Thursday, October 6, 2011

We're Addicted!

Since i got my iPhone, i can’t stop taking pictures! Yes, even when i'm working and half naked. - and checking facebook more than 10 times a day. (Who doesn’t check their social media outlets that often?)

For those who own an iPhone, I know you’re obsessed too! and chances are you’ve been taking a lot more photos - perhaps even recording videos over the holidays and it all started with a harmless photo: “Oh Wow! The quality of the camera is great!” - Later we then realized that the Front Camera of the Iphone actually sucks horse, yet we don't give a shit because we could always just add an effect to it on Instagram or Pixlromatic(my new favorite).

Steve Jobs have left us with an Addiction.


  1. good 4 us more goddess pictures I'm checking FB after work only but who knows in future

  2. I still prefer my HTC "Wildfire" Google Android, with 3 point 2 inch Wide super sensitive screen Intelligence and a 5 Mega Pixel Flash Camera!

    The iPhone is great, and God bless Steve Jobs for all that he has done for us/given us, a truly Amazing Man, left us some truly Amazing things to use for our daily lives.

    But I still prefer the Android & all it's Amazing Apps & stuff!!!!!


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  4. iphone!!!! STeve JOBSSS!!!! IPADDDDDD!!! FTWWW

  5. 1 - I love you. 2 - We need to be blog friends: