Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Most Awkward Thing During Sex.

After the huge fuss over the last video, you'd think i'd calm down and do more conservative videos. Truth is, i just realised further more that I REALLY REALLY DON'T GIVE A SHIT what people think of me!

This is my blog, my channel. I can say whatever i wish.  Clicking PLAY is ones persons choice, even though i'd like to torture those people by tying them onto a chair and force feeding them "ME ME & MORE ME" HAHAHAHA! Just kidding. Though that would be fun.

Before making this video i had a few friends say, "Arn't you worried about crossing the line? You're a public artist, aren't you worried about what the press will say and that people will think you're a bad girl?" Truth is, i really don't care, the only thing i'd care about is that people liking me for the WRONG reasons. I'm just being myself and if i'm liked from that then i think i've won. I rather be hated for who i really am than to be liked for who i'm not. I'm not going to pretend to be a virgin, i'm kawaii cute cute, innocent and all that crap. I'm just a regular british chick who happens to be working in the entertainment business. I still know how to have fun. I'm human!

I think the most important way to life is just being happy and the key to being happy is to be able to laugh at the stupid things one does instead of thinking it's shameful.


Reading all those emails for the past few days really made me laugh and i hope you guys will have a laugh too in this video.

Friday, March 7, 2014

How to Date Multiple Woman/Men

I knew making this video will cause a lot of mis-understanding.
So let me make it clear, i am not encouraging ANYTHING. It is not my intention at all. I think what people choose to do with their love life is none of my business but i do run a blog and a youtube channel so i just like to find interesting topics to discuss.

Should know me by now, i ain't a girl with a average personality, I'm the type of person who can about anything without being afraid, mostly like talking about things that people don't dare to speak out. But we all know, they are thinking it.

So I received a lot of emails related to this subject so i decided to make this video.
Repeating myself from the video, this is about being single and dating people before you find the right one to make an official relationship, i am not talking about how to handle several girlfriends or boyfriends, even though the formula would be similar.

I think people SHOULD date many different people so they gain more experience in finding the one they really want to be with.

Not every tip & advice is from my own book. I am not a Love Doctor who's got all the answers so i did read some up and asked around for some interesting tips.

If you don't like my videos or find them offensive or whatever, because i am a pretty blunt and straight forward person. Then sorry that i'm not your cup of tea. But please don't judge before actually knowing me.

Anyway, i hope the most of you will enjoy my new video and have a good laugh :)

and Thanks to MADE IN CHARACTER for the cap. I love it.