Monday, December 30, 2013

First time Skii given to Korea!

My girlfriend's original plan was to de-virgin me of skiing but we heard that the Ski Resorts wont be open because their isn't enough snow yet but we went to Korea anyway not caring that we couldn't ski. On the second day of our arrival though our friend called us and told us that the Ski Resort has just opened! So Sudden! So that got us itching again. I wasn't prepared for skiing! We ended up going the next morning and rented everything we needed.

I'm a Summer born child so i love the Winter! I am not afraid of the cold, i actually prefer it. Stepping on the snow reminded me back in the days in London when every morning before school we had to scrape the frozen snow off our cars. My mood brightened like my name and i was as happy as ever and very excited about my first ski experience.

I had an over protective mother growing up so i never was able to attend those ski trips schools had every winter and by the time i grew up and earned my own money to go travelling somehow ski never came to mind. Maybe because i was afraid to go on my own. I'd think if anything every bad luck happen to me, it is best to have a friend or someone with you. I know what you're thinking, I'm a safety freak, i'm only like this because i've seen and experienced too many unlucky things.

To explain about this video, i got down to pick up Cindi's gloves and just couldn't get back up again. Then the second part is while i was practicing i fell down and threw a snowball right at her crotch haha.
People say that if you know how to Ice-Skate then you will be able to pick up skiing easily. They lied.

So after playing around in the flat ground Cindi told me it's time to go up the hill. Cindi is good at Skiing but the only thing she actually taught we was "Eight" (Eight in Chinese is written like this ) which was the way you put your feet if you wish to stop. So there i was tricked up this hill top and with one push i was bowling downhill knocking into person after person. Cindi just watched me downhill laughing her stomach out.
The cool part of it was that i ended up crashing into a a young man who ended up being a Ski coach! My ski's flew miles away and this lovely man walked all the way to pick up my skis and put them back on for me. He then faced me, held my hand and started skiing backwards while teaching me how to skii with his limited english. Super sweet!! - I thought, but Cindi said, "he only taught you so you'd stop knocking him over." ohh... =.='' haha
Cindi then joked and said next time i should aim for a very handsome tall korean to hit into. So i told her to pick one when we on hilltop and ill scrape that dude for her. LOL

After a tiring bowling session we went to have food and some korean Starbucks. Don't ask, Cindi told me to pick me nose for the photo and i did. LOL
Overall i must say it was a lovely experience and hopefully i will be better at ski next time round.
After food we did a bit more skiing, well Cindi did, i did more falling while she chased after a dude dressed up like a Snow Predator.

We fell asleep on the coach back to the city, i think we are just too tired from ski, plus we woke up at 6 in the Morning for this. We had korean BBQ for dinner before heading back to the hotel for a snore. :D

Just a little note, i am not bothered to proofread my work to check spelling/grammar mistakes haha. So sorry if theres any stupid mess ups. I'm also listening to music while i do this and i often type out the lyrics to songs when i do stuff like this without realising haha. Rising Hell!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Korean Ginseng and Street food!

Good afternoon all! After yesterday's feast after feast you'd think we'd give it a rest. Sorry, that's not what we do...
After a long sleep in we woke up at noon, had some fruit and tea (our morning ritual for toiletting lol) got ready and headed out to Tosokchon which signature dish is Samkyetang (Chicken Ginseng Soup) near Gyeongbokgung station.
Samkyetang is a soup which consists of a whole young chicken stuffed with glutinous rice boiled in a broth of ginseng along with gingko nuts, garlic and jujube, as well as 30 other different types of medicinal herbs and grains.

The past few days we were eating foods with such heavy taste; this was healthy and especially good for those who perspire easily and have weak digestive organs. However, people who have high body temperatures or allergies should avoid the dish, as it boosts body temperature - So i personally think this dish is great for winter. Oh and my girlfriend just loved the "refill and eat as much as you like" large pots of kimchee and kimchee radish.

5, Jahamun-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

By the time we finished lunch it was roughly 4pm and we then headed out for more food as we plan to spend the rest of the day raiding the street food stands!!!!

Tornado Potato
Spiral-cut potato skewer! One whole potato is placed in the special machine which cuts it into its twister-like shape and it is deep fried and then dipped into melted cheese or flavoured powder.

Pomegranate Juice
Freshly squeezed Pomegranate juice in a plastic pocket!

Korean pancakes made with green onions and vegetables.

This Korean dish of rice cakes covered in a thick, spicy sauce.

Barbecued juicy whole octopus

Sundae & Dumplings
Blood sausages. Korea’s version of it uses coagulated pigs blood, glass noodles and barley, with pig or cow intestines for the sausage skin. Very spicy and stir fried with vegetables in this case. Some of you must be grossed out by this. Don’t worry, i am too but my girlfriend loved it.

And that concludes our day for now...
Heading back to our apartment for ice-cream and then bed. haha