Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hong Kong Public Transport and Bananas.

New Vlog has been uploaded today!
I finally had a day off and i planned to make my new video today.
Unfortunately with Hong Kong being in Rainstorm Warning code yellow this whole week and a half it's been dark and difficult to make a video with natural lighting. Luckily today even though it was still raining down there was a little more sun than expected and todays video was a success!

Aku has a new look in this video sponsored by PINKICON. Although she looks much sweeter with this new look she's still quite a bitch to work with haha!

For more information on Aku's new look go to: http://lukianwang.blogspot.hk/2013/03/give-yourself-new-look-with-pinkicon.html

Today's vlog is about some events that happened during a single trip via public transport in HK.
Haha, my mothers gonna kill me. Oh well, she does the funniest things so i just had to vlog it. haha!

So anyway comment below and let me know your ridiculous public transport stories. Love to read them!