Monday, February 7, 2011

No make up? No problem!

So i woke up one morning and went outside into the living room and found a ring light!
I was like, wooooahhh! There was like a mini Studio set up outside, i guess my sister was doing another review on some skin care product. So i took a snap shot right away for fun while she was in the bathroom.

As you can see i am in my PJs haha!!! Look at my eyes!!! There's a circle! Purdyy~~~
Then i realized it was taken with her camera so i had to wait till she finished using it to get this picture off her. haha.
My sister was like, "Why do you want it? My camera is very HD! You don't even have make up on."
I did pause for a moment there looking at this photo thinking, "Do i really look that bad? SHould i post this photo up? is it gonna scare my viewers away?"
Maybe i'm just overly vain about myself LOL, i really didn't think it was such a BAD photo that it couldn't be posted.

Truth is, i am very proud of my skin thank you very much.
It's the one thing i think i can boast about.
I don't think i look at all bad without make up.
It's not the first time i've posted a picture without make up on.
Some said i look "average" without make up or even "different". Some called me a liar because they didn't believe i didn't had no make up on. Nyeh~ the truth hurts guys LOL FACE IT!

Number 1, i may have uneven coloured skin but the quality is great. (it sounds like i trying to sell you guys pearls, "The colour isn't the best, but the quality is excellent! No spots and with great shine!" LMAO) .....

I heard that Michelle Phan told her viewers that an average asian girl uses up to 9 skin care products daily and she herself uses up to 4-5 daily. I'm sorry, but NINE?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FUCKING MIND?! I seriously can't name Nine skin care products that CAN be used daily! You're not meant to use masks everyday, nor exfoliate everyday. Oh talking about exfoliating, Michelle also told her viewers once in her blogs that she exfoliates everyday.... it's bad to exfoliate everyday!!! i hope she's stopped doing that. It's not something a Guru needs to know, it's common sense! Yes, i used to be a fan, but that was until she started to talk a lot of bullshit.

So... What i use on a daily bases? FANCL's Milky lotion and water. No lies.

The secret to great looking skin? Eat less oily foods, cut back on red meat, drink more water and eat more Vegetable and fruit. Finally, get some fucking sleep. Nine products my ass.

Number 2, do you know the secret to looking good without make up?

My Eyebrows.

I have thick eye brows. I don't have to draw on them at all.
Girls with brows look better without make up compared to girls with no brows.
I'm serious! Think about it. Imagine me without brows. LOL.

Why is it that Kogals in japan look dead without any make up? because they all shave off their brows.

So please, don't shave off those brows. The brows are very important, they show character and expression. That's why people who don't have brows nor make up look sleepy! or even.... DEAD!

Lastly, relax, take it easy and be happy. Did you know? Happy people have a natural smile on their face even when they are not smiling?


  1. YES TO EYEBROWS! could you do an eyebrow tutorial please!

    1. She doesnt have to do anything to make her eyebrow look good! why would you ask her for a tutorial lol ask her mother instead!

  2. Hey that's pretty cool, a neat effect with that ring lamp, the kind of thing that they do in the movies, I think it was a good idea that you took it in the first place, and lucky that you decided not to delete it, but post it up for us all to see instead!!!

    About the eyebrows, oh my gosh, I desire my young eyebrows back again, since I went and got all kinda old & shit, mine have just deteriorated so much that I have to beef them up with some stuff each month, along with my hair, I lost about 30% of the hair off of the top of my head, just within the last 10 years, and I have to keep hitting the fringe/edges/side-burns each weekend with a bottle of color, just to keep it looking normal, without the color it looks like shit now, I get so frustrated with my effing hair now, it has always been dark brown, and that's the way I want it to stay forever and ever and ever. Amen!
    So take good care of them, cultivate them, groom them, NEVER pluck them again, and keep'em nice and dark, if you want to stay forever young looking, great eyebrows are a good place to start for anybody who needs to get themselves looking younger again!!!

    As for the 9 skin products, well, jeeeeez, that sounds pretty sad, I thought me needing to do my hair each weekend was sad enough, but yikes, she needs all that shit for her face? Poor Cow!

    You just keep your clean and let it breath for a while each day, and keep it out of the powerful and damaging sunlight, and it WILL stay young looking forever, and ever. Amen!

    oh yeah, and by the way, I'm always telling people this, but here goes again, taking 3 to 4 Grams of Vitamin Ester 'C' P'day is by far the best way to stay fit and healthy, not just amazing healthy skin & general complexion, but internally as well, it is also about the most powerful anti cancer vitamin in our diet/food along with Bet Carotene's which are found in high concentrations on Goji berry fruit, so I always advise people I meet to start taking them, today, right now, If you want to prevent cancer(s) in future, start taking Ester 'C' today, 1 gram 4 times P'day ~ and some Goji berries, even if you do nothing else, do that!!

    Oranges are just to acidic, and not so good for most stomachs, they act like a Laxative, but Goji's are not acidic like that, just sweet!!!

    Ciao ciao. . .☺/

  3. Hi Lukian!
    I'm from Canada and this is the first time I've posted a comment on someone's blog. Anyway, I just wanted to compliment you on embracing your natural side! I have thick eyebrows myself and have always liked them, but occasionally I would ask myself, "Hmm should I tweeze/wax/pluck my eyebrows to make them thin, like the eyebrows many of the other girls have?"

    It's rare to find someone who is proud of their natural eyebrows and you're right- girls with very thin or absent eye brows look very strange without make up. It's easy to feel pressured into looking like everybody else, the cookie-cutting phenomena, but posts like yours help the average girl, like me, feel confident again. Thank you.

    PS- I first saw you on television as one of those "angels" in the TVB cooking (or more like beauty) show. I thought you were vain, superficial, and greedy, like a lot of ppl in show business. I do not know you on a personal level, but I have been following your blog and you actually seem to be a wise, intelligent, and fun lady. Yes, you still come off as a b*tch in some of your posts, but then it's only because the situation warrants you to be one. I wish you success in the new year and hope to see you doing more charity work! =)

  4. I'm sure it could have been a great picture if you didn't make that weird face! lol Your skin is great, who can deny. But I like eyebrowless faces, it doesn't look good on everyone though. Maybe redheads and some blondes. My eyebrows are thicker and darker than yours, and I think it's ugly and I really hate that. Shaving gives cleaner result than tweezing btw. Oh and Michelle Phan is a joke. I can't believe so many people are fooled by "professional" tone she tries to speak with. I never tried FANCL but I heard it's a great brand.

  5. i've always thought you had FANTASTIC skin even w/o makeup! =)


    Haha! HI FIVE!!! well, about an eye brow tutorial, to be honest ith you i really don't know how to do them myself. I just know how to tidy them up abit. LOL haha but if you really want to know more about eyebrows then you can check out my sisters blog.

    RE: Angelo

    yes defiantly vitamins are very good and helps the skin, like Vitamin E & C. :)

    RE: Tami

    Heya, thanks for supporting my blog!
    Yeh, when i was a lot younger i used to feel like i was different and a lot of girls made fun of my thick brows said i looked like a man LOL.
    I was tempted to just either pluck them until they were like extremely thin or just shave them off.

    I am glad i didn't shave them of because..... LOOKS WHOS LAUGHING NOW!!! MUAHAHAHAHHAA!! hahaha.

    Yes, i can be a right bitch, but come on! Everyone needs to bitch about something they don't agree on now and then! It's called Letting it all out ;D

    Anyway! just had lots of wine and peanuts so a bit talkative! I am happy that you like my posts. more to come !!!

    RE: googlesucks2011

    Putting on the pretty face is very tiring LOL i like to give myself a break time to time haha!

    Did you know? For chinese people, Thick brows is a very good thing. It's known to "scare off all the ghost and evil" pretty good eh? I remember when my mother told me that to comfort me, it sounded like she was saying "Youre so ugly that you even monsters are afraid of you" LOL!! i had such a low self esteem LOL.

    I am not sure about thair other items but i know that their Milky Lotion works for me :)

    RE: scramlam

    Thank you very much! :)

  7. oh! your sister reviews skin care products? can we have the link? i'm glad that you're so honest and direct..that's why i love coming to read your blog :) i know you won't bullshit around..and it's fun :D

  8. RE: Eva

    Yes sure :)

  9. Ugh, I completely agree with you about Michelle Phan. Just the phrase I would use. Used to be a fan, then stated talking bullshit. <3

    I have big eyebrows, too, and am very proud. :) Not only is plucking SO painful, but I feel like they just make you different, in a good way. :D

  10. Michelle is full of shit. She's giving out ridiculous advice to left and right because she's compensated to do so. I'm not jealous AT ALL about her contract with Lancome - Lancome is the biggest launcher of makeup: mostly known for its wide use of animal testing. She talks crap all the time and I don't give a rat's ass for her advice. She makes no effort to make decent videos anymore.. She only makes them because they pay her rent and her ridiculous 10,000 dollar jackets. Did u watch the 'Candy Cane' inspired video, yet? UGH! It was so tackyyyyyy! Ew ew ew!

    I completely agree with you Lukian.
    That girl's pulling ideas out of her ass trying to be original. >_<

  11. Posting from Britain! ^^
    I have thick brows myself, and somehow the arch and tail is exactly where it should be (according to those little chart things anyway). LOL at "Youre so ugly that you even monsters are afraid of you" XDD you're not ugly at all but im sure you dont need to be told that now ^^

    I agree with only using a few products on your skin, too much and my skin goes into spotty overdrive T_T

    Just to be nosey, what cleanser/make up remover do you use?

  12. RE: 나니

    No, i didn't catch the Candy cane but by the sound of it, it must have been a fail. ;p

    RE: Rowe

    Hey Rowe, i use SOIGNE basic treatment cleansing cream to remove my make up.

    Just rub it all over your face even on your eye make up and use a Face tissue or cotton pad to wipe the make up and cream off your face.
    For the left over eye make up i use Loreal' Gentle eye makeup remover. Then finally using warm water to rinse my face.(often i just jump into the shower and rinse my face while showering LOL)

    WHen i;m finished i apply FANCLs milky lotion and i'm done :)

  13. Michelle Pham sucks... You should check out Jen at "From Head To Toe" (frmheadtotoe on youtube) or ( She's really cute and kinda looks like Sandara Park in 2NE1.

    Btw, love your videos and blog as well. What happened to your TVB blog?

  14. i am asian and my mum uses like 7 skincare?? if added with the powder(i dunno what you call that cause i am seriously not interested in such stuff)it is 8... LOL

  15. RE: cbcnamja

    I don't have contract with TVB anymore :)

    RE: TheLeadingLady

    there are only up to 3 skin care products that can be used daily. Things like Masks, exfoliators, whiting products and a lot more are not to be used on a daily basis. The more products you use on your skin the more your skin will become weak because it's used to being treated on. So if one day you do not use the amount of products on it, it will suffer. Like taking drugs.

    The least you use on your face, the stronger your skin will be trained to be.

    The older woman get the more concerned they become with their aging skin so they think they need to apply a lot of things. But this often makes it worse. Aging skin needs to breathe more, coving the skin with different products will block it from breathing making the skin age faster. Hydrating products also shouldn't be applied too often incase of over flooding. Getting enough Sleep and not stressing too much is the most important thing.

  16. my mum don't used so many products like a few years ago, but she said her black spots(what you call that? freckles?nooo..)kept appearing more and more, foundation and blah blah blah were used to cover it.. LOL. anyway i am the Sunny Nicole on FB. haha rmb me??

  17. anyways, i know your secret to such nice skin. BUAHAHHAHA.. evill.. DUH

  18. Lukian you look so pretty without makeup! What is your sister's youtube channel? I love your eyebrows, you look so classy and innocent. It's too bad you no long have contract with TVB, i always saw you as a future 1st lady.

  19. I was reading your post Lukian and TOTALLY agreed with you & then I started counting my skin care this morning and I use 6!! What the heck?!

    It makes me sad :(

    Now it makes me wonder if I really need them...

  20. LMAO i just had to comment. friggen hilarious when u called michelle phan out. LMAO i asked my mom who is over at vietnam right now and i asked her does she use 9 products on her face. and shes like...ASIANS ARENT THAT WRINKLY TO BE USING 9 PRODUCTS. and then she said im crazy for asking. LOL LOVEEE ur blog. ur so funny. =]

  21. You see the true women beauty when she is natural. I love to watch a women in the morning ;)

  22. I don't use up to 9 skin care product everyday. Where she got that survey from? I only use up to 3 skin care products daily, didn't count in exfoliate coz we don't use it on a daily basis. I agree with you the way to beautiful skin is eat healthily and get enough sleeps. I top it up by taking multivitamins.

  23. I wish I had visible brows like yours..Haha, mine aren't exactly invisible but they're pretty sparse and need filling in it to look acceptable. Haha.

  24. FANCL is da bomb, wife and I use it everyday :)

  25. I completely agree. I think my skin has actually gotten better with the better foods I'm eating - read: more vegetables and fruits and less eating out... tbh I'm pretty over eating out, it's all the sameee, might as well do that at home for half the price!

    I can't add my site T_T (
    I must say that I have pretty good skin too... not as many pimples so don't have to use that much "prepping" product =)