Saturday, August 6, 2011

No Good on ICE!

"Nooo~~ Don't take a photo of me! This is embarrassing!"

Finally there's something The Lukian Wang is not good at! LOL!! Just kidding, there are a lot more things you'll soon find out that i'm not good at… This is just one of the many lol.

You know me, I am not that type of person to do a post on something i'm not good at. I mean, its nothing to show off about!! haha. Seriously, i used to love skating. I used to take lessons even!! But that was when i was Nine years old. hahaha!! Its been much more than 10 years since i have been on ice... :(

I went with Johnson and Sharon today. Johnson plays Ice-Hockey, so not much needs to be said about HIS Skating skills...and Sharon said she can't skate very well but ends up she's pretty good also...Sigh, watching 6 year olds overlap me millions of times was the cherry on top of my day. LOL! Great encouragement!

Anyway, i decided to take some GIF files today! So hopefully you guys can see them! Enjoy!

So here's them attempting to do The 'Running Man'.
Second GIF is my attempt to do it but of course i'm no pro so i was holding onto the side to save my life - if i was to fall.
Third photo, i dont know what i was doing, they made me not hold onto the side and i didn't - over excitement! NO HANDS!!!

Hope you like the GIFs. Let me know if you'd like to be seeing more GIF photos on my blog :)


  1. HaHa..Those pictures are so funny! :D

  2. I love your Gifs are very funny :D btw your friend doing nice shake of her ... and u r so funny with sliding but I think not better than u in skating even worse :D

  3. thats just cute lol
    The middle gif is too funny to me for some reason :P

  4. I love it they are so cute lol

  5. Please do more gifs! : D They're super cute! I shall use them on my tumblr! >: D Haha

  6. Jeepers, I actually "Was" an extremely good Skater back in the 1970's, but, like so many of my generation I lapsed and slipped away from some of the things that I was so good at, like swimming, and diving from the high board too, and holding my breath under water while doing many laps, I was so bloody good, but alas, like you, now I too would just slip on my ass if I tried to step back onto the Ice again, which makes me feel rather sad, because I really had that skill in my life, and then went and lost it, and now I'm just too old (at 52) to even look at the Ice!

    Well, at least you had a "Fun" day, with moving/animated foto's as well, brilliant!
    Just shout "Banzai" and have some fun!

    Ciao.....\☺/ "Banzai"

  7. Hi lukian, nice post.

    of course gifs are welcome, do more of that.


  8. I love gifs... More please... <3