Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hong Kong Nights Shots.

A lot of people know that Kong Kong is another "City of Lights" places so one night i looked out the window and quickly grabbed my Camera to take a picture. Why? Well, see for yourself! Isn't it beautiful? The reflection of the window made it look like Heavenly dust was falling out of the sky!

And this is the other view from my window.
Okay, i confess. I did use photoshop. But ONLY to sharpen the photo to make it more clear on every detail. I didn't mess with the colors at all - i set the camera on Scenery mode.

I'll brag now. The photos were taken with my beloved camera.(Panasonic Lumix GF1) MUAHAHA!

PLease comment me what you think? :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Hate Birthdays.

So what are your plans for your Birthday? I get asked this question every single year and the answer has been the same for over 10 years, NOTHING! I've not celebrated my birthday for over 10 years what makes this year different?
"Maybe there's a surprise party planned for me that i don't know about?" Well there better not be because i HATE surprise parties. To be honest, it's not that i hate the hassle. It's more like, I hate to realize i ain't got much friends.

I'm so jealous of those people who can make big as parties with many people coming to celebrate it and all those people are their friends. WTH!? Whenever i attempt to plan something like that its always a fail. No matter if i plan it a month before the day or a whole year!
I'd send out like 100 invitations and 50 of them say they can't make it, 30 of them say they maybe and 20 of them say Yes i'm free but then the day before the party or ON THE DAY….

10 of them say they wont be able to make it after all…
the remaining 20 never got back to you or ignore your messages when you ask them again.

Then when the time comes, only 4 people show up when 20 of them said they were gonna come and then you stand there like an idiot because you've just booked a whole restaurant or something.
This has been happening every year since i was 8.

Okay, so i'm not going to lie, there has been 1-2 Birthday Parties that i have had where many people did come. Except…. Most of them i didn't know who the hell they were.
Someone always talks me into making a party because THAT person wants an excuse to party and invite all THEIR friends. That's fine sometimes because if people are happy i am too BUT… i'm like a loser when it comes to the bill. - Everyone runs off.

FUCK, i hate birthdays.

You see, when i was 8 i invited around 30 kids to my house for my birthday. 1 turned up and only 1 called to tell me they were sick. I ended up calling up every single friend i invited to my birthday asking where they were.

I was 8!!! I had a huge BBQ set up, my mother bought 40 goldfish and over 100 UK Pounds worth of Prizes for games! FUCK! I will always remember that day.

For the last 3 years i decided to plan a gathering instead. Just get a bunch of friends who i considered a good friend to just have a few drinks and chill like a normal night out. I still get people calling me on that day that they will not make it no more! I'm like FUCK IT - it's gonna be me and the french waiters this year, they get paid to be there and make me happy and smile and sing to me. LOL

What's funny thing is, you'd think a celebrity has lots of friends and tons of people wanna hang out with you, but it's like i have the lergies or something!

What would be a great birthday for me is when the people i wanted and needed to be there, were there for me.

Anyway Happy Birthday to me.
Heading out for a nice French Dinner and coming home to watch The Rugrats Movie with Popcorn.

PS. Thank you for all the Birthday Messages on Facebook. It really did make me smile today.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Girlfriend wants to do me with a strap on!

Forgive my voice, i sound like a toad. I'm a little sick at the moment but i promised those on facebook i'd upload a new video today so here i am.

Hope you guys like this video.

PS. I know i spelt Subscribe wrong.... Fail!! LOL!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Don't ask. I really have no idea why i decided to hug Dark Vader in this shot.
So finally another Electronics/Gameplay blog! What is it this time?
BIG 3 GUN SHOOTING Perfect Pack for PS3!

It's actually rather hard to find now, but i was able to get my hands on a few of these in a Game Store in Mong Kok for only HK$800! Which was a must buy! Why?

Released in Fall 2010, This compilation of arcade gun games includes Time Crisis Razing Storm, Dead Storm Pirates and Time Crisis 4 Arcade Version. And it doesn't end there! It gets better! It also includes Playstation Move Shooting Attachment, Playstation Eye and Playstation Move Motion Controller! ONLY HK$800?! WTF?! That's like a full on GAME DEAL ORGASM!

Okay so i'll just make a quick note about the gameplay. I'm not going to blab on about each game in this blog this time because i rather take my time on that in another blog.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm

This game really reminded me a lot of the Movie "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles". The game takes place in a massively destructible environment to fight futuristic robotic alien like terrorists and soldiers. For Nubs i have great news, you can set it to 9 Lives max PLUS you can CONTINUE even after you lose those! So you really cannot NOT complete this game. The only way you will LOSE in this game is if you FAIL a mission and not from Dying.

Time Crisis 4

Okay! So this was one which brought back a lot of memories to me because it was the actual ARCADE VERSION! You know, the ones you used to go into Arcades and insert money to play? I remember i spent shit loads of coins on this and now i can play it for free! AMG!!! I haven't completed this yet but i'll get there. You can also play this game with a SPLIT screen with a 2nd player which is great if you have a huge monitor. Nothing more needs to be said, ITS JUST LIKE THE IM AT THE ARCADES!♥♥♥

Deadstorm Pirates

It's my first encounter with Deadstorm Pirates and it Reminds me of a cross over between The Movie - 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and the Sega arcade series, "Let's Go Jungle!" where the player is given unlimited bullets and a navigation system. This was a very exciting/cute game for me, i loved that there was more than just shooting. This game only starts you off with 2 credits but as you play AND FAIL. You will be awarded more credits according to the amount of times you play and try again. Which is how you will end up having enough credits to complete the game.

Finally i would like to add that in my opinion these games are designed mostly for 2 players because there's a lot of "team work shots" that are needed for extra points and plus! It's a lot more fun! I guess the only CON about this box set is that the games are in Japanese. But i'm sure you Gamers are smart enough to be able to figure it all out. lol

I recommend this game for all shooting games fans !!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Me with my Merci Beaucoup ninja getaway Bag!♥
For those who don't know, Merci Beaucoup is a edgy fashion brand from Japan that's getting really popular in Hong Kong.
I've been a fan for a very long time and was happy to be invited to the Fashion Show in HK for it's fall collection.

There's always at least one element of fun in every piece of clothing with Merci Beaucoup. This fall there's quite a few grey and brown toned jackets, simple yet unique with its shark head shaped hood to complete the look. Others were creatively put together with a good mixture of different colours and patterns as usual. Most silhouettes were looser on the body, giving volume and proportion a massive play in this collection. There were a few colour paletters on the catwalk, not only the more eccentric combinations in prints influenced by the sea, but also the more subdued reds, blues and browns, which portrays the land / forest inspiration with constant features of bears. The Spring Summer collection focused on Sailor/Puppy themes with a lot of different shades of blue so i guess it's going to the next level after the Sailing.

This was the Entrance of the Show.

I love this shark hood! Definitely the main piece of the show! ♥♥♥

Finally the Finale of the show.

The show was well lit, held at Crown Plaza hotel in Causeway bay, the space within the venue suited the themes, as there were aesthetic pools within the ground and wooden steps to pass. Bubbles were floating in the air underneath the changing lights as the show continued with good music. (I always love the Merci Beaucoup music in their stores!)

Me and Eddie from HYPEBEAST chilling out while the que to get out via lifts were too long haha!

As you know, i'm quite a PRO & CON person. It's been all PROs so far so what are the CONs?
I guess the only thing was that it got rather crowded and i think the organizers didn't do a very good job in estimating how many guest they can invite with such little space.
The 2nd and last CON would be the Music. Yes i love the Music, but the DJ didn't do a very good job in making a smooth change to the next song, it was rather messy, but we forgave that because the clothes were too eye-catching for us to even care about the music.

Anyway! I was just happy to be able to meet the Designer Eri Utsugi today. :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Way of Eating Apples.

One serious problem i have is that i play with my food a lot. I don't mean play as in i'm sick of my food and i'm just twirling it around. - I play around with the way it's presented beforehand.

When i was a young i hated eating apples. Why? Because they always cut it in the regular looking chunky slices. I found it too big for my mouth and i hated to take such huge bites to bite through it. Until one day my mother bought myself a packet of Dried Apple Slices. I ate non-stop! I didn't know why, i just didn't get full and didn't have enough! Why is it i eat the normal slice of apple and i feel full but when i have packs of apple slices and i'm crazy for more? I realized that it's nothing to do with the fact it's DRIED. Because to be honest it doesn't taste great without the juices, its more because the slices are so thin!! It's like i'm eating crisps!

So one night after dinner i went to the fruit basket to pick out which fruit i'd like to eat and i picked the apple. I decided to cut it in thin slices like so...

I ate every slice…
It was like eating Apple crisps, FRESH WITH JUICE! amg!!

From that day on i realized that it's all about being a little more creative. Why do kids hate vegetables? Why do they hate eating fruit!? Because the way it's been cooked and presented. Don't present the fruit as a fruit, don't present the apple like a normal apple, call it the Apple Chips, or donut apples if you removed the core with an Apple Corer. Trust me, it works.

The little ones around me went "ugh" when i told them i'm cutting them apple. But when they saw this fun thin slices, they ate the whole thing without noticing.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Something Fishy!

If you promised your kids you're going to take them to Ocean Park to see the fishes on a pacific day, HELL you better keep that promise! - Even when a Yellow Rainstorm Warning Signal had just been broadcasted.

So on this day i took my God-Daughter to Ocean park. It was raining horse shit but i guys grown-ups have to do what they promised. To be honest though i would of canceled this trip if it was my Kid. (I personally think it's kinda a spoilt thing to do) but hey! Her parents say they will bring her no matter what then i'll support them on it.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, BIG ASS SHARK! – you will see them all at Ocean’s Parks New Flagship Theme Zone - Aqua City.

*Grand Aquarium: this enormous egg-shaped aquarium offers over 5,000 marine animals including a scalloped hammerhead shark, manta ray, and the Japanese skipjack tuna.

*Bubble Tunnel: the world’s largest aquarium viewing dome. It’s like scuba diving without
getting wet!

*Touch Pool: Great for little ones to get involved with hands-on encounters with sea cucumbers and sea stars.

*Symbio! – a show to remember with the world’s first and only 360° water screen

But that's still not the reason we are all here on this Yellow Rainstorm. The main deal is the new Neptune's Restaurant!! It's main feature is the view of the Grand Aquarium's main tank and all the sharks and various marine creatures swimming in it. It's a fairly swish restaurant!

Okay, here is when the Lukian Rant starts.
It was Ridiculous!!
The Receptionist always give an impression of their restaurant is very full even when we have made an reservation! When really the restaurant had so much more space!

Environment -> Nice & Fishy and very Noisy.
The restaurant is located on a balcony directly above the Grand Aquarium where guest of Ocean park would look at the fish. So noisey kids pointing and screaming out fish names...
The restaurant looked pretty but would have been better if we didn't hear or see all the non-dining guests walking through the aquarium.

Service -> Bad. Not eager to serve
The waitstaff seem very new at their job and there are quite a lot of kinks to iron out.

Food quality -> So,So......
Truth is, seeing that this is the only PROPER restaurant in Ocean Park, i expected much much more! The food tasted nothing better than what they served at the stalls around the park, including the cafes!

The Ramen wasn't hot, the portions were tiny! and the Orange Juice was Orange Squash and Hailey didn't touch her food....sigh.... This was the Kids Meal.... looks terrible........

Price -> Expensive!

It's crazy! The price of this soft crab was about HK$100! Look at the portion size!
Every dish even sides and starters are all over HK$100! The presentation wasn't WOW either... (notice how all of the above pictures didn't have any steam? Not even the Ramen? LOL! enough said...)
Oh it was such a disappointment... The bill came and it was around HK$1600... seriously not worth it...

I guess the most important this is that Hailey had a lot of fun lol!

Friday, July 8, 2011

High Tea Gathering.

Buu, wrong focus. My camera can be a bitch if you get someone to take the picture for you who doesn't know it works. Nevermind! Sometimes people look better being blurred lmao!

Anyway, so it's been about a year or two since my last gathering. It's great to meet up with some fans and some of my old job partners. hehe.

Had lot's of laughs today and did lots of catching up too!

We ate at a restaurant called Trattoria NOBILDUCA in Harbor City. Okay, this place was listed itself as "Romantic Dining". Though i must say it was more like an expensive Cafe to me. The high tea menu was well presented and the food wasn't bad. But I don't know, the atmosphere just didn't fit into fine dining...

*COUGH My natural habit of judging restaurants and food again. I must remind myself today is about the people not the food.

I don't know if you guys remember this guy but he's the guy i did my first commercial with in Hong Kong. Good old times, today reminded me of how much fun we had filming. - Cause we are both crazy and playful! lol!

Anyway, it's getting late and i really next some sleep.
I'll try blog more often, i know i've been slacking a bit..

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Embrace your inner Geek!

There's nothing wrong with being a geek!
It's more about how you present it.

Hope you guys like my new video. ♥♥♥

Friday, July 1, 2011

Why do girls make Duck Faces?

Quack Quak! I took this picture just before i went swimming and decided to pull this seriously fucked up face so you guys wouldn't be focused on the fact that i didn't have make up on. - Not like you've never seen pictures of me without my make up. I just look like i normally do, except slightly more sleepy. LMAO! ♥♥♥

So anyway, the common question asked by many guys and even some ladies...
What's with all those duck face photos people post on their facebook, myspace etc!?

That's funny because Ive been wondering the same thing even though i often do it myself! lol...

I know... duck faces can be so weird, but i think what's even more weird are people who get so frustrated about it.

Duck faces are fine! It's just a pose. I think it's only a problem if someone took a photo doing something racist, but even then i think its their own problem not yours - unless you know what person and they were directing it to you. But being frustrated over people you don't know's profile photo because they made a weird face? Man, i wouldn't want to be you.

So i've come up with a list of reasons why i think we make Duck faces in Pictures:

1. We think it makes us look Cute.
2. We think it makes our lips look more appealing.
3. Might make our face look slimmer.
4. Just for a laugh.

Really, there is no valid reason. It's just a pose and we just like to do something different in our pictures. It's like asking "Why do girls do the V sigh?" IT'S A POSE!
For those people out their who make hate comments calling us DUMB, IMMATURE or STUPID BITCHES, well that bitch just graffiti'd all over your brain! Looks who's dumb now for not being able to get us out of your head. MUAHAHAHA~

Girls take duck face pictures because they think it makes it look like they don't take themselves too seriously while still being cute. "See, instead of smiling, I'm making a funny face for the picture."

So guys, stop hating. If you can hate someone for doing something different in a picture. Don't ever let me catch you doing it! Don't even Turn your head slightly to the side because people would think your trying to make your face look more angled and slim. Don't even have the camera tilted down on you because that's the way to make your eyes look bigger and your chin look more pointed. - I expect all your profile photos to look something like a passport picture. No complaints there! LOL.

So leave me a comment and let me know what you think of Duck faces or any other "UGLY" poses you've come across. :)