Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland with my Girlfriend : Part 1

Okay so this blog is going to be a bombing of photos of my trip to Disneyland Hong Kong with my Girlfriend. My Girl Friend being my camera(GF1) lol.

There is something magical about a Disney theme park. It has the power not only to transport visitors back to their childhood, but also to a better childhood than memory serves.

One other thing is that whenever you offer someone to go with you, they always say, "I can bring my camera!" Whether it is a family trip, trip with friends, trip with your real boy/girlfriends. 80% chance one person would be going with some big ass professional camera! And when i say BIG ASS, i mean the biggest of them all the ones you see people using at a professional Model shoot. No joke, i was at Disneyland and 90% of the people were carrying a huge and heavy camera with the add on long lens and the mega flash plug-in. It's Disneyland guys!! The place is meant to be a perfect wonderland! You can take a picture with a shitty old mobile phone and it would still look great 'cause it's DISNEYLAND.
Disneyland is now a place where people show off their big and professional cameras. If you don't have a big camera, it means you're not pro, and that means you're pictures will suck. Riiiiight~
Oh, and to add to those bringing the huge ass cameras, during this trip i saw several couples and families who brought a camera STAND with them too! One chick even brought a silver reflector!

OMG… how embarrassing…

But of course, they didn't find it an embarrassment at all. I saw a couple with their camera on a stand, setting it on timer and taking a picture together, "Professionally" by themselves. How "Romantic"…… Seriously, that's why we say, Love, is blind LOL.

So what is the point of telling you all this beginning information? I'm going to prove that you don't need a big ass huge "professional" camera with a stand and flash light/light reflector to take great pictures outdoors, with a great 27 degrees sunshine at a Wonderland.

This blog will also be posted up in "Parts" because i really don't want to over flood you guys with too many photos at once and make this blog the longest blog ever! Because i do also want to share my thoughts about my trip here. It's a blog after all hehe.

So Let's start off with the beginning. I've been to all of the Disneylands including DisneyWorld in Florida and i must admit, Disneyland Hong Kong is a lot smaller. Hong Kong is very small anyway so we are proud we could actually even fit a disneyland in. So for those people who want to go to HK disneyland must be prepared and aware that it's a mini land. Once you have this in you're head, you would enjoy the park a lot more. Don't compare and just Enjoy the Disney Spirit.
About HK being very small, it is super convenient to get to DIsneyland! You just need to take the MTR (Underground/subway). They have their own Disney Line which takes you right to the gate!
HK Disneyland is right next to the HK Airport. So if you're doing a transfer flight and will be stopping in HK for 1-2 days. I would recommend you stay at the Hotels next to the airport and spend a day at HK Disneyland if you won't know HK well and haven't been to the Disneyland here.

The train only serves a direct 1 stop route to Disneyland and each train comes pretty fast so you won't have to worry if you miss one.
Okay, the Disney train is super cute with Mickey windows and Handles. The Train is rather spacious with comfy seats! They also have statues of different Disney characters. Very cute indeed!

After arriving there's already lots to see and lots of pictures that can be taken! Theres a short walk from the Station to the Ticket booth. Don't worry, you're just going to be walking through the front garden of Disneyland before actually getting in. You'll feel like you're already inside because it's just so pretty!

A single adult fee is HK$350. Rather pricey knowing that it's a Mini Disneyland but hey! Remember what i said? You're here to "Enjoy the Disney Spirit." Very good now, let's go in! (Cick here to see the HK DIsneyland Map!)

Those who have been to a Disneyland before would know that the Entrance takes you to the Main Street where you will be doing all your shopping and if you look ahead you would see the Cinderella Castle!
Oh wait, Where's the castle gone? Did someone rub Alice's "Drink Me Potion" on the castle?

Haha! just kidding, it's right here!

I want to say that it only looks small because it's "Far away" but i'm not gonna lie to you either. It looks just looks like a colorful pointy version of the Mansions in back in London, except the Mansions in London are still bigger than this… HAHAHA Okay! Enough cussing the castle! Forgot not to compare. Well, It does look really cute and pretty. hehe! "Enjoy the Disney Spirit!"

to be continued…

So what do you think of the pictures so far? Still think you need a huge camera to take great pictures? I think not!


  1. I've never owned a professional camera and I've been quite happy with my compact Canon until I found out that quality of pictures it's taking is considered now "old jpeg". I want a new one I guess. And your pictures are great. I think I'd prefer HK Disneyland since I don't like very big places that take whole day or even more to see around.

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  3. How nice for you, it must've been a good day out for you, giving a sense & feeling of comfort & joy, and helped you to re-memorize what it was that you liked about being a small child, fascinated by such wondrous, magical things such as the Disney characters were/are, to young people who get pleasure and entertainment out of the wonder of Disney, it must be a special feeling to take a trip down memory lane and see all of your favorite characters again, a little bit of escapism for you, and that is by far one of the best therapies for you that money can buy, we don't need shrinks and quacks to play with our marbles, when we can go to such nice places and forget about all the bullshit of the world for a day out a couple of times a month, it must have been/felt very therapeutic for you...☺

    Oh, and I agree about the *over the top* usage of professional camera gear, so unnecessary really, (and such a pain too) I admit I did that a few times visiting Spain some years ago, and I was looked at like some kind of freak with my stand and camera cases & stuff, since then I just use a basic FuJi 12X Zoom 5.1 megapixel, and it's just perfect for my likes.

    I think, in a place like Disney Land, a simple hand held Video camera (that can take still shots too) is plenty, a "Digicam" if you like) with a lotta memory in it, is a good idea, so you can shoot very small sections, here & there, now & then, and build up about 2/3 hours worth of day trip/visit. I think that would'a been a lotta fun to see you on video at Disney☺

    Well, the foto's are pretty neat so far, looking forwards to the rest!

    Hey, how about a day trip to Macau? with a Digicam this time! Food for thought, eh?!

    Ciao ciao,
    Angeli Santi. . \☺

  4. WOAHH you're so beautiful in these shots! *_* your skin looks perfect! Love it! : D and your new camera takes AMAZING photos! <3

  5. RE: Angelo

    Yeh, i may take a trip to Macau sometime.. the nice old streets is a great place to take pictures. I'll be going las vegas soon so i rather take the strip lights there right? ^^

    RE: 나니
    Thank you :) Yeh i'm in love with my new camera! can't stop taking pictures of stuff! My next blog with have some photos i took with a flash. The flash looks great too!

  6. Also, you can buy different color filters that fit in front of the lens, e.g. red, green, blue. etc, which can be useful to get various effects. ☺

  7. hi Lukian! You are soo preety :) I loveeee ur BLOG.. <3 and i think i'm in love with ur new camera too! is it compact camera/DSLR? May i know the name & type? Thanks before!

  8. Hi Lukian, wanted to ask which lens did you use with your GF1? xx

  9. RE: Vvn

    It's the pancake lens :)