Saturday, November 30, 2013

Getting lost and constant eating.

Today's plan was shopping but we ended up doing a lot of eating instead. Seoul is at -1 degrees and i'm still loving it.
Me and my girlfriend woke up around 1pm, yes we are pigs on vacation haha. We had some tea and fruit, got ready and headed out to Lunch. Today we wanted to have Jokbal which is korean style pig's foot so we went to a very popular restaurant in Hongdae. MYTH JOKBAL!

The food was considered rather cheap. 36,000KRW (34USD) for a 3~4 person portion set!
According to my girlfriend's information, Jokbal is popular among women because it's good for the skin. Hmm, I have doubts about that but hey! The thought of it is good. I was deciding to go for either the Original Jokbal or the Real Garlic Jokbal which looked seriously deliciously badass smelly which means there won't be any kissing or close talking later. haha My girlfriend yelled out "OF COURSE GARLIC!! <3 "Okay, here we go.

I personally cannot eat too much Pig Feet because the texture isn't really my cup of tea. I ate most of the meat which was very soft and the garlic really kept us eating.

So yes, we finished everything and we didn't want to leave yet because you found out there was free wifi and we wanted to upload photos haha!
After lunch we went on a hunt for a nice Cafe for some tea and dessert. What better place to go than Zera's Cafe while we are in HongDae!

Zera's Cafe is known for it's Homemade apple pies. It's been a while since i've had a good apple pie, Hong Kong really sucks at it so this was definetly the place to go. Oh! and it has Wifi, a good place to chill and good pie.
After a delicious pie we went on search for some shop my girlfriend craved to go. We really can't read Korean so at times it was difficult finding our way around.

No worries, we did make it in the end though. We did some shopping and before we knew it, it was supper already.
Today we met up with a friend which took us to more local location to eat Ddeokbokki. (Spicy Rice Cake)

Tadaaa! Cooking in progress! Would look better once it's all sauced up! and i forgot, it would look very very red. hahaha. Hmm, Soup is red, kimchee is red, ricecake and noodles are red....we will be shitting fire tonight.
After the warm dinner we went for dessert. AGAIN. Paris Baguette, which we don't have in Hong Kong.

We went for 2 different cakes which looked really cute and a tea each - the cups had wings and eyes!!!! We decided to give them a proper face haha.
Truly another romantic picture to end the day and this blog.