Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Under the Sea!

Hello Everyone!
I am Miss Sea Horse at MGM Macau's Water Aurora!
Me and my girls are going to be there every weekend to take pictures with you and the 8-meter tall cylindrical Water-sky Aquarium, it looks very cool!

Truth is, my costume is very beautiful but i didn't expect it to be so heavy. Beauty = pain haha.

During this job the song that keeps repeating in my head was little mermaid's "Under the Sea". We actually have a Miss Queen Lobster, Boston Lobster we call her as joke haha, she should soo sing this song while we work.

"Under the sea, Under the sea, Darling it's better, Down where it's wetter, Take it from me!" 

...Okay, somehow that sounded so wrong. I'm not even kidding it's the actual lyrics! haha

So do come say hi to be if you happen to drop by Macau for the weekend!

From the Lukian who's protected by a layer of solid bubbles!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Memory of Orange.

So this day was for DOXA.
Catwalk Show for their newest watches which was help in Ocean Park Aquarium, which is pretty cool haha.
So todays wardrobe involves Smart Casual, Beach wear & Swim Suit.
When i got given my wardrobe i laughed out, why? because my Bikini was Orange!
For those who don't get it, back in the days when i was filming Beautiful Cooking 2 and was part of the Cooking Angels gang, my role was Spring Roll and my colour was Orange. During that whole year of filming and events etc, my uniform and wardrobe revolved around Orange, as it was a way to tell us girls apart.
I haven't worn orange since it all ended, i was so sick of the colour haha!

Not Complaining at all, i had lots of fun and it brought back some good memories.
Hmm, orange isn't so bad, it does kind of suit me hehe!

From the Lukian who can't seem to get away from the colour Orange. :D

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lash Monsters in Macau

Spending a lot of time in Macau lately with my girls.
Although Macau isn't far at all from Hong Kong, it does feel like a mini get away every time i come here to work. After all, it is Macau, the Asian Vegas? haha. Thinking about it, i got a holiday from working on my birthday this year but i still plan to spend it in Macau since my girls will still be there.
Macau feels like my second home now as i'm starting to know the place pretty well.
Haha. It's London, Hong Kong then it's Macau!

Here's just a random video of me and Cindi playing and experimenting with our huge show lashes in the bathroom. haha!
I have no idea what we were doing haha! It just seemed like a good idea at that time.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bubble Covergirl!

The next Issue of Bubble comes out tomorrow and guess who is this years anniversary covergirl? hehe!
There are over 40 pages my photos in this issue, all newly taken!
I am very excited because it's the second cover i have done and i did my first only a few days before this! So that's two Magazines i've taken over on the magazine stands of Hong Kong this month! haha!

Hope you guys will like my photos in this magazine!
I am not a beach girl,  i personally hate the heat and humidity so to do most of this shoot outdoors and on the beach almost killed me haha!
For those who have been under 37degrees with 99% humidity Summer in HK - You know how i feel haha. I'm the kind of girl who likes to be indoors with my computer, movies, games and kitchen. I go out mostly during Autumn and Winter, i love the cold, i love the rain, I ain't afraid of the cold, i am terrified of heat; I know, i am weird... Doesn't really make sense because i am a Summer baby born in July haha!

Anyway! Can't wait to see this mag in stores around Hong Kong :)
See you tomorrow!!!!