Friday, October 28, 2011

Day out inside.

SO i finally went out today - Not "out" out but, you know? Still inside the Resort but out of my Villa haha!
Since it wasn't so hot today i went for a walk down by the beach. To be honest i think i came here at the best time because i felt like i have booked the whole resort to myself. It was empty!! That was one of the best parts of this trip actually... heee :) Okay wait, i lied, it was extremely hot PLUS windy. How does that work?!

The beach also lead to the main pool which was HUGE! What you see in the photo is just 1/8th!
I went for a swim and chilled with my friends eating pizza and drinking cocktails. ahhhh~ feels good.

The best part was, there was a very handsome pool boy. HOHO! Actually i found it alright but my friend was going a bit hype over him. She was tempted to fake a drowning but i was like, "He isn't a life guard."