Friday, April 1, 2011

Dry, cracked feet are never sexy.

I'm starting this both with a blog about FEET! Yes! You read me! FEET!!
Women tend to think of their Face before everything else.
When they think of Beauty, most people would think about the face.
Of course the Face is important! But a lot of Women forget about their Feet!

I remember one day i met a Model during my work - Beautiful Skin, Beautiful Face.
She needed help with the buckle on their heels so i offered to help her out. Her foot was so winkled and dry! I had to look up to check it was the same girl with the pretty face.

Ladies, Don't forget your feet!
When your skin is dry, you'd know to put on cream. But still, many people forget the feet! Why?
I've seen so many girls with dry heels, dry ankles, dry toes! It's not attractive at all!
Especially when Spring is here and you're going to start wearing sandals or summer heels. It doesn't matter how pretty or expensive the shoes are if they are going to show your dry cracked foot!

Lotion and cream is a must. Once in a while, you should try a nice Foot Mask.
Hand Bouquet: Rich Butter Foot Mask.

I'm one of those people who loves wearing sandals, so it's easier for my feet to get dry. After every Shower i would put Lotion on my body and Feet. Trust me, this routine is bound to keep your foot/heels feeling soft.
Anyway, back to the foot mask...
I use a foot mask maybe once a month, which might not be enough but i don't like to overdose my skin. I like to train my skin to naturally survive on it's own without too much effort and care. I'm a busy person and when i'm not busy, i'm very lazy. That's why it's good to train my skin.

The foot mask comes with plastic socks to make it less messy.
You'd feel the thick buttery cream as you put on the foot mask. It's good...
I leave it on slightly longer as i only treat my feet to this once a month.

The result is Very moist and glowing feet. The skin looked so healthy.
I recommend this if you have dried skin around your feet.
Another cheaper alternative that I can think of is to apply shea butter from Bodyshop or any other brand.

I'm sorry i didn't take a picture of the finished Feet. I totally forgot and just hopped into bed after this. If you want to know more about how to take care of your feet, then feel free to visit my sisters blog. ♥♥♥


  1. You forgot, no foot picture for the foot fetishists, aw! J/k! I'd love to try a foot mask sometime, that sounds good.

  2. I've been doing that for donkeys years, putting my feet into special plastic bags late at night, with just about every kind of foot preparation that you can find a name for, as I have (for almost my entire life since a kid) suffered from the most aggravating feet of anybody I've ever met, they itch, they crack, I get splits all the time, especially between my toes, I lose skin from my feet like you've never seen, all the time I have issues with my feet, and I've tried everything on planet earth to try and sort them out, it's like a constant battle for me with my own feet, but about a year ago I started using one product made by ''Vaseline'' which is a *Cocoa butter~Vitalizing Gel & Body Oil* and I've been gently rubbing a lot of that onto/into my feet, then bagging them up for an hour or two, mostly at night, for example while I'm sitting there on the Internet, or watching a movie, and that product has had the most fantastic effect on my feet, it smells gorgeous, feels gorgeous, and actually help my feet skin not to fall apart so much, it is so, so, so soothing, and I'm very glad that I found it, don't ask me why it works any better that all the hundreds of other products that I've tried, it just does, although I have to say, sadly, that my feet still play me up quite a lot. I guess my feet just suffered from an accelerated decrepitude and got old long before their time, or something like that, who knows!?!?!?!?! \0/

    That's another reason why I haven't had a swim in 28 years since 1983, and before you ask, the last time I tried to, in Barcelona, 10 years ago, ALL the skin on my feet peeled off and kept on peeling off for months after, so that's why I don't swim (not can't swim) but don't swim at all, and have not done so for too long now (apart from spinal damage issues, which is another story).

    Ciao ciao...☺/

  3. I think our hands and feet are important parts of our beauty. Bone structure and skin condition, all this.

    I've walked barefoot alot. I used to go into video stores and restaurants barefoot as a kid. I've stubbed my bigtoe plenty outside and crashed my baby toe many times into objects around the house. These days I walk barefoot in the snow, on my wood deck and brick patio, and in my grass. The road and rocks hurt and leave tough marks, so I don't do that. My feet are resilient gifts that I soak, shower and bathe with love and care.

    Shoe Size: 15W (14 1/2 U.K.)
    Foot Length: 1 ft (30.48 cm)
    Normal arch. (seems low)
    Normal toes. (descending row)
    Wide toenails, female podiatrist compliment.
    (I had two minor ingrowns looked at, sobs hurt!)
    No dry skin or cracks.
    Duck footed, really double-jointed [hyper-mobile] hips.

    Side note: your sister is awesome.

  4. For crying out loud-plastic socks!?. Haven't any of you heard of SoleMates? A nitrile coated sock that prevents moisture loss, heals those nasty cracks and is comfortable to wear. Topicals provide temporary relief and cosmeceutically make feet look good---but they only attack the symptom and not the problem. You get it all with

  5. NO PLASTIC SOCKS! Heal your heels forever. SoleMates