Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BBC day?

Second day of London and my sister has organized a BBQ at hers inviting a bunch of her Chinese friends.
Honestly it felt a bit strange to be coming back to London to have a BBQ with Chinese people who i've never met before, but i guess the BBQ in the Garden part seemed quite nice since it's something i can't do in Hong Kong.
The weather forecast said it was going to be wonderfully sunny today, but as you know this is London we are talking about and it ended up pouring cats and dogs. Still, i had fun.

Later that night Emyli (my sister) has also organized me to join her to a Karaoke party, once again it was very Hong Kong styled. Also, having people there who i didn't know, which is quite a bum. I just spent the whole night sitting with my sister's boyfriend. As time went by of people getting more and more wasted and constant out of tune karaoke singing (the useral at karaoke) It was about time we headed back home. End of the night, my sister left her mobile in a taxi, her boyfriend left his phone wit his friend and me? Spent 40 UK pounds on a karaoke i could of had in Hong Kong that would have costed me a 10er.

Useless London day, but hey! Met some interesting people and learnt a valuable lesson. Never let your sister plan your holiday.

But of course, i still love her and i'm happy to be able to spend some time with her.


  1. You and your sister? Both of you don't look alike or is it just me?

  2. You and your sister are both gorgeous : D Ugh I hate spending money on stuff that just wasn't worth it >_<"

  3. It sounds like you had an awesome time... she's happy to have been able to spend time with you too. Nice shirt/everything.