Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Hate Birthdays.

So what are your plans for your Birthday? I get asked this question every single year and the answer has been the same for over 10 years, NOTHING! I've not celebrated my birthday for over 10 years what makes this year different?
"Maybe there's a surprise party planned for me that i don't know about?" Well there better not be because i HATE surprise parties. To be honest, it's not that i hate the hassle. It's more like, I hate to realize i ain't got much friends.

I'm so jealous of those people who can make big as parties with many people coming to celebrate it and all those people are their friends. WTH!? Whenever i attempt to plan something like that its always a fail. No matter if i plan it a month before the day or a whole year!
I'd send out like 100 invitations and 50 of them say they can't make it, 30 of them say they maybe and 20 of them say Yes i'm free but then the day before the party or ON THE DAY….

10 of them say they wont be able to make it after all…
the remaining 20 never got back to you or ignore your messages when you ask them again.

Then when the time comes, only 4 people show up when 20 of them said they were gonna come and then you stand there like an idiot because you've just booked a whole restaurant or something.
This has been happening every year since i was 8.

Okay, so i'm not going to lie, there has been 1-2 Birthday Parties that i have had where many people did come. Except…. Most of them i didn't know who the hell they were.
Someone always talks me into making a party because THAT person wants an excuse to party and invite all THEIR friends. That's fine sometimes because if people are happy i am too BUT… i'm like a loser when it comes to the bill. - Everyone runs off.

FUCK, i hate birthdays.

You see, when i was 8 i invited around 30 kids to my house for my birthday. 1 turned up and only 1 called to tell me they were sick. I ended up calling up every single friend i invited to my birthday asking where they were.

I was 8!!! I had a huge BBQ set up, my mother bought 40 goldfish and over 100 UK Pounds worth of Prizes for games! FUCK! I will always remember that day.

For the last 3 years i decided to plan a gathering instead. Just get a bunch of friends who i considered a good friend to just have a few drinks and chill like a normal night out. I still get people calling me on that day that they will not make it no more! I'm like FUCK IT - it's gonna be me and the french waiters this year, they get paid to be there and make me happy and smile and sing to me. LOL

What's funny thing is, you'd think a celebrity has lots of friends and tons of people wanna hang out with you, but it's like i have the lergies or something!

What would be a great birthday for me is when the people i wanted and needed to be there, were there for me.

Anyway Happy Birthday to me.
Heading out for a nice French Dinner and coming home to watch The Rugrats Movie with Popcorn.

PS. Thank you for all the Birthday Messages on Facebook. It really did make me smile today.


  1. You ain't the only 1, I had been in your shoe for more than 15 years.

    Kinda same with ya, fuck birthday

  2. I feel you...
    I had the same experience, that's why most of the my birthday I choose to let it pass like any other day, since 12

    I'm 20 this year =(

  3. well it happens to not just u, I experienced that as well. Still, I appreciate my birthday(thanks to my mum) and enjoy it(thanks to a few true friends! even tho.. the most important one will most prob not there next year thanks to some... conflict).

    Still, Happy Birthday!(from Melbourne)

    Hopefully you enjoy a great French dinner, the movie and the popcorn! :)

  4. hei happy birthday. u look great! what happened to you happened to everyone.

  5. Happy birthday, Lukian! I'd totally party with you on your birthday.. but you don't know me, so that'd be rather awkward and probably not that big of a flattery for you.
    I know what you mean with friends.. "friends". People always tell me to throw this BIG-ASS party, and when it gets down to it, majority of the people who talked me into throwing the party to begin with, can't even make it themselves, because there was 'this other party' or 'they forgot they already had plans'.

  6. No worries, we're on the same shoes!

  7. Happy birthday Lukian, I hope you enjoy ot anyways! I hate that people do that and thats why I am not sad to only have a hand full really good friends and they never let me down and I can always rely on them.

  8. happy birthday ya~~
    just cheer~ =D

  9. happy birthday honey =) i had my birthday on the 24th and invited lots of people, but in the end only a handful of ppl came over. all of us should celebrate together :D

  10. Happy birthday lukian~ thats disappointing your birthday plans never worked but maybe one year it will and you can enjoy celebrating your birthday again. I never had a birthday party with friends only family since my birthday is on New year eve, so I know the feeling of wanting to have a big party and celebrate with my close friends but they are with their family on that day so its understandable. Maybe one day both of our wishes for having a birthday with friends will be fulfilled :3 enjoy your french meal and movie.
    ps. instead of thinking of today as a reason to party and eat cake but to thank your parents expecially your mother for giving birth to you. since isn't that what it really is when it comes down to it, a day to celebrate you coming into the world with that beautiful smile and face of yours <3 give them a surprise and call them up if you like or treat yourself to the things you like. like splurging on a game or a pair of shoes you always wanted it's your special day after all ^^ go and enjoy it.

  11. Happy Birthday lukian, I know your feelings, Happened the same with me on last july 23th, but in my case, even if I want, I do not have more than 5 true friends to call, I do not worry about. It is just one day, ends soon.

    Wish you enjoy with your few friends, it is better to have a few that suports you all time you need than a lot false friends.

  12. aww, I want to hang out with you :)

  13. happy birthday, hun. hope you had an awesome day at the french restaurant ^^ you didnt deserve that traumatic experience at 8, no one does at any age, but hey, shit happens, that's life. I don't have a chock load of friends, i have a few I consider my true friends and they will be the only people i ever celebrate birthdays with. Keep hold of the ones who are always with you, better than having a fake bunch of asswipes. Youve probably heard this millions of times, but hey im like 25 days older than you, im senior XD xx

  14. happy birthday Lukian! may good fortune come to you soon

  15. happy birthday lukian! i am a new viewer from your youtube channel. i'm from Malaysia, Sabah :D

  16. Happy Birthday ! Frm a Malaysian who work oversea

  17. お誕生日おめでとう~るきあん^^

  18. LOL yay another July baby like me :) I agree with you - same here lol. Happy belated bday, kisses from australia ;] xx

  19. Well at least have a nice pleasant day for yourself, by yourself if necessary, and go out & treat yourself to whatever takes your fancy, that's what I do, I more often than not end up buying myself another big wrist watch, so maybe it's time you got another watch!!!!!

    Ciao & happy B'day again...☺/

  20. Happy birthday! Sorry to hear about your bad experiences with your birthdays. No one should ever have to go through that.

    I truly hope you have a great birthday. :D

  21. Happy Birthday Lukian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Belated Happy Birthday Lukian!!!!! Sorry to hear that. Anyway You will have One Day In Your Fate. Smile always! :)