Thursday, March 21, 2013

Leftover Cheese is still Food!

So i have this habbit of scooping leftover cream cheese with bread every time i have italian.
I mean, it's not weird, it's totally human LOL.
It's not because i don't like to waste food, i don't but its more if the sauce tastes too fucking good i'd want every last bit of it.

So today when we had italian a friend of mine said "theres so much cheese leftover,  feels like such a pity cause it's so tasty, maybe someone should get some bread and scoop it up but i think it will make them look like a fat pig." Yes, it would look rather piggy, actually more of an ogre. - But i beg to differ.

Yes, I was such an ogre they made me do it again after the first time. Haha.
Slightly embarrassed... Until i re-watched the video and realized my friend snorted when she laughed. LOOOL!


  1. Hello there ! I've been reading your blog for years, so I kinda cared for your opinion on smth. I'm bad at explaining my self so without any introduction - what do you think about this matter? (have you seen this before? what do you know about NK in general? Do you thing there is smth that can be done? )

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  3. Really love your quote: "My life isn't as glamorous as it may seem..." Lukian, you show so many sides of your life and personality. You can be so positive and at the same time, are not afraid of expressing your true, even negative opinion. You have certainly given me a different outlook on life. And I really enjoy reading your postings, both fun and serious ones! Thank you.

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