Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reduced fat & my bad? habits.

Must remember, LOL just because it says reduced fat doesn't mean it's okay to eat.....Arhh what the heck! xD
Today was a black and white shoot, the make up's focus were exaggerated thick brows. Luckily, my brows are already pretty thick, i guess it's less work for the make up Artist haha.

One thing about me, i tend to eat a lot during work - of course depends on the type of work, but if theres a chance, i'd take it! haha, especially photo shoots, most of them take at least a couple hours so i would always bring along with me my snack bag - A bag full of the most dangerous, most unhealthy..... basically foods that would kill ya.
There is also always a packet of candy or cookie in my handbag. Now that i live in the countryside, it's a much bigger MUST! Traveling into the city takes forever - My PSvita and snacks become my best friend - they keep me sane haha!

Anyway back to the shoot, had a great day, lots of chatting , super relaxed and lot's of munching involved! nom nom lol, then i remembered, i had to be topless... D:

Friday, September 14, 2012

What Class am I?

Sometimes i think to myself, life is like an MMORPG. So if life was an MMORPG, what class would you be? Would you be the Mage? Casting your strong spells and living a magical and fantasy world to realize the lack of life span. Or what about the Cleric? They seem to be helping others but its only because they are Co-independant and rely on leeching experience from others to level.
How about the Rogues or Rangers, they are rather smart and quick learners but can hardly ever properly face their appointment in a sudden face to face. They are better with beforehand careful planning. What about the Warrior? The ones who just go for the fight no matter what, head in first! Lot's of strength but lacks knowledge for careful planning.
I know now, i am some what of a Tank class. The one who can survive through a large amount of damage by more than one opponent at once. I'm slow, but i make it through. I don't believe in the easy way, i believe to get where we want we got to work for it. I dont want to be those of the fast lane, people who get there before they are ready, i want to learn and work my way there; Improve and be appreciated.
I agree with Rocky on this one, "It ain’t about how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. "
I see so many people who speed, overtake and try beat other peoples time records. Life isn't a competition, it would be never ending if you keep comparing yourself to someone else, though it can give you a push to try harder. There will always be someone worse than you and there will always be someone better than you.
Finally, to end this blog i want to let you guys in on something i keep in mind everyday day. "Do my best, expect the worst, hope for the best."
Have a great day everyone.

Monday, September 10, 2012

all of my bones are broken.

I recently watched the movie, Sleeping Beauty. Despite those reviews stepping this movie to it's lowest i still took the chance. After all, reviews are done by man and there's no such thing as a good or bad movie, it's just a matter of what one self enjoys. I must say i liked this movie a lot, one part in particular was a soliloquy that was made.
If you don't mind i would love to share it with you all...

Soliloquy from “Sleeping Beauty”…

A few months ago a strange thing happened. I was idling through my bookshelves when I noticed a book my brother had once given me for my birthday - a collection of short stories. Well, I started to reread one of those stories. It was about a man who one morning wakes up and cannot bring himself to get out of bed. He shuts his eyes in self-defense. He reexamines his life, he’s seized with a restlessness. He packs his bags, cuts all ties, he can no longer live among the people he knows. They paralyze him. He’s monied. He goes to Rome. He wants to burrow under the Earth like a bulb, like a root. But even in Rome he cannot escape people from his former life. So, he decides to return to the city where he was born and educated but which he can’t quite bring himself to call home. Well, the move doesn’t help. He feels he has no more right to return than a dead man. What can he do? He desires an extreme solution to his conundrum. He aches for nothing less than a new world, a new language. Nothing changes. Out of indifference - and because he can’t think of anything better to do - he decides once more to leave his hometown, to do some hitching. A man picks him up, they ride off into the night when BANG, the car smacks into a wall. The driver dies, our man is hospitalized, broken up. Months pass, his wounds heal. Now he wishes for life. He has a confidence in himself, in things he doesn’t have to explain, things like the pores in his skin - all things corporeal. He can’t wait to get out of the hospital, away from the infirm and the moribund. “I say unto thee, rise up and walk. None of your bones are broken.” The end. When I reread those words “Rise up and walk. None of your bones are broken” I felt a tremendous sadness. Do you know what the opening line of the story is? When a man enters his thirtieth year people will not stop calling him young. Thirty. I’d been given the book for my thirtieth birthday. “The Thirtieth Year” by Ingeborg Bachmann. So I had heard, I had been told, I knew all along even if I didn’t really know - the great true things are unsurprising. But what did I do back then? I carried on. I carried on dutifully. We were the happy couple, Elizabeth and I. That’s how people saw us. But in truth, I did not cherish my wife. And I did not cherish my friends or even my children. I just carried on. I was a success. I made my way. But with each step I cringed. I was on the backfoot, the defensive. And now, tonight, for the first time I say “my bones are broken.” Broken. One day I will need your help. All of my bones are broken.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Long nails, Guitars and the BLING.

Finally being all recovered i can resume to my normal busy schedule. Not working for a whole week i think has made me really lazy. I mean, i do enjoy the sleeping late, no make up, the daily cooking and the non-stop video gaming and home movies but too much of it makes these things - the things that you look forward to on the holidays become, boring? It's like when you have a favorite food, you shouldn't eat it too often otherwise you'd get sick of it. That's why a holiday is called a holiday if you understand what i mean.

Today i was doing a photoshoot with super glamorous bling'd up nails. I don't really remember when i last had my nails done up so "exaggeratedly" is that a word? Exaggeratedly? Anyway, i think i must have been around sixteen or younger and when fake & well decorated nails where THE THING for young girls. Okay, let me tell you something which will probably piss a lot of you guys off or would think i'm stupid. When i was very young i played the guitar, i wasn't great but i guess knowing the cords for a couple of songs i liked considered me good. (No, i wasn't, 'cause they were the only things i could play haha!) But anyway, that was back in the day when i wasn't pretty and was a short hair'd tomboy with thick glasses. Hmm, i can tell this is going to drag, BASICALLY, i betrayed my guitar for nails. As you know you can't play the guitar with long nails and, i was trying to get out of that geek look. - Of course, this was before when GEEKS and NERDS weren't cool! Now that i'm older and learnt that we totally rule, i can be myself and not give a shit.

So, i would spend ours when i was younger doing my nails(before i could afford to be lazy and get it done for me), i was really good at it! I must do a post showing some of them one day, i was even featured once in a magazine teaching people how to design their nails! Yays! I had all the equipment and i even did nail piercings. Seriously over the top but it was cool back then. So why did i stop? because it wasn't convenient with my career. Ends up now - they not convenient or practical with anything to me! Before i couldn't do anything without them but now after i got them done for this shoot, i couldn't do jack shit! LOL. People had to help dress me, they had to do everything for me today haha! They look so beautiful! But i guess i'm just not used to them anymore.