Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sometimes I'm a prawn.

Sorry, It's been a while that i've blogged.
Work has been hectic, it's just studio after studio, location after location; lots of travelling, lots of putting on and removing make up, smiling, posing, getting dressed, getting undressed, lots of questions being asked and not enough sleep.
Therefore, when i do get the chance to lie in i'm just a big vegetable sitting in bed watching movie after movie, playing game after game and preparing my next work before falling asleep.
When people ask me, "what's new?" I really hate to reply them the same thing every time, "Nothing much." I feel sorry for their ears because really, there isn't much difference in my life. Hectic Work, Hectic family. I bought a new game, bought a new book, I want another fucking holiday haha, same old same old.
Thinking about it, i am a rather boring person in real life.

Anyway it's coming July which means i'm gonna be another year older, time seriously flies.
I've decided not to work on my birthday this year and instead of my birthday ritual of junkfood and Jurassic Park i've decided to do something different which will be revealed very soon!
Hopefully this will give me a chance to meet some of you too!
I know i'm a right bitch, i don't do gatherings, i never post my things instantly and i never tell people exactly what im doing or where i am till its over and done with.
Sorry, i don't mean to do that...Sometimes i'm like a prawn haha.

So looking forward to July! It will be a start to something new and improved!
From Lukian, who will soon be another year wiser! :D

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mussels and Beer!

Love this place! Have returned here every-time i've come back to London. Th underground cavern with great atmosphere, this vast treasure under covent garden is just superb for couples, groups or even parties with a great selection of 100s of Belgian beers, yet it's the food that makes me go wild!
I's a very friendly place, be prepared that you may have to share a table when it's busy but it really does have a great atmosphere with excellent staff.

Unfortunatly this time that i've come back BELGO in Covent Garden was under renovation so i had to go to the one in Camden Town. Apparently not as WOW as Covent Garden but it would give the effect upon those who are craving mussels - Me.

Menu is for all and not just mussels and chips, but theirs is the best in town.
They changed the menu since the last time i came, its a little harder to read this time and they don't do my favorite Lamb Shank anymore! Cry. It's all good though, Mussels it is!

So the three of us ended up all getting Mussels with Chips and a good Beer. Time to get my fingers lickin' dirty and dig in!

Only criticism is the heat in the summer can be unbearable, but then again, i live in HK and it's nothing compared to there! Haha everything else is outstanding. Anywho! BELGO - My kinda place!

Covent Garden
50 Earlham St
Charing Cross, UK WC2H 9LJ