Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lucky for some...

How pathetic.
It is new years eve, the day that families sit together around a table and feast!
On this evening, here i am in my death bed, hogging a bowl of Congee.
Depressing isn't it?
I want my suckling pig, where is my fish? I want my Niangao!!!
I can smell the chicken from next door. oh god...

Wondering what this is? These are pomelo leaves.
I found a bush of this chilling out in my bathtub.
My mother is very superstitious and rather traditional. She believes it's very bad luck to be going into hospital right before the new year. (To be honest i rather be going into hospital before the new year than to be in hospital during it. LOL)
So okay, What am i meant to do? Scrub myself with it?
She's like, "No, you just rinse it into water and pat it gently on your body, head to toe."
So there i was patting myself on the back with a branch of leaves. I felt like a panda.
I am not bring disrespectful, it's just i am not really a religious person and i don't believe patting myself with leaves is going to get rid of any bad luck. Being Ill isn't really BAD luck, everyone gets ill. Being ill is just sad, not bad luck.

I was going to go to the New Year's night market and blog about that, but i guess things never really go to plan.

Apparently the Metal Rabbit year is going to be great for the Metal Horse(ME!) haha! We'll see about that shall we????


  1. Hahaha, aww poor Lukianos! ; D I hope you feel better! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! : D

  2. Never mind dear, I'm sure you'll do just fine this CNY, I feel it is just the cosmos testing you for some reason, maybe to see if you really give a shit about it or not, and if you can or how fast you can overcome the illness and get back to the festivities, and don't forget, it's not just for one night anyway, it'll go on for days to come yet, so your resolve to get well fast and join in will be seen by the weekend, in which case you will still be able to go out and celebrate in central area or MK area, if your Luck is very good this new year, you will know it by the weekend, and then the tide of good fortune will continue until next, so don't feel too down at this minor setback, it is just a test, as you say, you are also a Horse, and so you Metal is being prepared and tested & made ready for the Luck that is yet to come!

    I too have been through this test in my life before, I remember it well, and of course I passed my test and enjoyed the luck that came in right after it!

    I find that the universe dosen't just give you luck for nothing, sometimes you have to do something to earn it, it is only if/when you shun the luck that you are given that you invite bad luck into your life, so you must accept with honor whatever luck is given!!!

    Look forwards to the weekend Lukian, enjoy it,
    and, be Lucky. . .☺/

    (remember, CNY has only just started!!!!!)

  3. metal horse. hmm. so I guess we're the same age!

  4. RE: henry

    Yes, unless i am 70 years older than you XD

  5. RE: Lukian

    LoLed. Maybe you are? *puts on sunglasses*