Saturday, October 29, 2011

Movie Pooling BBQ.

I have a lot of movies in my hard-drive, so i spent the day watching movies by the pool.
So far Sanya has been great even though i'm spending it mostly "indoors". Last night me and my friends had a in-villa Barbecue, which i was extremely excited about because i've never does something like this before, and second of all we didn't have to clean up after ourselves. Haha, cleaning is the worst part of anything. Last night was also the time that i realized how LOUD my old macbook pro was. Evening Barbecue in a villa while watching 'RED'? A little strange but yet, still a lot of fun.

Today i decided to eat Hinanese Chicken Rice when i woke up.
I felt a bit disgusting though (remembering last night i had a huge BBQ) Oh well, girls gotta eat. LOL. Oh and i also felt sorry for the house keeping cleaning up the next day. xD


  1. It sure looks nice and everything, but, with so many tropical plants in the background, aren't there insects crawling all over the space?!

  2. Something is fishy about the past few blog posts but I'm loving it so far.