Monday, April 18, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland with my Girlfriend : Part 2

Yay! Part 2 and more pictures from my GF. Me and my friend headed off to Adventureland first.
Warning, there will be spoilers in this article. LOL
Truth is i like this Theme Land the best because it's very tropical since it is themed to the remote jungles such as those found in Africa and South America.
Hong Kong Disneyland's Adventureland featured a large island area that features the unique Tarzan's Treehouse which will be circled by the Jungle Cruise.
Here's me and Tarzan's Treehouse.

Okay, the camera out focused me here, i guess the Treehouse looked more pretty to focus on haha!
The first exaggeration of an attraction is the “Liki Tikis.” The guide map says, “Sway to the beat of jungle rhythms pounded out by these ‘leaky’ tiki poles” which to be honest isn't really an attraction but more of just a play area, but i guess in HK it's considered an attraction. This area also has some drums where children can beat out a tune and a nice view of the Jungle River Cruise attraction. It looks like a pleasant spot to sit and relax, but once again, i wouldn't call it an attraction.

Now, The Jungle River Cruise…

Language plays a big part in this attraction. There are three lines for boarding, one for speakers of Mandarin, Cantonese, and one for English.
I rode the Jungle River Cruise about three times since i've been in HK and had three different experiences, all influenced by how well my skipper spoke English. In one case, my skipper’s accent was heavy and it was difficult to understand much of what he said LOL.
On another trip, the skipper spoke flawless English and she understood the jokes she was to tell and communicated them well. However, in every case, I had an enjoyable experience no matter how good or bad the skipper’s language skills were. - Just cruising around on a boat and seeing many unexpected animals and events was fun.

The Jungle River Cruise does have a finale that on my first time riding it, I didn't expect.
Spoiler ahead: The boat navigates down a narrow passageway when all of a sudden, our route is blocked by an erupting geyser.

We make a sudden turn to the right and are confronted with another geyser blocking our path and an evil-looking, monster-like rock formation. Smoke and steam start to spew from the crevices and then flames explode from the rock’s mouth.
The hot steam explosion of fire blew across my face, i felt like i was going to die or get off this ride with a burnt face.

Just when you think all is lost, we escape in the nick of time. Whew. LOL.
Oh and for your information. I did get wet. xD

Okay i got to confess. I didn't take a photo with Mickey or Mini. The que was just too long!!
I saw a few people queuing up for Baloo and i don't remember the Monkey's name… So i decided to get a turn too!
Kind of makes me want to watch jungle book again hehe!

Since i didn't grab something to eat before coming here, my tummy has been rumbling since the que for the River Cruise! I went over to the Tahitian Terrace which is a cafe serving noodle soup and Indian vegetarian dishes. Wooo! Can't say no to curry!

After curing my stomach it was just the right time for the "Festival of the Lion King".

The stage in the center of the theater is fantastic! During the show it frequently rotates and rises in three concentric circles as the dance numbers demand. A leading lady introduces the show (in English), sings, and tells the story. She also has two monkey-like sidekicks by her side who translate the story into Chinese.
The show was a lot of fun with great dancing, uncluding the "flying bird" ballet and the fire baton tossing.

to be continued...

PS. Hope you're not getting sick of photos of my trip to HK disneyland!


  1. Haha, written like this.. i almost feel like being in Disneyland myself! Who'd get bored of it? More.. more.. more please! :D

  2. Great pictures Lukian, it is amazing what the tecnology gets nowadays. I have a cellphone with 5 MP and I need not a big ass camera to get fun, also it is all the time with me.

    Nice job.

  3. King louis. Such a crazy kook!
    I love your pictures. :D I think you should totally be a skipper for the day, you speak like 5 languages don't you?

    You can NEVER be too old for disney.

  4. Your friend might as well of focused on those cranes. xD

    Ahhahaha, Lukian, you're a wet girl! :D

    .... *sniffle* I've got a confession to make also ... *sniff* I've never been to Disneyland! :'[ ..

    Mas fotos por favor!

    I've got The Jungle Book on dvd! Do you like popcorn?

  5. Excellent, the trip is still going well, but I think that, that part of the river cruise where the geyser explodes steam & fire, definitely needs a Health & Safety Risk Assessment, bcoz it seems pretty bloody dangerous to me. However, you survived it, and went on to enjoy a jolly good curry & noodle soup, and whatever else you had for lunch, I'm sure was quite tasty enough (should bloody be, after all, it's hong kong, not Hendon, so the food should be pretty good) in fact, that part of the adventure in that part of Disney HK, kind of reminds me of the Jurassic Park type of place that I had a days outing to back in 2006, high up in the mountains of northern Spain, it too was in dire need of a few risk assessments, as I recall, but however, I made around the entire park, and it turned out to be one the hottest days on record, think I walked off about 5 pounds of flabby belly that day, so I was quite pleased, however, I digress, so back to your day out, it seems that you had a very good show included in the high price you paid, and it looks & sounds like a good one, so it seems that you got your money's worth, but I think you'll find that Monkey that you mentioned, well, the Monkey's not a monkey, but an Orangutan called "King Louie" (thought I better just mention that)
    but still, you had fun with ''him/it''...and that's what was more important. So, we now await the next episode of your wonderful day out at Disney, and lots more photos of course!!!

    I wonder what it all must have seemed like to 3 year old Hailey, on her 3rd birthday?
    I bet she was one tired out little lady!!!

    (see if you can get some foto's of Hailey's day out at Disney, that'd be great if you could)

    Ciao ciao...☺/
    Angeli Santi

  6. For those who don't know who Hailey is. . .
    > Here's Hailey going to Disney.

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