Friday, April 15, 2011

The Body Shop: Brush With Fashion.

The Body Shop and London College of Fashion launched a limited-edition, sustainable, cruelty-free makeup and brushes collection for Spring 2011 called "Brush with Fashion". First things first: LOVE the packaging! It's so cute, simple and CHIC! ♥

The illuminating face base (shade 01).
A very sheer base. The illuminating face base is actually not a foundation, although you can use it as one. It's actually just a highlighter! To be honest with you i didn't see much of a difference after applying this. Maybe it's because of my skin tone though...

Hi-Shine Lip Treatment
If you like scented lipgloss you'll like this. In my case, it brought me back to my childhood when I would buy The Body Shop lip balm in every flavour so I loved the scent :) Personally, i don't really like lip glosses that are too sticky, but i guess it helps if you like to have a gloss with a long stay power.

Tailored Cheek Tint in 01 Hot Pink.
I loved that this gave me a very fresh look, although the shade is probably not one that I would pick myself, I do think it's pretty. Perhaps it's just the fact that I'm not a big fan of cheek stains or cream blushes but this wasn't my favourite. I found it quite difficult to use and a little patchy. However, I think I need to just get used to applying it better.

Eyeshadow palette 01, Boho Beauty.
What I really liked about these is that they came with an actual brush and a mini eye-pencil. I actually quite like The Body Shop's eye pencils so I was happy about this. This palette's eyeshadows are all matte and OMG, are they pigmented! I was extremely impressed. They come off SO strong that I really had to blend them for a more natural look and no fall-out! - except for the darkest brown (a little). These are very high quality shadows and easy to use. A big thumbs up!

Eyeshadow palette 02, A La Mode.
Once again all the colors are significantly pigmented and it wasn't too hard to blend the silver with the black. Blending is the key to a good smokey eye makeup. That's why eye shadows like these are such a great thing to use as it requires only minimum amount of effort to blend.
I decided to leave out the Pink in for this look. - I didn't want to bother getting over creative with my make up today. haha. Maybe next time.

Overall I was very pleased with this collection. I think the packaging is pretty and i was really impressed with quality of their shadows.

Let me know what you think! ♥♥♥

PS. I'm sorry for this late post.


  1. The pink blush is making me blush. Both photos drive me crazy. Loving the salmon, or peach, or whatever that is, but the cheek blush especially. <3 The design print and cases are super chic, aren't they! <3 Your lips, your eyelashes, I think you're absolutely gorgeous, stunning.

  2. u look so pretty :) i wish im u

  3. Just can't bring myself to read anything makeup related anymore but second picture definitely looks better, both makeup and pose.

  4. You look freaking AMAZING!

    Love the quads! I may have to check them out if they're launched in Denmark (which nothing ever is.. but one can always hope). Did you model for them? D: the photos are gorgeous!

  5. Your beauty shine with or without makeup!