Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BBC day?

Second day of London and my sister has organized a BBQ at hers inviting a bunch of her Chinese friends.
Honestly it felt a bit strange to be coming back to London to have a BBQ with Chinese people who i've never met before, but i guess the BBQ in the Garden part seemed quite nice since it's something i can't do in Hong Kong.
The weather forecast said it was going to be wonderfully sunny today, but as you know this is London we are talking about and it ended up pouring cats and dogs. Still, i had fun.

Later that night Emyli (my sister) has also organized me to join her to a Karaoke party, once again it was very Hong Kong styled. Also, having people there who i didn't know, which is quite a bum. I just spent the whole night sitting with my sister's boyfriend. As time went by of people getting more and more wasted and constant out of tune karaoke singing (the useral at karaoke) It was about time we headed back home. End of the night, my sister left her mobile in a taxi, her boyfriend left his phone wit his friend and me? Spent 40 UK pounds on a karaoke i could of had in Hong Kong that would have costed me a 10er.

Useless London day, but hey! Met some interesting people and learnt a valuable lesson. Never let your sister plan your holiday.

But of course, i still love her and i'm happy to be able to spend some time with her.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Haha, being back in London is a even bigger push for m to make a video even though its not taken outdoors. It's raining anyway...

So something was wrong with YouTube earlier. I was trying to upload this for over 4 hours. It was crazy!!! YouTube wouldn't process it. So i got fed up and decided to keep trying with the Lower quality version. Oh! Finally it worked but i didn't want to reload the Full Quality anymore. Just fed up really lol.

But anyway, here is my Newest REMIX FAILURE. - As requested hundreds of times.
Honestly speaking, it takes forever making Remix Failures. - That's why i only do it once to twice a year haha. Forgive me....

Hope you like this New video and I'll be updating more of my stay in London soon. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Welcome Home...

Such a good shot!! You can see the London-Eye!!!! I'm too good lol...
I can't believe it. It's been 2 years and a half since i went back to London.
I took an early morning flight back to London, so my whole trip was bright and it i would help in my jet lag. Just taking naps now and then in the 12 hour flight was alright, but what made it annoying was that the lady at the back stuck her foot in between the gap of the stairs in front, so basically her foot was leaning and sticking out on my arm rest. She had her shoes on, but still it was really annoying and rather... rude. I didn't say anything but i did use my elbow to push her back out - indicating that i needed that space. But a few hours later she did it again, but on the other side! This time, she took off her shoes and had her purple sock which had a huge hole in it. Now that, was disgusting.

Anyway, besides that the flight was nice and steady. I know i fly very often but still, i am just terrified of flying and i just wish to get off the plane as soon as possible. The Captain soon told us we will be landing now, but it seriously took the piss. I mean just look at this!

Anyway, so we finally landed and my sister was there to pick me up from the Airport. Yay! Once i got back to her place we headed right out again to do some food shopping and for dinner.

For those on my Facebook would have already seen this photo, but i'll post it up again anyway haha! Ass-shot.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pygmy Monkey takes over the Panda!

I'm back at Ocean Park, again…
I don't know why but every few weeks i'd feel like i'd need to be at a Theme Park. - Even if i have no one to go with lol, i know, i'm weird. Aynway! So my friend was here from the UK and so this whole month i have been constantly spending time with her.
We went to Ocean park to visit the Pandas. It was 37 degrees today and i didn't have my hair tied up, (idiot lol) so i bought a Panda hairband!! yay!

Today Jia-Jia was sleeping as useral, but An-An was awake and was playing and eating. And for the first time, i saw a Panda poo. It's amazing how many people tried to take out their cameras in-time for that. LOL

Going to Ocean Park to see the Panda, The highlight ended up being the Pygmy Marmoset Monkey!!!

Pygmy marmosets are the smallest monkeys on Earth! If you’re a sucker for cute furry animals then you’ll be in for a treat! Everyone who pasted ther would be "Awwww!!!!!" sounds, and that sound attracted more people to see and "Awww" again. Haha. They are roughtly 5-6 Inches long, not including the tail! Amg!!!!!

I got the feeling that this Monkey has taken over the Panda at Ocean Park. He is just the cutest thing alive!!! I think i'm in Love!!! ♥♥♥

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jellyfish Hot Dogs.

Yup! You heard me, that's what i served for Dinner the other night when i had some friends over.
When i told my friends what was on the Menu they were like, "Jellyfish? Hotdogs? The two doesn't go together my dear..." Of trust me, it does LOL.

Spaghetti can get real boring. Everyone can make Tomato Pasta! They all look alike! At times…can even look rather… nasty? - if presented badly.

Some will also know this dish as Hairy Hot Dogs, but i find that name rather sickening so i'd stick to the Jellyfish name. Jellyfish Hot Dogs are mostly served as a Main dish, but i decided to lighten the portions and make it into a small hot Appetizer instead.

Feeding people with creative food is one of my habits. Haha! Mostly comes from trying to get picky kids to eat but hey! Comes in handy when you have guests over! So you ready to get the recipe? Here it goes.

Regular Spaghetti noodles
Hot Dogs
Sauce of your choice


1. First step is cutting up a couple hot dogs into the jellyfish caps.

Note: Remember to allow enough room to stab the raw noodles into.

2. Now push in the raw noodles slowly.

Note: Using regular spaghetti noodles can sometimes break with handling. Take in mind how much they expand. You can also snap the Spaghetti noodles in half before jabbing them in.

3. Boil some water in a pot with added Salt and put the Jellyfish hot dogs in.

4. Once the Noodles are soft to your liking, drain and carefully put to the side.

5. Cook and mix in any sauce to your liking. Season, decorate and serve.

I personally think Classic Tomato sauce goes best with Jellyfish Hotdogs. I also decided to cook in some Black Olives and mushrooms. For the final touches i seasoned and decorated with Parsley, black pepper and parmesan cheese.

Don't worry, the noodles do stay connected to the hot dogs although they don’t cook as well inside the mystery meat and are slightly crunchy, so it's best to find Spaghetti noodles that soften easier.

Let me know what you think! Happy Cookings and Good Luck in the kitchen! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Solitaire JUN/JUL.

Just realized i never posted up a photo of my Advertisement for Christelle in the JUN/JULY 2011 issue of Solitaire - Haha, so sorry...

I'm very happy, this was my first Print appearance in the States!

This was the Cover of the Issue.

Hope you like it. Let me know what you think :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

No Good on ICE!

"Nooo~~ Don't take a photo of me! This is embarrassing!"

Finally there's something The Lukian Wang is not good at! LOL!! Just kidding, there are a lot more things you'll soon find out that i'm not good at… This is just one of the many lol.

You know me, I am not that type of person to do a post on something i'm not good at. I mean, its nothing to show off about!! haha. Seriously, i used to love skating. I used to take lessons even!! But that was when i was Nine years old. hahaha!! Its been much more than 10 years since i have been on ice... :(

I went with Johnson and Sharon today. Johnson plays Ice-Hockey, so not much needs to be said about HIS Skating skills...and Sharon said she can't skate very well but ends up she's pretty good also...Sigh, watching 6 year olds overlap me millions of times was the cherry on top of my day. LOL! Great encouragement!

Anyway, i decided to take some GIF files today! So hopefully you guys can see them! Enjoy!

So here's them attempting to do The 'Running Man'.
Second GIF is my attempt to do it but of course i'm no pro so i was holding onto the side to save my life - if i was to fall.
Third photo, i dont know what i was doing, they made me not hold onto the side and i didn't - over excitement! NO HANDS!!!

Hope you like the GIFs. Let me know if you'd like to be seeing more GIF photos on my blog :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Need a good old British Pub!

Something else that i really miss about London are the British Pubs.
I remember back then i would always love to grab a good beer while having pub food.

Just for those who are not familiar with Pubs, Pubs are culturally different from places like Cafes or Bars. I remember one day when i said, "I'm meeting my friends at a Pub" and this idiot replied, "you mean a Bar." IT'S 2 DIFFERENT THINGS! URGH!
Anyway, I really craved for some Pub food, but i was thinking to myself, WHere the hell would i find that in Hong Kong!? SOHO!? …and there it was!! There was a British Pub! Soho isn’t exactly short of spots that serve up British-style pub food, but then i found Yorkshire Pudding.

Okay i lied, i didn't just hit into this place. I don't go Central often to party so it would be quite difficult for me to find this place myself. I came across a British man one who does Business in Hong Kong with a friend of mine. So of course since we are both from London the typical topic of, "What do you miss most about UK?" Came up and wow, our list was rather long haha, then i mentioned how i'd love to have some pub food and he introduced me to this place. I googled it when i got home and booked it for me and another home sick British friend living in HK.
I was so worried i wasn't going to be able to find it. While walking up Soho, BAM! A big red Building with the London Underground Sign! Next Station? Yorkshire Pudding!!!

We got there 30mins before our reserved time(i was so worried i was going to get lost haha!) So me and my friend decided to sit by the Bar. The Beer they served were all British too. The dining area and the drinking area was separate. When i made the reservation i told the man on the phone to give me a more private/comfortable table but i didn't expect them to give me the BEST table! It was great!!! It was the only table in the Pub with a View and huge red Leather armchairs. It made me feel right at home back in Kingston where i'd sit indoors but have the big sliding doors wide open. It was perfect!!

Okay, so me and my friend decided to Ordered shit load of food but i'll only focus on a few. Yorkshire Pudding, Shepard's Pie and The Fish and Chips.

The Yorkshire Pudding was nice and Crunchy but i must say, the gravy was a little more sour compared to the gravy back in UK. But i guess i was too excited about everything to care about it then.

The Shepard's pie was the must disappointing for me. Maybe i was too excited and had my hopes too high. I don't really know how to explain it but it seemed more like Cottage Pie to me lol! Need to know what kind of meat i'm putting into my mouth. Cottage Pie is often made out of Minced Beef so the texture is more rough and slightly more dry while Shepherds (SHEEP)Pie is technically made only from Minced Lamb. I prefer Shepard's pie because it was often more juicy and saucy and the meat somehow was very soft and smooth. But hey, maybe it was a mincing issue or the lamb in Hong Kong is more rough. I don't know, i was just really upset. - didn't even bother taking a picture, LOL!!

The biggest highlight though that made me SPARKLE was the Fish and Chips! The presentation was very cute too! It wasn't one big piece of Cod but 3 medium sized ones so it was great for sharing. The first bite was just blew my head away. Yes, i had another food Coma! The Cod literally melted on my tongue! It disappeared! It was so soft, it just sided right down my throat! So juicy, I didn't even need the tar tar sauce!

I seriously never expected to eat such a delicious Fish and Chips in Hong Kong.

Yorkshire Pudding
6-8 Staunton Street, SOHO, Central, HK.
(+852)2536 9968