Monday, December 30, 2013

First time Skii given to Korea!

My girlfriend's original plan was to de-virgin me of skiing but we heard that the Ski Resorts wont be open because their isn't enough snow yet but we went to Korea anyway not caring that we couldn't ski. On the second day of our arrival though our friend called us and told us that the Ski Resort has just opened! So Sudden! So that got us itching again. I wasn't prepared for skiing! We ended up going the next morning and rented everything we needed.

I'm a Summer born child so i love the Winter! I am not afraid of the cold, i actually prefer it. Stepping on the snow reminded me back in the days in London when every morning before school we had to scrape the frozen snow off our cars. My mood brightened like my name and i was as happy as ever and very excited about my first ski experience.

I had an over protective mother growing up so i never was able to attend those ski trips schools had every winter and by the time i grew up and earned my own money to go travelling somehow ski never came to mind. Maybe because i was afraid to go on my own. I'd think if anything every bad luck happen to me, it is best to have a friend or someone with you. I know what you're thinking, I'm a safety freak, i'm only like this because i've seen and experienced too many unlucky things.

To explain about this video, i got down to pick up Cindi's gloves and just couldn't get back up again. Then the second part is while i was practicing i fell down and threw a snowball right at her crotch haha.
People say that if you know how to Ice-Skate then you will be able to pick up skiing easily. They lied.

So after playing around in the flat ground Cindi told me it's time to go up the hill. Cindi is good at Skiing but the only thing she actually taught we was "Eight" (Eight in Chinese is written like this ) which was the way you put your feet if you wish to stop. So there i was tricked up this hill top and with one push i was bowling downhill knocking into person after person. Cindi just watched me downhill laughing her stomach out.
The cool part of it was that i ended up crashing into a a young man who ended up being a Ski coach! My ski's flew miles away and this lovely man walked all the way to pick up my skis and put them back on for me. He then faced me, held my hand and started skiing backwards while teaching me how to skii with his limited english. Super sweet!! - I thought, but Cindi said, "he only taught you so you'd stop knocking him over." ohh... =.='' haha
Cindi then joked and said next time i should aim for a very handsome tall korean to hit into. So i told her to pick one when we on hilltop and ill scrape that dude for her. LOL

After a tiring bowling session we went to have food and some korean Starbucks. Don't ask, Cindi told me to pick me nose for the photo and i did. LOL
Overall i must say it was a lovely experience and hopefully i will be better at ski next time round.
After food we did a bit more skiing, well Cindi did, i did more falling while she chased after a dude dressed up like a Snow Predator.

We fell asleep on the coach back to the city, i think we are just too tired from ski, plus we woke up at 6 in the Morning for this. We had korean BBQ for dinner before heading back to the hotel for a snore. :D

Just a little note, i am not bothered to proofread my work to check spelling/grammar mistakes haha. So sorry if theres any stupid mess ups. I'm also listening to music while i do this and i often type out the lyrics to songs when i do stuff like this without realising haha. Rising Hell!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Korean Ginseng and Street food!

Good afternoon all! After yesterday's feast after feast you'd think we'd give it a rest. Sorry, that's not what we do...
After a long sleep in we woke up at noon, had some fruit and tea (our morning ritual for toiletting lol) got ready and headed out to Tosokchon which signature dish is Samkyetang (Chicken Ginseng Soup) near Gyeongbokgung station.
Samkyetang is a soup which consists of a whole young chicken stuffed with glutinous rice boiled in a broth of ginseng along with gingko nuts, garlic and jujube, as well as 30 other different types of medicinal herbs and grains.

The past few days we were eating foods with such heavy taste; this was healthy and especially good for those who perspire easily and have weak digestive organs. However, people who have high body temperatures or allergies should avoid the dish, as it boosts body temperature - So i personally think this dish is great for winter. Oh and my girlfriend just loved the "refill and eat as much as you like" large pots of kimchee and kimchee radish.

5, Jahamun-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

By the time we finished lunch it was roughly 4pm and we then headed out for more food as we plan to spend the rest of the day raiding the street food stands!!!!

Tornado Potato
Spiral-cut potato skewer! One whole potato is placed in the special machine which cuts it into its twister-like shape and it is deep fried and then dipped into melted cheese or flavoured powder.

Pomegranate Juice
Freshly squeezed Pomegranate juice in a plastic pocket!

Korean pancakes made with green onions and vegetables.

This Korean dish of rice cakes covered in a thick, spicy sauce.

Barbecued juicy whole octopus

Sundae & Dumplings
Blood sausages. Korea’s version of it uses coagulated pigs blood, glass noodles and barley, with pig or cow intestines for the sausage skin. Very spicy and stir fried with vegetables in this case. Some of you must be grossed out by this. Don’t worry, i am too but my girlfriend loved it.

And that concludes our day for now...
Heading back to our apartment for ice-cream and then bed. haha

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Getting lost and constant eating.

Today's plan was shopping but we ended up doing a lot of eating instead. Seoul is at -1 degrees and i'm still loving it.
Me and my girlfriend woke up around 1pm, yes we are pigs on vacation haha. We had some tea and fruit, got ready and headed out to Lunch. Today we wanted to have Jokbal which is korean style pig's foot so we went to a very popular restaurant in Hongdae. MYTH JOKBAL!

The food was considered rather cheap. 36,000KRW (34USD) for a 3~4 person portion set!
According to my girlfriend's information, Jokbal is popular among women because it's good for the skin. Hmm, I have doubts about that but hey! The thought of it is good. I was deciding to go for either the Original Jokbal or the Real Garlic Jokbal which looked seriously deliciously badass smelly which means there won't be any kissing or close talking later. haha My girlfriend yelled out "OF COURSE GARLIC!! <3 "Okay, here we go.

I personally cannot eat too much Pig Feet because the texture isn't really my cup of tea. I ate most of the meat which was very soft and the garlic really kept us eating.

So yes, we finished everything and we didn't want to leave yet because you found out there was free wifi and we wanted to upload photos haha!
After lunch we went on a hunt for a nice Cafe for some tea and dessert. What better place to go than Zera's Cafe while we are in HongDae!

Zera's Cafe is known for it's Homemade apple pies. It's been a while since i've had a good apple pie, Hong Kong really sucks at it so this was definetly the place to go. Oh! and it has Wifi, a good place to chill and good pie.
After a delicious pie we went on search for some shop my girlfriend craved to go. We really can't read Korean so at times it was difficult finding our way around.

No worries, we did make it in the end though. We did some shopping and before we knew it, it was supper already.
Today we met up with a friend which took us to more local location to eat Ddeokbokki. (Spicy Rice Cake)

Tadaaa! Cooking in progress! Would look better once it's all sauced up! and i forgot, it would look very very red. hahaha. Hmm, Soup is red, kimchee is red, ricecake and noodles are red....we will be shitting fire tonight.
After the warm dinner we went for dessert. AGAIN. Paris Baguette, which we don't have in Hong Kong.

We went for 2 different cakes which looked really cute and a tea each - the cups had wings and eyes!!!! We decided to give them a proper face haha.
Truly another romantic picture to end the day and this blog.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

First time Korea!

Taking a trip to Korea. It's been a while since i really took off somewhere not work related.
It was a sudden decision with no planning, so me and my girlfriend just took off in a click.
I've never been to Korea before and since it was so sudden my friends over there weren't available or couldn't join me on this trip. But that's alright, me and my girl have each other and i just want to walk around, eat and relax.
There's been a lot on my mind that i just want to wash off and i thought this trip may help.

So we arrived in Seoul late afternoon and headed to our apartment where we relaxed a bit, put down our bags and headed out to Myeong-Dong for some Andong jjimdak which is famous spicy steamed Andong chicken dish.

I personally cannot eat much spicy foods, but hey! I'm in Korea, a good chance to train up! If chicken is your meat of choice, Korean Jjimdak is a must in your list when you visit Korea. Main ingredients are chicken and Korean glass noodle, made of sweet potato. I found it rather spicy yet "Yummylicious!"
The cold sour radish soup would be your best friend if you cannot take spicy foods. Every time my tongue felt over burning i would sip some of the radish soup they provide and suddenly i'd be alright! I feel it works better than Milk!

Andong Jjimdak
Myeong-dong 2ga, 2-2,
Seoul, South Korea

After a very filling meal (we ate everything! to the last of its sauce!) we headed to Dongdaemun for shopping! We made many Cafe stops for a Tea/Coffee break with some cake while shopping. Feels like this trip is mostly eating hehe.

Dongdaemun is late night shopping location so we were out shopping till 4am. Before heading back home we decided to have some street snack too to end our night. hehe. Very romantic <3

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Miss Ocean Flower Bed!

Today i am Miss Ocean Flowerbed. Of thats what i think it's called hehe.
This dress was unexpectedly heavy and even had lights!
Can see it better during the evening though.

Hope you like todays look. hehe :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I'm Sea Captain with no Taxi Luck.

Happy Halloween everyone! Once again this year i decided to head out to the busiest place during this day - Lan Kwai Fong!!!!
I had work all day and finished around 11pm where i then headed to my friends place to get changed into my outfit before going out. By the time we arrived to LKF it was already 1am. (Partying in HK often starts at 1am... HK people are night crawlers lol)
I am supposed to be Captain Hook but i don't know where my hook is. Don't ask, it's missing :(
Oh well! I'll just have to be Captain Lukian today. Hehe

Like every year this day Lan Kwai Fong is blocked up and packed with Monsters, Ghosts, Super Heroes, Animals and naked people. No way was i going to be part of that crowd being pushed around and have random people touching me so me and my girls decided to meet at the Top and walk down instead of the normal way of walking up. Knowing many people kinda has it's advantages too from being place to place haha.

So me and girls partied from Club to Club until around 4am when i decided to call out early since i had work at 11am the next morning.
Many interesting things happened in the middle of this but details i rather not bring out but let's just say someone was literally asking to be smashed by me. Obviously i wouldn't do such thing *cough.
Lukian has a very very very good EQ. So you can imagine what this girl was doing to me.

Anyway! For some reason finding taxi in HK has always been a bum for the past 2 years so imagine during celebration dates?
Many people queuing for Taxi, MANY taxis available but no one riding. Why? Because those jerk Taxi drivers are talking the price up - which is illegal, but what can we do?
Normally if i was in a hurry i would talk money with them or tell them to take me to the police station if they were unwilling to drive me (but only works if you're already inside the vehicle) Taxi drivers now lock their doors and make you talk money for they let you in. Crazy!

Being slightly frustrated with this taxi issue me and my girl decided to walk further away to Four Seasons Hotel where there defiantly be an available Taxi who's not part of the money talk crowd willing to take us home. Oh~ we also grabbed an Oreo McFlurry in our 24/hr McD's along the way. Heehee!!!

Hope you all had great night too! I'll make more effort during next years Halloween. I promise! xD

Saturday, September 21, 2013

2 days in Taipei.

Taking a quick trip to Taiwan, early morning flight and taking a good breakfast before i fly. It's a very short trip so didn't have time to do much or take many photos. I'll give you what i've got anyway.

The flight was quick, i watched one movie on my iPad and we'd already arrived.
I was starving, so the first thing i did was head into a local store for some dumplings hehe. I wanted to try everything so ordered a bit of each.
After heading to company, i had some rest and a shower before heading back out at night. I mean, how can you go to Taipei without taking a quick trip to the Night Markets for some late food??

I was eating store to store, didn't even remember what i ate haha.
So, the next day i spent the whole day with the company, meetings and meeting new people. It was a little tiring considering i stayed out late the night before eating at the Night Market haha, but it was worth it.
Once i have finished my main business in Taipei i decided to meet up with some locals.
As you know, the main way of transport in Taiwan is, motorcycle.  I rode on a motorcycle for the first time in my life!

I must say, i hate motorcycle, i think it is totally not safe and a dangerous way to travel, but hey! I know you don't really have a right to say you don't like something if you never even tried it, like food for instance. You never know.
Then again, riding on motorcycle tonight just confirmed what i thought. I still think it's dangerous. Skin over metal, hmm hmm hmm... Never again LOL.
So i rode on a motorcycle to some far ass place to eat some spicy rice noodles stuffed in tofu.

Super spicy, but i guess if i can take on Chinese Ma la bistro this is nothing! I should blog about that actually, i went to my friends Ma La Birthday dinner and every food looked red.
So after a tummy filled with spicy rice noodles and other junk i had on the way i headed home and packed my bags to ready my flight back to Hong Kong.
The next morning i woke up earlier to try have some beef noodles.

Seriously, ignore my hair, lol i just woke up, put it in a bun and headed out without thinking.
Overall a successful trip, tried to do as much as possible in these two days. Hopefully can spend longer in Taiwan next time. I feel a little bad not telling my friends i was heading Taiwan because i really wouldn't have time to meet them all. I mean, I didn't even go shopping! haha! Just food........

Hong Kong, i'm coming home.