Thursday, February 24, 2011

CLOT x Toy Story's Toy Soldier

CLOT x 3Mix x How2work Disney Toy Soldier!!

I don't know about you but i am a huge fan of Toy Story!
Every time i walk past something Toy Story i would stop and consider buying the product.
Often i fail and walk on because i worry about my mental age. There's always a voice inside my head that tells me, "Lukian, you're no longer a girl, but a Woman! What will your friends and family think when they visit your home and find colourful plastic Toy Story Porducts?"
Now, they will have nothing to say!

Touching upon the blockbuster animated franchise Toy Story, Hong Kong’s CLOT has teamed up with Disney to create a fully articulate and poseable 12 inch Sarge in black.
The toy is constructed of soft vinyl emulating a realistic toy feeling.
Black Sarge comes complete with special packaging and the statement “Leave no man behind” with special sticker. Released April 26th '08' with a suggested price of $880 HKD (approximately $100 USD).

Thanks to Hypebeast i was able to get my hands on this product. I originally had Three. But when placing them together i realized it still didn't look right! So i ended up getting FIVE. Five just looked RIGHT.

After all they are a team. :)


  1. Hahahaha, I love this entry! You're such a child Lukian, but I believe it's healthy to maintain that little child within.. Who wants to be completely grown-up.. and BORING? ; D

  2. I agree with you Lukian, now you're a full grown Woman, it's time to shed the play things of childhood, an start doing all the things that all the other adults all around you are doing, you won't earn much respect from many people by sporting a range of dolls! Perhaps you might do better to focus your energies on building up your art collection or building up your photographic port folio, become an expert in Pearls (as you like them so much) become a collector even, your whole future could depend on what you do next, if you play around too much now while you're still young(ish) you could miss out on something really important, if you're gonna collect something, at least collect something that will be some kind of security in the future, play games by all means, but balance that out with the adult stuff too, nobody is gonna pay your rent or bills for you in time to come if you waste too much time playing, so get used to being a bit boring, that's life, that's what being a real adult is all about, and there has to be a cut-off point for everybody in life, where you stop playing with dolls and start playing with money and life, you can still have fun along the way, just a different kind of fun, being an adult does not mean being boring, it means taking responsibility for yourself and your future, and when you hit 21 in this effed-up world that means you're expected to change & start acting like an adult & take up that responsibility!

    Nice toy, but remember, it's a bad effing world out there and times are hard, don't spend to much more time playing, sure we all want to hold onto our youthfulness, but like I said, there is a cut-off point for everybody, there has to be!

    Apart from that, enjoy what you can in this world, while you can, life is short, so make the most of it!

    Ciao ciao...☺/

  3. RE: oh_snap_its_doug

    I ask myself that too LOL