Sunday, April 3, 2011

Indian Home Cooking!

So Bo Bo invited me over to his house for some traditional Indian home cooking.
I was like "HELL YEAH!". I love curry so much... but truth is i've never had Indian Home Cooking before.
It's like Chinese home cooking is different to the chinese food you eat out at restaurants. Before i lived in Japan i thought japanese people ate Sushi everyday.
So curious about what Indian home food it was like and Boy, it was goooooood.

This was like a crazy curry combo feast!! I mean check that out!

Guests weren't allowed in the kitchen which was quite upsetting for me because i really wanted to steal some recipes, haha! just kidding. But i do enjoy watching people cook dishes i'm clueless on.
Bo Bo's wife was very nice to not make it over spicy for me, so i was able to enjoy everything.

To be honest with you. I didn't know what the hell i was eating this meal. I didn't even ask. All i knew was that i was the last one left on the table and still stuffing myself with Naan.

Ew, i got to stop posting up pictures of myself doing ugly things.....

......NAAAT! lmao.


  1. It's true that home made food tasted much different from restaurant food or ready meals available at the supermarkets, well depends on cook's skills of course. Indian food is one of the best in the world and I'm happy first time I tried it was in India in home of Indian people, I ate same food that they eat every day. I can also say that origin of ingredients also affects the taste a lot, even when I tried to make Indian food from same ingredients that I could buy in my country, I never could get the same taste. I even think that when you are in India food tastes differently, it wouldn't taste the same without India...... (;_;)

  2. Wait... you're BOTH named Bobo? O_O" LOL. How epic is that?! xD

    And food/eating isn't an ugly thing to "do" : D FOOD IS YUMMY and you look GORGEOUS!

  3. Excellent, I'm so glad to hear that you had a jolly good Indian style meal, it is good for you, their food dishes are like the Chinese and Japanese & Korean, always highly nutritious, lots of different colors, flavors, textures, vitamins and minerals, with a lot of sweet, spicy, tangy herbs & spices, the Indian dishes are always a delight, and tonight I too in fact already made some Kedgeree with nice smoked Haddock I got today, and a big pot of Biryani, which is not too hot or fiery, just hottish, but very tasty indeed, with tiny bits of par-boiled, seasoned and then fried chicken, added to it to give it more protein...☺/
    (I make a pretty good chick pea curry too)

    Good post, keep'em coming

    Ciao ciao. . .☺/

  4. Look sweet. It's spicy I know. What I mean is, it looks tight. I'm jealous.