Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wario is in the house tonight!

Halloween, the festive day of trick or treating, dressing yourself up, carving pumpkins, playing pranks and watching horror movies at night.
This may shock you but i never celebrated Halloween until a few years back, so when i have friends telling me how they are too old for it or its always the same thing and getting boring, i'd say, that's because most of them started a young age. For me, its only just begun! Why? Well, this is the story...

As i have mentioned many times before i was raised by my traditional chinese mother living in the UK. Most of the older chinese generations are rather superstitious and for the chinese its all about having a good and lucky atmosphere so the fact that people are celebrating and dressing up as evil spirits and monsters was completely disgusted upon. My mother would say, "有人唔做,走去扮鬼!" which means, "You're a human, but you'd rather be a ghost!" Haha, i then told her, "people don't only dress up as devils and ghosts, they also dress up and Angels and some cute animals" of course though, Angels are apparently people who died and animals are pests. Why would i want to be a class lower than human? She didn't see the fun in it at all. The blood and violent weapons symbolized death and unlucky vibes to her so, i was raised without a childhood of finding a cool outfit, dressing up and knocking on on neighbors doors asking for candy. Besides, being a obedient chinese girl i would never disobey my mother.

When i got a little older there was a school halloween party, i would ask for my mothers permission first of course and she'd let me but i never did dress up since my family couldn't afford those fancy outfits.

So what did i do during Halloween? I stayed at home, what a good chinese girl was expected to do. But this is the funny part, i was a chicken shit back when i was a kid. I was scared of almost everything. I remember one Halloween night i was left all alone at home while my mother drove my sister to her friends place, there was a knock on my door. I peaked out of the small gap of the window's curtain next to the door and i saw the most freaky thing ever! It was THE SCREAM! I ran upstairs, heart pounding and just hid into my bed.

During my late teenage years was when i started to really party, dress up and spend lot's of money and time buying and making my outfit. Come on, i was working, made friends and could basically, afford it! And since my mother was under my care and i was the man of the house, i could do anything i want and what i wanted was to get back all the fun i missed during the past Halloweens.

Still, time flies and those were the days, now i'm just an old fart that enjoys being a vegetable in front of my TV watching scary movies all night and if i'm lucky with junk food and a friend. I don't have the energy to party as much i did before, somehow though, this year was an exception. I decided to dress up, head out and dance all night! Okay, well, not all night, i got very exhausted and left Lan Kwai Fong around 2AM. My friend called me old and retired cause apparently the real party started around 3AM. Oops...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Work and Charms.

Very happy to be working with Aaron Basha, I love their charms and their new evil eye collection. Their jewellery are a little bit childish, but at the same time very classy and fun.

I know i haven't updated lately and i am very sorry about this, this month has really been restless for me, in a way it's a good thing haha. Actually i've realized that a large percentage of my vlogs and blogs begin with some variant of "It's been a long time since I've updated," or "Sorry, I've been really busy." I will try my best to lower that percentage for sure!

Bare with me my dear followers.