Friday, August 26, 2011


Haha, being back in London is a even bigger push for m to make a video even though its not taken outdoors. It's raining anyway...

So something was wrong with YouTube earlier. I was trying to upload this for over 4 hours. It was crazy!!! YouTube wouldn't process it. So i got fed up and decided to keep trying with the Lower quality version. Oh! Finally it worked but i didn't want to reload the Full Quality anymore. Just fed up really lol.

But anyway, here is my Newest REMIX FAILURE. - As requested hundreds of times.
Honestly speaking, it takes forever making Remix Failures. - That's why i only do it once to twice a year haha. Forgive me....

Hope you like this New video and I'll be updating more of my stay in London soon. :)


  1. first! wishing you all the best. Your remix videos put a smile to my face.

  2. there are other remix? i would like links to them!!
    i loved this

  3. Oh God, please don't let this be embarrassing.. (clicks play) . . . -_- . . . O_O . . . . . . o. m. g. ... please, MORE, ANOTHER, YES!! ^_^