Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pygmy Monkey takes over the Panda!

I'm back at Ocean Park, again…
I don't know why but every few weeks i'd feel like i'd need to be at a Theme Park. - Even if i have no one to go with lol, i know, i'm weird. Aynway! So my friend was here from the UK and so this whole month i have been constantly spending time with her.
We went to Ocean park to visit the Pandas. It was 37 degrees today and i didn't have my hair tied up, (idiot lol) so i bought a Panda hairband!! yay!

Today Jia-Jia was sleeping as useral, but An-An was awake and was playing and eating. And for the first time, i saw a Panda poo. It's amazing how many people tried to take out their cameras in-time for that. LOL

Going to Ocean Park to see the Panda, The highlight ended up being the Pygmy Marmoset Monkey!!!

Pygmy marmosets are the smallest monkeys on Earth! If you’re a sucker for cute furry animals then you’ll be in for a treat! Everyone who pasted ther would be "Awwww!!!!!" sounds, and that sound attracted more people to see and "Awww" again. Haha. They are roughtly 5-6 Inches long, not including the tail! Amg!!!!!

I got the feeling that this Monkey has taken over the Panda at Ocean Park. He is just the cutest thing alive!!! I think i'm in Love!!! ♥♥♥


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  2. So you were 'Monkeying' around at Ocean Park again, and 'Pandering' to the 'Marmoset(s)'. Sounds like a fun day you had this time, that's nice!

    Hope you have an equally good time burning some play dough/or Monopoly Money tonight, miss Wang. "Happy Ghost Festival Day". Have fun, yes, but show respect for the dead at the same time, eh!

    Ciao...\☺/ > Angeli Santi

  3. Panda hairband, very cute, with the wink and the pink bow, all of those things and on you, very delectable. You know, if you let your friend have it afterward as a memory of her visit, that would have been nice.

    Haha, you're not getting the full experience til you see a panda poo, let alone get a picture of it. Amazing.

    You've revealed your weakness, Lukian Wang, small furry things, your hunger for them. RUUUUUN!! MARMOSET! GOOO!! GET TO DA CHOPPAAA!!