Saturday, November 2, 2013

I'm Sea Captain with no Taxi Luck.

Happy Halloween everyone! Once again this year i decided to head out to the busiest place during this day - Lan Kwai Fong!!!!
I had work all day and finished around 11pm where i then headed to my friends place to get changed into my outfit before going out. By the time we arrived to LKF it was already 1am. (Partying in HK often starts at 1am... HK people are night crawlers lol)
I am supposed to be Captain Hook but i don't know where my hook is. Don't ask, it's missing :(
Oh well! I'll just have to be Captain Lukian today. Hehe

Like every year this day Lan Kwai Fong is blocked up and packed with Monsters, Ghosts, Super Heroes, Animals and naked people. No way was i going to be part of that crowd being pushed around and have random people touching me so me and my girls decided to meet at the Top and walk down instead of the normal way of walking up. Knowing many people kinda has it's advantages too from being place to place haha.

So me and girls partied from Club to Club until around 4am when i decided to call out early since i had work at 11am the next morning.
Many interesting things happened in the middle of this but details i rather not bring out but let's just say someone was literally asking to be smashed by me. Obviously i wouldn't do such thing *cough.
Lukian has a very very very good EQ. So you can imagine what this girl was doing to me.

Anyway! For some reason finding taxi in HK has always been a bum for the past 2 years so imagine during celebration dates?
Many people queuing for Taxi, MANY taxis available but no one riding. Why? Because those jerk Taxi drivers are talking the price up - which is illegal, but what can we do?
Normally if i was in a hurry i would talk money with them or tell them to take me to the police station if they were unwilling to drive me (but only works if you're already inside the vehicle) Taxi drivers now lock their doors and make you talk money for they let you in. Crazy!

Being slightly frustrated with this taxi issue me and my girl decided to walk further away to Four Seasons Hotel where there defiantly be an available Taxi who's not part of the money talk crowd willing to take us home. Oh~ we also grabbed an Oreo McFlurry in our 24/hr McD's along the way. Heehee!!!

Hope you all had great night too! I'll make more effort during next years Halloween. I promise! xD