Sunday, February 27, 2011

Round 1, GAME!

ahhh~ new games..
I have decided to give up on Gears of War. Why? because it was too scary for me.
I know what you're thinking looking at my new collection. They are all RPGs. LOL!
I am not just an RPG lover i do play shooting games too! But i just find RPGs more relaxing.
Games like prototype and Army of Two were very exciting. So exciting that i think it really fucks up my sleep. I can't get to sleep at night after playing on those games because my brain is over active and my heart is pounding crazy.

Those who follow me on facebook should be thinking, "I thought you said you will be extremely busy these 2 weeks with work. Why are you buying games?!"
Well, Yes i am working like a bitch these few weeks, SO!! That's why i have deCIded to buy these games to encourage me to work hard and fast because after it's all over, my babies would be waiting for me to play with them. HAHA!

I'm such a freak...

Anyway! heres a photo of me being all proud of my new games.
That is one EVIL expression i have. LOL
That's why i am AkunoTensai! (The Evil Genius)

I think i'll do some reviews on the games once i get going. :)


  1. That's a good idea Bobo, to keep practicing no matter what you are doing for work during the day, it's good to keep your ''Cat Like'' reflexes in tune, and stay in good shape mentally & physically, and be game ready at all times, it give you the edge overs others who might be slacking & just sitting around like couch potatoes, but you stay sharp by playing each night before you go to bed ready for the next days work, having had an hours practice in order to maintain your agility with the controls, so when they do come back on and challenge you, you'll be on top form & ready for them, much more than they might expect you to be, and I think you'll find that you will have a new found mental energy during the day too, thus making your sometimes tedious work routine less of a drag/pain for you, hope so anyway!!! Enjoy the new games!!


  2. The psp one.. brave story is good.... the basara game... i tot its a beat em up? its an rpg??? I cant get the neptunia here ><... envy la.. hk got so mani games to buy~~~~

  3. Hahahaha, aww that's so cute! : D Please do post some of the work u do (if u can!)..

  4. RE: Ivan

    Ya, basara is not a RPG, i just got it because i used to read the Manga. haha.

    RE: Matther Lee

    I gave up!


  6. I'm definitely going to have to show you my pics on Facebook after the anime convention coming up. Me, My boyfriend, and another friend are cosplaying Army Of Two. :) We did WoW last year.

    And as one girl gamer to another--you MUST finish Gears. lol And Gears 2 gears 3 is also coming out soon. But the storyline will make you cry. Especially In Gears 2.

  7. I think that that is a great idea AkunoTensai. I recognize Neptunia as a PS3 exclusive. I would love to read about it, from your view especially right. I see you hit the 6000 mark on FB, very awesome. You must be feeling pretty giddy.

  8. RE: LeadingLadyXD

    I agree LOL

    RE: lady_of_moldovia

    Omg! i would love to see it! More interested in WOW though, were you a blood elf?

    RE: Robert Powell

    aww, i guess you'll have to wait then. I started Eternal Sonata and Brave story on psp. haha!
    Don't worry! I'll try speed play!!

    I noticed that a few days ago, but then yesterday it was 5995 LOL! then today its back over 6000! people are leaving me!!! OMG!!!

  9. No problemo, Brave Story looks sweet. And you know I won't leave you. Never ever ever ever ever, even if you are on the other side of the planet.

  10. @ Lukian, ya I was a blood elf and I made my boyfriend's costume and he was an orc. Oh it was epic lol I think You can view them there, But I was signed in so I don't know if it'll work lol

  11. RE: lady_of_moldovia

    awww, i can't view it...

  12. @ Lukian, Just linked em on your facebook lol

  13. Great Games!! I had Eternal Sonata on the 360 But Now I wanna get the PS3 version for the added content AND the Trophies =) I'm a trophy whore.