Friday, June 1, 2012

Taro Cubes & Sweetpotato Cubes.

They are known as yuyuan (芋圓) which is made with taro or sweet potato. This dessert is served with shaved ice topped with sweetened fruits and other goodies, a signature Taiwan dessert.

I have never tasted the real thing until i taste it in Taiwan according to my friends. So here i am in Taiwan and eating this for "The First" time. For those with a blind experience of this, it tastes a lot like the little chewy black pearl balls you'll find in Bubble Tea except more chewy and 'bouncy'? LOL.

What you're meant to do is mix everything together and the ice will make the dish cooler to eat which is perfect when you want to cool down from the hot and humid weather. Luckily it wasn't too sweet - as you know i dislike eating sweet things. I am not much of a Red Bean or Green Bean fan either, but after mixing everything together is was alright, but for my friends who love desserts, they LOVED IT. I guess that's all that matters. hehe.

It was a great place to stop after a long walk uphill. The scene really made eating this dish worth it for me.


  1. I can imagine it being super delicious, but it looks kinda gross XD Are we gonna see some of your model work soon? I miss you keeping us updated on what you do for work..

  2. No, never had anything like it before. You should make a menu for your home and become proficient in making those dishes on the menu, for guests or yourself, cook them every week or so and perfect them. You have to eat the rest of your life! And having your own menu would be glorious.
    And then you'll appreciate the view much more with someone else's cooking when you go to their home. Maybe after a long walk uphill. :)