Monday, April 25, 2011

Hot Pot, 60s, jack-ups and Abalone.

What a beautiful night at this wonderful location. I nice sea view with the colourful lights of Ocean Park. What more can you ask for?
I joined FLS today in their filming in progress. Tonight was going to be a long filming from 8pm all the way to 5am at Aberdeen harbor.

So i was told that they were going to have a hot pot and Louis was bringing Abalone, Cho Lam brought the Shark Fin and Johnson with the snacks and Whisky. Firstly i was like, What? Hop Pot in the middle of no where?!, Two, Abalone and Shark fin? Alcohol? Hot pot? Old broken Harbor? wtf? Knowing the group of them, i figured it must be some sort of scam or joke... it was no joke. That's what makes it cool.

After arriving at the Loading area/parking lot of the Harbor this was what i saw...

Where'd you get the wooden shelf? lol. "Found it." they replied.
A hot pot on a Litter bin with a view. Speechless! Kind of nasty at the same time, luckily the bin has just been emptied. "you can eat, and throw the waste away in the bin below without leaving a mess!"

So then here we were Hot potting away with a whole Elgrand filled with ramen, sashimi, vegetables and more.

Slowly as the hours past more and more of the actors joined in and started to open up their "Directors chair's". Filming is tough and tiring, but i guess with FLS around they make it a load of fun. - I find this picture hilarious! Just look at all their "jack-ups"!!! They are filming the 60s, that's why their clothing looks so outdated and… old. haha! I just love the Jack-ups Era.

Of course, Mother nature time to time will be a right bitch. - It started to Rain.

Nope! Don't you dare ruin the party! We moved the Hot pot with the bin under the car trunk door We also decided to also reverse my Elgrand and combine car trunks to make a larger sheltered area. lol.

The Party continued. We even had television from the Ipad and Music playing. Today's weather was actually really nice, it was warm with a little wind. The rain actually stopped after 15 minutes.
Here's a random picture of me having ramen.

Oh and, for your information. We did have Abalone and Shark Fin! WITH RICE! Yeh, and you'd think you can only eat these at a very expensive high end restaurant! We cooked these just now yourselves! Never under estimate FLS. LOL.

I don't know if it's a good or bad thing, but i can't eat Abalone or Shark Fin. I guess bad because both of them are China's move loved/expensive seafoods that is mostly eaten on special occasions (ie, business dinners, banquets, and weddings) SO i'm missing out. Or good because Shark fin is not just dangerous for sharks but bad for people, as well. (Shark fins contain high levels of poisonous mercury.) Any who i guess, let's cut these guys some slack and let them enjoy this wonderful evening.

I know what you're thinking, "i thought you guys were filming! It looks more like a picnic to me!" Okay okay, Here's a sneaky peak of them filming. They were running back and forth filming and eating. That's one way to film!

So i hope you guy's enjoyed this blog. it may be a little boring to read but i just want to share with you guys a fun night i had. hehe.

Oh and just before i end this blog, i found a very cute kitten who let stood very still and let me take this picture.

Awww! So cute! Meow!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Saturday, April 23, 2011

At the end of our lives.

At the end of our lives, many of us regret not having made more money.

To be honest, I think what we truly regret are the places we didn't visit and the friendships we didn't nurture and the things we didn't do with the people we love. It's human nature to take the people who love us the most for granted.

If you found out you only had 30 minutes left to live, you'd be reaching for your mobiles and scrolling through the contacts to find those closest to you and tell them how much you love them. Then you'd run home holding your heart in your hand, speak truthfully about the love that you feel.

Nowadays people are just so busy. Tons to do, places to go and people to meet. Blinded in this materialistic world. But take a minute, right here and right now to make a call. Tell your kids how much you care. Tell your wife or your husband, Mom, Dad, siblings or your best friend how you feel about them.

I know it sounds like a rather cheesy, embarrassing, random and a "gay" thing to do. But trust me, you'll never regret if u do and you will if you don’t.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland with my Girlfriend : Part 3

So now we come to the final part of the Disney Blogging! I hope you haven't got sick already haha. Firstly, it's going to be Fantasy Land.

Me and my friend went towards the "It's a Small World" attraction.
One thing i must say though, The "It's a Small World" Palace was bigger than the Cinderella Castle. HAHA!
This ride takes you all over the world presented by very cute singing dolls and a beautiful scenery. As you know, Disney is so international, Mulan - China, Stitich - Hawaii, Beauty and the Beast - France and more!!! So as we sail through the different Countries on this ride, we would also be able to spot the different Disney Characters.
We were told that there were 38 Disney characters throughout the attraction. I think we found them all. I'm not going to post any of the pictures because there's no way i can just post ONE picture! It's just too beautiful and lots to see! I rather you go search up this ride on Youtube and watch it. hehe

After this we were running out of time and we decided to find the next big attraction. Here's a nub picture of my friend. Do you see why i called it a nub picture? lmao!

If you don't then, oh well! LOL moving on~

So, Mickey’s Phillhar Magic. Okay! Spoiler ahead: Inside you'll see a beautiful gold proscenium stage decorated with musical instruments in relief. Once everyone is seated, you hear Goofy running around backstage. "Hmmm, there seems to be a problem." Uh, oh! What's that? You hear Goofy saying that it's time for the show and... "Gawrsh, where is everyone?" The orchestra is missing and Donald is sleeping. The curtains go up anyway and the fun begins!

When the movie begins, you'll meet some of Disney's most loved characters Flounder, Ariel, Simba, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Aladdin, Jasmine, Iago, Mickey, and, of course, Donald (Who it's actually the main role, not Mickey) and hear some of Disney’s most memorable songs. The 3D effects are brilliant, but it's the pairing of the 3D with other effects (scents, vibrations, wind, etc.) that make the whole experience so fantastic. So not really 3D, more like 4D!!!!!!

It was now starting to get Dark after riding the Tea Cups again, oh god…(Those who watched my Mad Tea cup video would know i just "LOVE" it haha) I filmed another video here too. I filmed my friend's reaction, but you could see me slowly falling down with the camera hahaha! It's actually more dizzy when you look at the spinning screen. damn… Let's hurry to Tomorrow Land!

I think my favorite attraction in Tomorrowland was Stitch Encounter. The truth is, it was my first time on this attraction. Since HK Disneyland must deal with three languages, Stitch Encounter needs to accommodate this need. Outside the attraction is an ever-changing sign that lists what times the shows will be performed in each language. This information is only posted here so you must walk by and plan your day accordingly. So i never could make it in time for English every time i came Disneyland. This time i was lucky that just as i arrived, they were letting the "English" people in! Hurray!

Here at Stitch Encounter, guests get to have a real-time conversation with Stitch. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of Stitch, but I loved this attraction. It made me laugh a lot unexpectedly. I thought Stitch Encounter was going to be some boring space ship ride like Winnie the Poh. Actually, it was because of this attraction that i actually fell in love with stitch! lol!!

Spoiler: Stitch finds one of the Audiences very familiar and points him out. The man tells him his name and stitch says, "Oh i remember you! We went to space jail together!" and the poor man tells stitch he's got the wrong guy and Switch reveals the "Wanted" poster with a night shot of the guy with his name! Oh i laughed so hard!
Other than this there were other really funny issues, the man playing stitch really had to have good charisma. He did a great job!

It was really dark after this and we had to head over to Space Mountain before the day ends. There's no way you can go to Disneyland without riding the ONE roller-coaster available. LOL

All safety instructions are given in three languages and i had to take off my Marie Ears. Buu!!!
The ride was so windy and it really 'blew me away' i was screaming my shits out. Hey! it's only fun if you scream!
So in the que i made a deal with my friend that we must pull a super ugly face at the camera. The one without the ugly face must buy dinner. Okay, my friend, being more girly than me, lol, of course wasn't capable in making himself look ugly. I somehow, made a huge fool of myself……
"Lukian, i never knew your face could get so big…." said my friend. The picture freaked the shit out of myself too lol! "No! I need a beauty shot next to this picture!" haha! Here we are…

Maybe because this ride was a combo to the Mad tea cups. I actually noticed NOW that i put on my marie ears backwards…. omg……FAIL! Someone's had a little TOO much fun! lmao!

Once we got out, it was time for Fireworks! I took a video of the fireworks, but because i took it on my Iphone, the quality wasn't at it's best. So i decided to look up youtube of anyone has posted and recent fireworks display from HK disneyland. Woohoo! I got one posted up a month earlier. It's the exact same as the one i saw. So i'd like to share it with you.

I must say though, The Cinderella Castle looks much better at night. hahaa!

Strangely, Disneyland closes right after the Fireworks! Which is kind of gay considering the fireworks had just made people hyper for more Disneyland. I was so hungry at this point, but no place was open! OMG! Everywhere was closed! This was when it was kind of a turn off to my great day……
"Eddie, I'm not going home empty handed! I need to shop!!!!!" and we dashed towards the Main Street.

Luckily, we ran past a Stall which hasn't fully packed up yet and saw a lot of stick pizzas! I hurried and bought one. Yay! Wasn't enough though, but no time! Need to buy something Disney!!!!

Oh, and i still had the backwards Marie ears on. I'm pretty pissed at my friend for not noticing it. I guess however much i hate to admit this, He is a guy. Lmao. "Thanks Lukian very much.." haha, you're welcome.

So to conclude. You don't have to a huge ass camera to take great pictures. Just a normal Camera will do. It's Disneyland.

Thank you guys for readying a 3 day blog to my ONE day at Disneyland HK, with a Double date with my GF1 and Eddie with his GF1. OMG I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA!!!! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland with my Girlfriend : Part 2

Yay! Part 2 and more pictures from my GF. Me and my friend headed off to Adventureland first.
Warning, there will be spoilers in this article. LOL
Truth is i like this Theme Land the best because it's very tropical since it is themed to the remote jungles such as those found in Africa and South America.
Hong Kong Disneyland's Adventureland featured a large island area that features the unique Tarzan's Treehouse which will be circled by the Jungle Cruise.
Here's me and Tarzan's Treehouse.

Okay, the camera out focused me here, i guess the Treehouse looked more pretty to focus on haha!
The first exaggeration of an attraction is the “Liki Tikis.” The guide map says, “Sway to the beat of jungle rhythms pounded out by these ‘leaky’ tiki poles” which to be honest isn't really an attraction but more of just a play area, but i guess in HK it's considered an attraction. This area also has some drums where children can beat out a tune and a nice view of the Jungle River Cruise attraction. It looks like a pleasant spot to sit and relax, but once again, i wouldn't call it an attraction.

Now, The Jungle River Cruise…

Language plays a big part in this attraction. There are three lines for boarding, one for speakers of Mandarin, Cantonese, and one for English.
I rode the Jungle River Cruise about three times since i've been in HK and had three different experiences, all influenced by how well my skipper spoke English. In one case, my skipper’s accent was heavy and it was difficult to understand much of what he said LOL.
On another trip, the skipper spoke flawless English and she understood the jokes she was to tell and communicated them well. However, in every case, I had an enjoyable experience no matter how good or bad the skipper’s language skills were. - Just cruising around on a boat and seeing many unexpected animals and events was fun.

The Jungle River Cruise does have a finale that on my first time riding it, I didn't expect.
Spoiler ahead: The boat navigates down a narrow passageway when all of a sudden, our route is blocked by an erupting geyser.

We make a sudden turn to the right and are confronted with another geyser blocking our path and an evil-looking, monster-like rock formation. Smoke and steam start to spew from the crevices and then flames explode from the rock’s mouth.
The hot steam explosion of fire blew across my face, i felt like i was going to die or get off this ride with a burnt face.

Just when you think all is lost, we escape in the nick of time. Whew. LOL.
Oh and for your information. I did get wet. xD

Okay i got to confess. I didn't take a photo with Mickey or Mini. The que was just too long!!
I saw a few people queuing up for Baloo and i don't remember the Monkey's name… So i decided to get a turn too!
Kind of makes me want to watch jungle book again hehe!

Since i didn't grab something to eat before coming here, my tummy has been rumbling since the que for the River Cruise! I went over to the Tahitian Terrace which is a cafe serving noodle soup and Indian vegetarian dishes. Wooo! Can't say no to curry!

After curing my stomach it was just the right time for the "Festival of the Lion King".

The stage in the center of the theater is fantastic! During the show it frequently rotates and rises in three concentric circles as the dance numbers demand. A leading lady introduces the show (in English), sings, and tells the story. She also has two monkey-like sidekicks by her side who translate the story into Chinese.
The show was a lot of fun with great dancing, uncluding the "flying bird" ballet and the fire baton tossing.

to be continued...

PS. Hope you're not getting sick of photos of my trip to HK disneyland!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland with my Girlfriend : Part 1

Okay so this blog is going to be a bombing of photos of my trip to Disneyland Hong Kong with my Girlfriend. My Girl Friend being my camera(GF1) lol.

There is something magical about a Disney theme park. It has the power not only to transport visitors back to their childhood, but also to a better childhood than memory serves.

One other thing is that whenever you offer someone to go with you, they always say, "I can bring my camera!" Whether it is a family trip, trip with friends, trip with your real boy/girlfriends. 80% chance one person would be going with some big ass professional camera! And when i say BIG ASS, i mean the biggest of them all the ones you see people using at a professional Model shoot. No joke, i was at Disneyland and 90% of the people were carrying a huge and heavy camera with the add on long lens and the mega flash plug-in. It's Disneyland guys!! The place is meant to be a perfect wonderland! You can take a picture with a shitty old mobile phone and it would still look great 'cause it's DISNEYLAND.
Disneyland is now a place where people show off their big and professional cameras. If you don't have a big camera, it means you're not pro, and that means you're pictures will suck. Riiiiight~
Oh, and to add to those bringing the huge ass cameras, during this trip i saw several couples and families who brought a camera STAND with them too! One chick even brought a silver reflector!

OMG… how embarrassing…

But of course, they didn't find it an embarrassment at all. I saw a couple with their camera on a stand, setting it on timer and taking a picture together, "Professionally" by themselves. How "Romantic"…… Seriously, that's why we say, Love, is blind LOL.

So what is the point of telling you all this beginning information? I'm going to prove that you don't need a big ass huge "professional" camera with a stand and flash light/light reflector to take great pictures outdoors, with a great 27 degrees sunshine at a Wonderland.

This blog will also be posted up in "Parts" because i really don't want to over flood you guys with too many photos at once and make this blog the longest blog ever! Because i do also want to share my thoughts about my trip here. It's a blog after all hehe.

So Let's start off with the beginning. I've been to all of the Disneylands including DisneyWorld in Florida and i must admit, Disneyland Hong Kong is a lot smaller. Hong Kong is very small anyway so we are proud we could actually even fit a disneyland in. So for those people who want to go to HK disneyland must be prepared and aware that it's a mini land. Once you have this in you're head, you would enjoy the park a lot more. Don't compare and just Enjoy the Disney Spirit.
About HK being very small, it is super convenient to get to DIsneyland! You just need to take the MTR (Underground/subway). They have their own Disney Line which takes you right to the gate!
HK Disneyland is right next to the HK Airport. So if you're doing a transfer flight and will be stopping in HK for 1-2 days. I would recommend you stay at the Hotels next to the airport and spend a day at HK Disneyland if you won't know HK well and haven't been to the Disneyland here.

The train only serves a direct 1 stop route to Disneyland and each train comes pretty fast so you won't have to worry if you miss one.
Okay, the Disney train is super cute with Mickey windows and Handles. The Train is rather spacious with comfy seats! They also have statues of different Disney characters. Very cute indeed!

After arriving there's already lots to see and lots of pictures that can be taken! Theres a short walk from the Station to the Ticket booth. Don't worry, you're just going to be walking through the front garden of Disneyland before actually getting in. You'll feel like you're already inside because it's just so pretty!

A single adult fee is HK$350. Rather pricey knowing that it's a Mini Disneyland but hey! Remember what i said? You're here to "Enjoy the Disney Spirit." Very good now, let's go in! (Cick here to see the HK DIsneyland Map!)

Those who have been to a Disneyland before would know that the Entrance takes you to the Main Street where you will be doing all your shopping and if you look ahead you would see the Cinderella Castle!
Oh wait, Where's the castle gone? Did someone rub Alice's "Drink Me Potion" on the castle?

Haha! just kidding, it's right here!

I want to say that it only looks small because it's "Far away" but i'm not gonna lie to you either. It looks just looks like a colorful pointy version of the Mansions in back in London, except the Mansions in London are still bigger than this… HAHAHA Okay! Enough cussing the castle! Forgot not to compare. Well, It does look really cute and pretty. hehe! "Enjoy the Disney Spirit!"

to be continued…

So what do you think of the pictures so far? Still think you need a huge camera to take great pictures? I think not!

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Body Shop: Brush With Fashion.

The Body Shop and London College of Fashion launched a limited-edition, sustainable, cruelty-free makeup and brushes collection for Spring 2011 called "Brush with Fashion". First things first: LOVE the packaging! It's so cute, simple and CHIC! ♥

The illuminating face base (shade 01).
A very sheer base. The illuminating face base is actually not a foundation, although you can use it as one. It's actually just a highlighter! To be honest with you i didn't see much of a difference after applying this. Maybe it's because of my skin tone though...

Hi-Shine Lip Treatment
If you like scented lipgloss you'll like this. In my case, it brought me back to my childhood when I would buy The Body Shop lip balm in every flavour so I loved the scent :) Personally, i don't really like lip glosses that are too sticky, but i guess it helps if you like to have a gloss with a long stay power.

Tailored Cheek Tint in 01 Hot Pink.
I loved that this gave me a very fresh look, although the shade is probably not one that I would pick myself, I do think it's pretty. Perhaps it's just the fact that I'm not a big fan of cheek stains or cream blushes but this wasn't my favourite. I found it quite difficult to use and a little patchy. However, I think I need to just get used to applying it better.

Eyeshadow palette 01, Boho Beauty.
What I really liked about these is that they came with an actual brush and a mini eye-pencil. I actually quite like The Body Shop's eye pencils so I was happy about this. This palette's eyeshadows are all matte and OMG, are they pigmented! I was extremely impressed. They come off SO strong that I really had to blend them for a more natural look and no fall-out! - except for the darkest brown (a little). These are very high quality shadows and easy to use. A big thumbs up!

Eyeshadow palette 02, A La Mode.
Once again all the colors are significantly pigmented and it wasn't too hard to blend the silver with the black. Blending is the key to a good smokey eye makeup. That's why eye shadows like these are such a great thing to use as it requires only minimum amount of effort to blend.
I decided to leave out the Pink in for this look. - I didn't want to bother getting over creative with my make up today. haha. Maybe next time.

Overall I was very pleased with this collection. I think the packaging is pretty and i was really impressed with quality of their shadows.

Let me know what you think! ♥♥♥

PS. I'm sorry for this late post.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Black and White.

I think one thing i like about summer is that in the evenings the temperature is just right. You can wear a T-shirt out and not feel sweaty or chilly. With the clear weather, going out at night is really beautiful in Hong Kong.
Just take a look yourself! Isn't it pretty?

So i got myself a new camera so i decided to test out the the custom Black and White mode.
It's actually rather cool. I don't often take black and white pictures but i guess i can make an exception this time hehe.

I've never had Shisha in Hong Kong before, so i went to a Turkish Cuisine this night and sat outdoors. Even though it was a weekday it was very lively - Maybe because today's weather is starting to feel great.
I had an Apple flavor Shisha. Somehow it lasted for hours, me and my friends had a tough time finishing it haha.
The night ended with us getting tired and woozy lol.

Monday, April 11, 2011

In-between Weather.

I'm British. I will moan whatever the weather is, but this "inbetween" weather is troubling and annoying.
The not-yet-spring, yet sunny, yet freezing cold. These socks are super comfortable minus the occasional hoisting up and these ear muffs was a last minute desperate find of something to keep my ears warm in this cold weather.

Today i saw a girl on the street wearing a t-shirt, shorts and sandals and across the road, another girl wearing a coat with a fluffy hood, jeans and uggs. It made me so confused. haha.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Skype Race.

WOW, so i seem to be very hard working lately with my blog. haha!
One post every day! I hope i'm not flooding you guys with Lukianess.

So today i was webcaming with my sister in London after a long day.
We both just got home and my sister said, "Can i be right back 'cause i wanna go toilet and take a shower first."
I replied her with, "Yeah! Me too! I need to take a poo, remove make up and take a nice shower! Let's Race!" - I just love bombing people the un-expected details Lmao!

And then, The Race was on.

I ended up winning and when i came back saw some fat totoro sitting in her seat. Probably because she saw the Chibi Marukochan in my seat i put there just before i went into the bathroom. haha! - just had to print screen it.

I know...... we Wang Sisters are random and weird at the same time.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scrambled Eggs.

There are several ways of making a simple dish like Scrambled eggs.
It really just depends how you like you prefer them. I prefer to have it soft yet blocked together in one whole piece. (Example. Macdonald's scrambled eggs) Others may like it being really loose and, well, very scrambled. haha.

So let me give you the recipe to my kind of scrambled egg.

2 Eggs
Cooking oil
Salt & pepper
Optional: Water & Milk (For loose scrambled eggs) Cheese & butter. (For Extra flavoring)

1. Break the eggs into a bowl.

2. Add salt and pepper to your own liking.

Note: Try careful not to over season. You can adjust it later.

3. Add in roughly a tablespoon of oil and mix well.

4. with Medium heat, heat up a pan with another table spoon of oil.

Note: Do not over heat the pan!

5. pour the egg mixture in and start stirring slowly constantly with a spatula.

Note: If it's starting to look lumpy, soggy and ugly. It means you're doing it right.

6. Turn down the heat if it's cooking too quickly for you to handle> keep Stirring and mixing it on top of each other until you have it the way you like it, Then SERVE!

Season and decorate with Parsley, salt and black pepper.
You can serve scrambled eggs on it's own or with beans, toast, tomatoes, sausages, ham, you name it!

If you did it right, it should taste healthier and more real than Macdonalds. :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good-Bye Xocks of Nox.

Hello, My name is Xocks, Sorcereress of Nox.

Isn't she Beautiful? This is her in her Final Armor. The Full Ushas Series!!
I decided to skipped the Beryl series and train her up to save money for the Last and Final thing.
Now it's time to put her into retirement since already reached the maximum level limit.
So for last memories i decided to take her out for her last day.
I decided to raid Aurora's land today. They got pretty pissed and tried to chase me out. haha! So heres some of the game play screen prints coming up!

Here's a picture of Xocks posing after raiding Mico.

This was my favorite Skill for the Sorcerer - Meteorite.

I couldn't leave the game without a final Battle. Both Aurora and Lumen declared war for our land so i went into battle. All three races in battle? Not a chance! Nox wins!!! MUAHAHA!! and i just noticed... theres a no-name scout! :O ...that's so.....mysterious... I LIKEY!!!! ♥♥♥

And Finally, back in town. Xocks doing "The Crane" lol. The angle of the shot looks more like i was creeping up on the guy in front hahaha!

There are a lot more funny screen shots from before, but this blog would never end. So i'm going to end it here with Xocks doing her Victory Jump. hehe ♥♥♥

Take a nice vacation Xocks! You've been the best!

So what next?
Well, I have decided to raise a Gladiator! haha! and so, it never ends.
I'll post of shots of my Gladiator when she's more mature.

GAME: Seven Swords (iPhone/iPad/iTouch)
It's Free!!!! xD