Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wedding Shoot.

This photo was taken during a wedding shoot.
Hehe, it's the only one i have from the photo shoot since it was taken on my own camera.
- That's why it's so dark and crap....
Hopefully i can get the professional photos from the photographers soon to show you guys.

This was one of the most relaxing photo shoots i've had because the photographers were really chill and didn't really care for time.
They were like, "We'll just let you freestyle it." I was like, "eh!?"
I'm often used to the director or photographer to tell me what style and what moods they want and then letting me flow.
Haha! so extremely exciting.

I had just recovered so i didn't want to over work myself here.
it's a good thing that it's not a Stereotypical Wedding Shoot, because those i have to always have that, "I'm so happy and pure." Look. Which is rather tiring. It's like when i see Barbie dolls. That constant smile must me exhausting LOL!

I'll post up the photos once i've received them!
That's all for now.


  1. Good heavens, you're at it again, you do seem to enjoy getting married a lot over the last 3 years..heeheehee..LMAO..\☺/ Just kiddin ya kiddo!

    Look forwards to the rest of the foto's.

    Ciao ciao for now...☺/

  2. You look so cute : D I hope that you'll be able to show us some of your work soon!

  3. Lukian, I like to read ur blog. You are so natural and sweet!!^^ I watch your beatiful cooking as well, ganbatte!!^^

  4. RE: Angelo

    hehe, i'm lucky :P

    RE: 나니

    Sure! i'll post them up once i get them!!

    RE: Yan

    Haha, thank you darling for the support! <3