Friday, July 8, 2011

High Tea Gathering.

Buu, wrong focus. My camera can be a bitch if you get someone to take the picture for you who doesn't know it works. Nevermind! Sometimes people look better being blurred lmao!

Anyway, so it's been about a year or two since my last gathering. It's great to meet up with some fans and some of my old job partners. hehe.

Had lot's of laughs today and did lots of catching up too!

We ate at a restaurant called Trattoria NOBILDUCA in Harbor City. Okay, this place was listed itself as "Romantic Dining". Though i must say it was more like an expensive Cafe to me. The high tea menu was well presented and the food wasn't bad. But I don't know, the atmosphere just didn't fit into fine dining...

*COUGH My natural habit of judging restaurants and food again. I must remind myself today is about the people not the food.

I don't know if you guys remember this guy but he's the guy i did my first commercial with in Hong Kong. Good old times, today reminded me of how much fun we had filming. - Cause we are both crazy and playful! lol!

Anyway, it's getting late and i really next some sleep.
I'll try blog more often, i know i've been slacking a bit..


  1. I'm glad i'm not one of those "automatic" friend invites; i hate rejection. Also, I really enjoy all of your channels. You Rock!

  2. I remember him, I still got a Link to the Youtube video of the commercial that you both worked on, you had such fun in those days!!!

    I think the venue & food was of less importance to the idea of the reunion gathering, that clearly went off pretty well, and everybody had a great trip down memory lane!!!

    You certainly did a lotta work all over HK for a couple of years, lots of different venues/events, you must've met a whole lotta people who will remember you for years to come, so undoubtedly there will be more reunion events like this one to come!!!

    ps: carry a video camera sometimes!!!!!

    Ciao ciao...☺/