Sunday, February 27, 2011

Round 1, GAME!

ahhh~ new games..
I have decided to give up on Gears of War. Why? because it was too scary for me.
I know what you're thinking looking at my new collection. They are all RPGs. LOL!
I am not just an RPG lover i do play shooting games too! But i just find RPGs more relaxing.
Games like prototype and Army of Two were very exciting. So exciting that i think it really fucks up my sleep. I can't get to sleep at night after playing on those games because my brain is over active and my heart is pounding crazy.

Those who follow me on facebook should be thinking, "I thought you said you will be extremely busy these 2 weeks with work. Why are you buying games?!"
Well, Yes i am working like a bitch these few weeks, SO!! That's why i have deCIded to buy these games to encourage me to work hard and fast because after it's all over, my babies would be waiting for me to play with them. HAHA!

I'm such a freak...

Anyway! heres a photo of me being all proud of my new games.
That is one EVIL expression i have. LOL
That's why i am AkunoTensai! (The Evil Genius)

I think i'll do some reviews on the games once i get going. :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

CLOT x Toy Story's Toy Soldier

CLOT x 3Mix x How2work Disney Toy Soldier!!

I don't know about you but i am a huge fan of Toy Story!
Every time i walk past something Toy Story i would stop and consider buying the product.
Often i fail and walk on because i worry about my mental age. There's always a voice inside my head that tells me, "Lukian, you're no longer a girl, but a Woman! What will your friends and family think when they visit your home and find colourful plastic Toy Story Porducts?"
Now, they will have nothing to say!

Touching upon the blockbuster animated franchise Toy Story, Hong Kong’s CLOT has teamed up with Disney to create a fully articulate and poseable 12 inch Sarge in black.
The toy is constructed of soft vinyl emulating a realistic toy feeling.
Black Sarge comes complete with special packaging and the statement “Leave no man behind” with special sticker. Released April 26th '08' with a suggested price of $880 HKD (approximately $100 USD).

Thanks to Hypebeast i was able to get my hands on this product. I originally had Three. But when placing them together i realized it still didn't look right! So i ended up getting FIVE. Five just looked RIGHT.

After all they are a team. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Marriage, Mothers & SPERM.


I'm finally back on Youtube!
Here is my newest video "Marriage, Mothers & SPERM."

The titles tells it all really, but this video is related to the Asian Culture and Families.
For those who live in a traditional asian family should be able to relate.
A lot of my white friends think they have it bad. But to be honest, We have it the worst....

I hope you like this Video. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

You only get married once.

So i was watching simpson's the other day and i came across a wonderful scene.
The story was, Marge has started to lose her hair from too much stress. So Homer tries to comfort marge and he said to her...

"Honey, this marriage is a partnership. When you fall, i pick you up. And when you can't finish a sandwich, I, EAT! that sandwich."

Marge starts to cry and hugs him saying, "You're my Rock Homey!"

Then Homer replies, "And i promise you this rock is going to weigh you down for the rest of your life."

It's very funny but at the same time rather touching, so i thought i'd share it with you guys.

Anyway!!!! I finally got my wedding pictures from the shoot! Enjoy!

I know people say you must look your best in wedding pictures because "you only get married once".
One thing i love about my job? I get to wear different wedding gowns all the time, hehe.

I always try to write something in between pictures haha, because i don't want to feel like i'm just bombing you guys with photos like some cam whore.

So what do you guys think?

Comment me please! hehe.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Celebrity MIX "UP" dinner.

Sorry, this post is actually rather late.
I have been busy with work so i didn't get the change to upload these photos.

So, What is a Celebrity Mix up Dinner?
This has been a tradition in this group of celebrity & friends for years now.
Every chinese new year we will gather for a dinner party.

There will be a large round table with a plastic cloth wrapped around it and lot's of different colourful thinly sliced ingredients laid in the center. Such as, cucumbers, carrots, sashimi salmon, bean spouts, onions and lots more that i can't even remember. LOL There were also sesame seeds and some sort of dressing. Each ingredient has a 'Lucky name' or a Lucky meaning for it to be served.
Unfortunately translating and explaining every ingredients meaning would be a pain the the ass, so hope you guys don't mind me skipping this step. haha.

So what happens is, all the celebrity's would get themselves a pair of chopsticks and surround the table. What happens now is that everyone shouts, "Kung Hei Fat Choi" (Happy Chinese New Year!) and start to MIX the ingredients into a big salad dish, UPWARDS. UP also means "to rise" so the higher to flick/toss the salad, the bigger the luck you have to rising this year in the industry.
So there we were up to 20 celebrities tossing and flicking the salad sky high with our chopsticks. Cucumber landing on peoples hair, into our clothing. Nice and messy, yet very fun.
I had a great picture of this last year in my old blog, but this year i was too busy fighting over the highest toss to take a picture of it. But i hope you guys get the idea of it.

After cleaning up all the bits of salad out our hair and off our clothing, we would eat the salad of course!
There is me and my brother Q Bobo posing with our Lucky Salad.

And of course our Big Sister (Hak Mui) for organizing the event every year. Thank You!!!!

oh! haha! this is something that not many people have seen.
This is what Q Bobo looked like 20 years ago!!! I was like OMG! I've known him for almost 3 years now but never seen this "younger" photos haha. He really looks like the stereotyped images of a terrorist. I swear if he was to board a plane looking like that he would get a lot of terrified looks. He said, "Yes, they probably tell me i can't board the plane unless i shave, just to keep the passengers comfortable." haha!!!

It's also been a while since i've seen Ricky(王俊棠). He's like one of the funniest badasses i know. I like him so much!

Me and Ah ho. He's still looking handsome.

Finally me and Henry(魯振順). He's flying out for his concert with Hak Mui tomorrow so no playing late tonight with the rest of us.

I regret not taking photos with more people this day. I'm sorry!!!
Don't worry! More celebrity gatherings soon!
I'll try remember to take photos for you guys. hehe

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wedding Shoot.

This photo was taken during a wedding shoot.
Hehe, it's the only one i have from the photo shoot since it was taken on my own camera.
- That's why it's so dark and crap....
Hopefully i can get the professional photos from the photographers soon to show you guys.

This was one of the most relaxing photo shoots i've had because the photographers were really chill and didn't really care for time.
They were like, "We'll just let you freestyle it." I was like, "eh!?"
I'm often used to the director or photographer to tell me what style and what moods they want and then letting me flow.
Haha! so extremely exciting.

I had just recovered so i didn't want to over work myself here.
it's a good thing that it's not a Stereotypical Wedding Shoot, because those i have to always have that, "I'm so happy and pure." Look. Which is rather tiring. It's like when i see Barbie dolls. That constant smile must me exhausting LOL!

I'll post up the photos once i've received them!
That's all for now.

Monday, February 7, 2011

No make up? No problem!

So i woke up one morning and went outside into the living room and found a ring light!
I was like, wooooahhh! There was like a mini Studio set up outside, i guess my sister was doing another review on some skin care product. So i took a snap shot right away for fun while she was in the bathroom.

As you can see i am in my PJs haha!!! Look at my eyes!!! There's a circle! Purdyy~~~
Then i realized it was taken with her camera so i had to wait till she finished using it to get this picture off her. haha.
My sister was like, "Why do you want it? My camera is very HD! You don't even have make up on."
I did pause for a moment there looking at this photo thinking, "Do i really look that bad? SHould i post this photo up? is it gonna scare my viewers away?"
Maybe i'm just overly vain about myself LOL, i really didn't think it was such a BAD photo that it couldn't be posted.

Truth is, i am very proud of my skin thank you very much.
It's the one thing i think i can boast about.
I don't think i look at all bad without make up.
It's not the first time i've posted a picture without make up on.
Some said i look "average" without make up or even "different". Some called me a liar because they didn't believe i didn't had no make up on. Nyeh~ the truth hurts guys LOL FACE IT!

Number 1, i may have uneven coloured skin but the quality is great. (it sounds like i trying to sell you guys pearls, "The colour isn't the best, but the quality is excellent! No spots and with great shine!" LMAO) .....

I heard that Michelle Phan told her viewers that an average asian girl uses up to 9 skin care products daily and she herself uses up to 4-5 daily. I'm sorry, but NINE?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FUCKING MIND?! I seriously can't name Nine skin care products that CAN be used daily! You're not meant to use masks everyday, nor exfoliate everyday. Oh talking about exfoliating, Michelle also told her viewers once in her blogs that she exfoliates everyday.... it's bad to exfoliate everyday!!! i hope she's stopped doing that. It's not something a Guru needs to know, it's common sense! Yes, i used to be a fan, but that was until she started to talk a lot of bullshit.

So... What i use on a daily bases? FANCL's Milky lotion and water. No lies.

The secret to great looking skin? Eat less oily foods, cut back on red meat, drink more water and eat more Vegetable and fruit. Finally, get some fucking sleep. Nine products my ass.

Number 2, do you know the secret to looking good without make up?

My Eyebrows.

I have thick eye brows. I don't have to draw on them at all.
Girls with brows look better without make up compared to girls with no brows.
I'm serious! Think about it. Imagine me without brows. LOL.

Why is it that Kogals in japan look dead without any make up? because they all shave off their brows.

So please, don't shave off those brows. The brows are very important, they show character and expression. That's why people who don't have brows nor make up look sleepy! or even.... DEAD!

Lastly, relax, take it easy and be happy. Did you know? Happy people have a natural smile on their face even when they are not smiling?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Best Oyster in Hong Kong.

Relax's take in the stunning harbour view as you sample some of the world's most delicious oysters with an impressive cellar of fine wines!
Where is it? Sheraton Hotel in Hong Kong.
I know what your thinking, "Hotel?! God it must be pricey..." Yeah well some great foods are pricey! Like white truffle LOL.
Come on, it's Oyster! If someone told you they knew a place to eat Oysters super cheap, like HK$10 each, i can't promise you going home without the need to shit water. LMAO

Me and my friend had a total of 20 Oysters to share, so 10 each - Which is not a lot.
We could do a lot better if we were planning on having a full on Oyster DInner Challenge, but we wanted to have other dishes too.

For fish lovers such as myself, Their Cod fish has never disappointed me.
I am going to be honest with you guys. I have never really tried the red meat personally here because i'm always hyped up after Oysters for some fish. But my friends tell me that the red meat is done very well also.

So in total we had 20 fine Oysters, Cod, risotto and two bottles of white wine. The bill came up to about HK$3500.
I know compared to the other food blogs i make this is one of the more pricey ones.
But come on, you work so hard to earn that money, might as well spend it on the finest foods.
Plus! Look at that view.... (sorry about the reflection LOL)

This place is defiantly a great place if you are willing to spend a bit more money to impress a date who loves Oysters. Some times, it's worth it :)

Oh and one more thing, it's best to book yourself a table before hand. It's very popular. (Having a table booked is another EXTRA POINT SCORED if your bringing a date. It's Sweet.)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lucky for some...

How pathetic.
It is new years eve, the day that families sit together around a table and feast!
On this evening, here i am in my death bed, hogging a bowl of Congee.
Depressing isn't it?
I want my suckling pig, where is my fish? I want my Niangao!!!
I can smell the chicken from next door. oh god...

Wondering what this is? These are pomelo leaves.
I found a bush of this chilling out in my bathtub.
My mother is very superstitious and rather traditional. She believes it's very bad luck to be going into hospital right before the new year. (To be honest i rather be going into hospital before the new year than to be in hospital during it. LOL)
So okay, What am i meant to do? Scrub myself with it?
She's like, "No, you just rinse it into water and pat it gently on your body, head to toe."
So there i was patting myself on the back with a branch of leaves. I felt like a panda.
I am not bring disrespectful, it's just i am not really a religious person and i don't believe patting myself with leaves is going to get rid of any bad luck. Being Ill isn't really BAD luck, everyone gets ill. Being ill is just sad, not bad luck.

I was going to go to the New Year's night market and blog about that, but i guess things never really go to plan.

Apparently the Metal Rabbit year is going to be great for the Metal Horse(ME!) haha! We'll see about that shall we????

Wednesday, February 2, 2011



This year is the year of the Rabbit!
Everyone wear red today for the best of Luck all year round!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Congee Survival.

So i have been ill for the past few days and went into hospital.
Urgh, i had such a shit time in the hospital i don't even want to talk about it.
Anyway, i'm slowly recovering and i have been surviving on Congee since the past few days.
Congee saves lives, i am serious! Whenever your ill and you don't have the appetite for anything, Congee is the only thing you wouldn't mind eating. Which is like a GODLY thing!
For those who don't know what Congee is a type of rice porridge or rice soup. It basically is rice cooked in a lot of water. You can eat it plain or just at a pinch of salt and it tastes great!
Of course there is many other ingredients you can add to the congee!

For those who have no idea what the hell congee is and comes across it for the first time would think, "Ewww!!! Porridge!" or "Ewww!! looks like vomit!" =.=;; damn u.......

My favorite is Pi Dan and Lean Pork Congee.
Congee is often eaten with fried bread sticks known in cantonese 'yau ja gwai'.
yum yum, i love that with my congee!

You can't get bored of congee because it's basically rice and it's the side dishes/toppings you change. What's why i'm still alive after 3 days of congee! hahaha!!!
In Hong Kong there is a very good old traditional Congee Bar on Victory Avenue in Mong Kok.
The menu and everything is in chinese so for foreigners i'm afraid you'll have to go with a chinese friend or speak chinese or know what you want already in chinese because they don't speak english.

One other thing, it's a huge ass bowl for an extremely cheap price!
It's normally packed during breakfast and Lunch because there are many schools around and afterall, it is Mong Kok we are talking about! But if you go there just before lunch hour or after, your fine :)

But this place is seriously the best Congee restaurant in Hong Kong. Well;; that's what i think anyway hehe. So if you really like Congee and live in Hong Kong or go to Hong Kong. Try this place out!