Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bubble Covergirl!

The next Issue of Bubble comes out tomorrow and guess who is this years anniversary covergirl? hehe!
There are over 40 pages my photos in this issue, all newly taken!
I am very excited because it's the second cover i have done and i did my first only a few days before this! So that's two Magazines i've taken over on the magazine stands of Hong Kong this month! haha!

Hope you guys will like my photos in this magazine!
I am not a beach girl,  i personally hate the heat and humidity so to do most of this shoot outdoors and on the beach almost killed me haha!
For those who have been under 37degrees with 99% humidity Summer in HK - You know how i feel haha. I'm the kind of girl who likes to be indoors with my computer, movies, games and kitchen. I go out mostly during Autumn and Winter, i love the cold, i love the rain, I ain't afraid of the cold, i am terrified of heat; I know, i am weird... Doesn't really make sense because i am a Summer baby born in July haha!

Anyway! Can't wait to see this mag in stores around Hong Kong :)
See you tomorrow!!!!