crazy part was right after the Bellboy had left, my friends screamed and decided to skinny dip. LOL! Me on the other hand was trying to tell people to not fuck up the place until ive taken these photos. Sorry about the lack of photos, these were the only NICE ones i was able to take without luggage, socks and clothing hanging around lol! ......than again, i don't know why they decided to unpack in my Villa when their had their own rooms......Oh right!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Getaway.

Arrived in Sanya today and immediately noticed a huge difference: less pollution, cloudless skies and of course the people. Sanya's selling point is that it is the "Hawaii of the east".

At Sanya Airport, a crowd of Taxi drivers were grabbing customers at the arrival lobby. Luckily my friends were tough so they were able to keep those thirsty taxi drivers away from grabbing my arm etc. I was told that we must be careful with the taxi's here because they are rather sly if you are new. We felt a lot safer after seeing a man holding up my name on a sigh board with the Banyan Tree logo on it. Once the taxi drivers realized we had a limo waiting they all gave out that "should of told us earlier! Waste of time" kinda face and posture and left.
After getting into the Limo we were each given Lime scented ice towel and a Coconut! Nom Nom Nom! Now, that's what i call a good Vacation Welcome!

Actually my whole purpose in Sanya isn't all Vacation, But since i was going to be staying at a Villa i asked my friends to join me. It would be such a waste if i was alone! Besides, i'm a complete chicken shit when it comes to Large Hotel Rooms at night. xD

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dealing with Break Ups.

Hey everyone!
I'm in Sanya at the moment and it's 36 degrees! In November! WHat the hell right?

During my stay i had some time in my hands and decided to make this video.
I was actually sweating like crazy in this video, i had a box of tissues next to me LOL!
My friends were swimming in the pool so that was a bum too haha.

Anyway, Thank you to all those people who sent me their video and sorry i couldn't fit all of them in. Forgive me.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

We're Addicted!

Since i got my iPhone, i can’t stop taking pictures! Yes, even when i'm working and half naked. - and checking facebook more than 10 times a day. (Who doesn’t check their social media outlets that often?)

For those who own an iPhone, I know you’re obsessed too! and chances are you’ve been taking a lot more photos - perhaps even recording videos over the holidays and it all started with a harmless photo: “Oh Wow! The quality of the camera is great!” - Later we then realized that the Front Camera of the Iphone actually sucks horse, yet we don't give a shit because we could always just add an effect to it on Instagram or Pixlromatic(my new favorite).

Steve Jobs have left us with an Addiction.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Typhoon Internet.

So Hong Kong has been going through Typhoons this whole week.
I know typhoons are very deadly, dangerous and scary! Many people die and get injured too, but come on - Every cloud has a silver lining right? I think Typhoons are fun and it's kinda romantic. Thinking i've gone mad? If you are, then keep that shock in mind, and keep reading.

I find it strange in some ways when my friends become shocked that someone could enjoy a typhoon. They are even more shocked to learn that I find earthquakes quite exciting. People often comment "don’t you know that typhoons/earthquakes kill lots of people???" Of course I know that! But the fact that people are killed by something does not necessarily make all experiences of it unenjoyable.

Look people love playing with snow. People go on a ski-ing holidays and have fun building their first snowman, despite knowing that the same weather is killing so many hundreds of thousands of people every year worldwide?

Nearly two million people have died globally due to typhoons. Despite their devastating effects, typhoons are also beneficial, by potentially bringing rain to dry areas and moving heat from the tropics poleward. Out at sea, ships take advantage of their known characteristics by navigating through their weaker, western half.

Typhoons aren't entirely bad. They may destroy crops, but its because of typhoons that Hong Kong is finally getting it's Autumn! Plus, humidity levels have also gone down.

Anyway, I'm just going to end it there and get back to the main point of todays blog.
The thing about Typhoons; It's so much fun because it gives me an excuse to have a slumber party! I mean, if i was at a friends place during the day and there's suddenly a Typhoon, it's always suggested that i'd to stay the night because it's too dangerous to go outdoors/travel. I remember when i was much younger, my mother never let me slumber at someone's place even if it was a girlfriend's. (she's rather traditional) But when there's a typhoon my mother always made sure i didn't come home during that weather and even MADE me stay over at my friends place even if that friend was a guy Hoho! Fresh meat! I don't know why, maybe it's because i've never had a childhood which involved sleepover parties when i was young so now that i'm older and out of parental control, i've gone wild. (it's always the 'good' ones LOL) I love having to share a bed and wear my friend's PJs or their brothers t-shirts! Stealing half their bed or just crashing on their floor with lot's of sofa cushions was never cozier. It's so much fun!

Now it's kinda the opposite, i tend to force people to stay at mine. LOL not force but you know what i mean. I get lonely! I tend to plan typhoon nights and stuff. Seriously, my home is the best slumber home ever! I have a DVD library, full stock up of different food ranges from Pasta to snacks to desserts and lots and lots of extra cushions and duvets! Best of all, shit load of alcohol and if that's still not enough, i can do the Typhoon Dance.

Then again, that hardly happens and most of the time a typhoon comes during the days i'm all alone. Like today. Living on a hill top is another issue - my internet is now completely unstable and for the first time i'm using 3G at home. With nothing better to do i am now rambling blog nothingness while playing Japan Life on both my i-devices.

And yes, i've decided to sleep on my floor tonight.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Secret Garden.

...continued from the Noah's Ark Blog.

This is the reason why i had to make a separate blog on this.
The theme park had it's own Park where you would take a long hike tour to places like a Windmill Station, Adventure Journey, A Heritage Centre and a Solar Tower along with 15 different Garden Attractions. All the way up to the hill top was a Look Out where you would view birds and all. But the most special of all was on the other end of the hill - A Secret Garden.

The name was actually Sweet Garden, (which to be honest i think it's a rather shitty name for such a surprisingly pretty garden) I saw a couple taking their wedding photos here too. The garden was very romantic and i wished i could go through that mysterious gate. Just imagine what could lie behind it... there could be an entire other half of the world we never knew about! ...Or nothing! Who knows!

Though, it's probably something...

Pictures taken on my Panasonic GF1.