Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jumping Bunny.

No wonder many couple from Hong Kong go to Macau to take their wedding photos. There are many beautiful locations.
Woke up very very early for this shooting and it ended up raining for half a day so spent a lot of time indoors avoiding it. Finally of course we got the chance to do what we came here for. hehe

Okay, so it wasn't all work, we had a lot of fun doing silly photos too hehe.
Okay, thats not all too, Macau actually has a lot of yummy foods too. So i took this chance to try them all and i'll do a blog on it sometime hehe.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ice-cream and Bin Laden?

So as you all may have guessed my trip in Taiwan involved a lot of eating. I ate wherever i went, whether in the streets or up a mountain i was still somehow able to find a food stall - No Joke.
Did i gain weight? I'd be lying if i told you i didn't. Of course i did, not like i give a shit though. No wait, i take that back LOL i did plenty of that. - My secrets of how i stay fit. Okay, i'll stop grossing you guys out.

To be very honest, it's been a while since i've had ice cream on a cone. Maybe it's because in Hong Kong i try to be as convenient as possible. Eating Ice-cream on a cone, ISN"T convenient and rather messy - or maybe i'm just not a very skilled Ice-cream on cone person. Then again, it was awfully hot and humid in Taiwan just like Hong Kong. It's ver hard to control melting ice-cream. So even though i was in a brain freeze stage i will had to try finish my ice-cream asap. Worse experience ever, that's why i often enjoy the little paper cup and spoon, BUT plenty of fun; Sort of reminded me of when i was a little girl and i was never able to finish my cone ice-cream in time before it melted. My mother used to get pissed of and needed to clean me up. So yes, she hardly ever bought me ice-cream on cone, plus she feels it's un-lady like. LOL, yes my mother made my childhood kind of shit. But if she didn't raise me like she did, i wouldn't have much to make fun of now. haha.
Okay! Need to stop spamming on my keypad. I have a bad habit of never checking or re-reading my work before posting so got to stop before i bore the world to the death of Bin Laden...actually that's a rather interesting story lol I'll re-phase that when my brain works. Haha!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

DUCATI, Miss Sixty and Juicy Girl.

So i worked at the DUCATI 1199 Panigale S Tricolore launching party. For those who don't know much about motorcycles, Ducati is like the Ferrari of motorcycles. Does that make better sense? Anyway, today Miss Sixty and Juicy Girl were having a fashion show here to celebrate the launching.
Being a Motor Girl doesn't exactly suit me. I personally think i'm too old to be wearing short hot underwear and climbing on top of a motorbike making cute poses. It would just look wrong; So of course, i was here for the Fashion Show. I'll leave the Ducati to the younger models.
I did get to wear the Ducati top though, which was rather comfy.

The show was lively since it was held in a club. I don't often do shows in Clubs, i think the last time i did was for the beautiful cooking show. (Of course, much younger then.)
I know i don't blog much about my work, because when i work i don't have time to take photos. Even if i did they were not of myself. haha. Anyway I'll try to blog more on my work.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Taro Cubes & Sweetpotato Cubes.

They are known as yuyuan (芋圓) which is made with taro or sweet potato. This dessert is served with shaved ice topped with sweetened fruits and other goodies, a signature Taiwan dessert.

I have never tasted the real thing until i taste it in Taiwan according to my friends. So here i am in Taiwan and eating this for "The First" time. For those with a blind experience of this, it tastes a lot like the little chewy black pearl balls you'll find in Bubble Tea except more chewy and 'bouncy'? LOL.

What you're meant to do is mix everything together and the ice will make the dish cooler to eat which is perfect when you want to cool down from the hot and humid weather. Luckily it wasn't too sweet - as you know i dislike eating sweet things. I am not much of a Red Bean or Green Bean fan either, but after mixing everything together is was alright, but for my friends who love desserts, they LOVED IT. I guess that's all that matters. hehe.

It was a great place to stop after a long walk uphill. The scene really made eating this dish worth it for me.