Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jumping Bunny.

No wonder many couple from Hong Kong go to Macau to take their wedding photos. There are many beautiful locations.
Woke up very very early for this shooting and it ended up raining for half a day so spent a lot of time indoors avoiding it. Finally of course we got the chance to do what we came here for. hehe

Okay, so it wasn't all work, we had a lot of fun doing silly photos too hehe.
Okay, thats not all too, Macau actually has a lot of yummy foods too. So i took this chance to try them all and i'll do a blog on it sometime hehe.


  1. You look so lovely T_T ugh, if only I had your features. You are so beautiful! I'm so happy that you share your work with us : D I love seeing your work photos and BTS-shots! Keep up the good work! : D

  2. You're so funny. Alot of Portuguese tastes in Macau. Of course you tried some Macanese food, yeah?

    Maybe you should be in London competing in the long jump, you'd win Pink medal. ;)

  3. I just came back from 2.5 weeks of vacation and tried to view your Instagram site but the message "Sorry, this user is private." came up. Does this mean I will no longer be able to view all your food photos? :(

  4. Ohhh...never mind. I logged into my Google account and was able to view Instagram. Whew!