Friday, September 14, 2012

What Class am I?

Sometimes i think to myself, life is like an MMORPG. So if life was an MMORPG, what class would you be? Would you be the Mage? Casting your strong spells and living a magical and fantasy world to realize the lack of life span. Or what about the Cleric? They seem to be helping others but its only because they are Co-independant and rely on leeching experience from others to level.
How about the Rogues or Rangers, they are rather smart and quick learners but can hardly ever properly face their appointment in a sudden face to face. They are better with beforehand careful planning. What about the Warrior? The ones who just go for the fight no matter what, head in first! Lot's of strength but lacks knowledge for careful planning.
I know now, i am some what of a Tank class. The one who can survive through a large amount of damage by more than one opponent at once. I'm slow, but i make it through. I don't believe in the easy way, i believe to get where we want we got to work for it. I dont want to be those of the fast lane, people who get there before they are ready, i want to learn and work my way there; Improve and be appreciated.
I agree with Rocky on this one, "It ain’t about how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. "
I see so many people who speed, overtake and try beat other peoples time records. Life isn't a competition, it would be never ending if you keep comparing yourself to someone else, though it can give you a push to try harder. There will always be someone worse than you and there will always be someone better than you.
Finally, to end this blog i want to let you guys in on something i keep in mind everyday day. "Do my best, expect the worst, hope for the best."
Have a great day everyone.


  1. You have a great day too, Lukian, sleep well, eat well, work, rest & play, enjoy Life everyday, whatever it is that life has for you each day, it will likely be a little different each day, good, variety is the spice of life, life is like a curry, made up of different spices, savor the flavor of each day, just like it is a different spice flavor, then look forwards to the dessert, that's the sweet things in life, and never allow other people to classify you, just be yourself, every day! Remember what Frank Sinatra used to say . . .""You can only be yourself, but you can be really good at it"" Frank Sinatra CiaoCiao..☺/

  2. This thinking can relates to a recent anime calls "Sword Art Online" xDD But I'm totally agree with you =D Cause I, myself, also a slow learner and i always want to know what i can do with that certain part until i goes for more advance part. I also don't believe in getting quick money and etc. Of course speed is still important in life cause speed means money income comes quickly. So yeah, if you can speed up and do well, it's the best of all. =D

  3. "Do my best, expect the worst, hope for the best." Looks like you are well prepared for any disappointments even after you've tried your hardest. Very healthy thinking. That's why you always try to keep a smile on your face. You have a good day too sunshine! :)